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@Lastalda I do enjoy running things!  That said, it's hard to do 5ecret 5anta with fewer than 5 or 6 dedicated participants.  A shiny drawing might be a better bet.

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Anyone who would like to participate in a 5ecret 5anta and/or shiny drawing, please post here and say so within this week!


So by Sunday, we should know how many participants we have, and then we can set it up either way?


I'm in either way. :) (Though I think a 5ecret 5anta would be more fun. Maybe if we overrun your timeframe @Lavinia, you could just set things up and run it as long as you can/want to and I can probably take it from there?)

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Looks like "Shiny drawing" it is. :)


And while we're organizing that, let's get this formality done with. :P


Opening the voting poll on Garland dragons


All members are welcome to vote, but please read the following definitions carefully. Ideally we would like a breed to have 2-3 distinct characteristics to qualify for an Elemental category, so if giving a YES vote please state your reasoning along with it. You may not compare a new release to an already eligible breed. They must be voted in on their own merit.


EARTH - Dragons comprised of, resembling, or able to control rock, metal, and/or dirt, POSSIBLY residing in the earth. For example, a stone dragon is made of stone-like material AND eats rocks. Green dragons live within the caves AND have control over the earth.


WIND - Dragons comprised of gas or with a strong connection to weather or the cosmos. POSSIBLY those that spend a majority of their time in the air. For example, grey dragons land only to rest and eat AND they have control of the weather. Thunder dragons land only to sleep and breed. They get moisture from the clouds and control the weather.


FIRE - Dragons who control or are comprised of fire or electricity. Also those that resemble fire or the sun or which are controlled by or strongly tied to the sun. For example, magma dragons are coated in magma, live in volcanic regions AND are capable of withstanding intense temperatures. Sunsongs control light AND are controlled by the light.


WATER - Dragons who control or are comprised of water in either it's liquid or solid state. Also those that live the entirety of their lives in the water. For example, ice dragons form icicles on their skin, and can freeze a predator with their cold breath.


LIFE - Dragons who rely on or are affected by a very specific part of nature, which must be different than the majority of other breeds. Dragons who possess mana pertaining to magical, mental or spiritual control or consisting of magic in a way that is different from other breeds, or having a significant positive role in the world that is different from other breeds, or having a significant effect on a very specific part of nature, which must be different than the majority of other breeds, including both positive and negative effects. For example, a qualifier can not be that the dragon depends on living in the trees alone. But Pumpkin dragons would qualify because they live specifically in pumpkins AND can only be bred during Harvest time.


Garland dragons

Garland Dragons are a welcome sight in the skies during the holiday season. Their slightly luminous scales shine softly at night or catch the day’s sunbeams as they turn loops and spirals in the sky. They will often drape themselves around tall pine trees or along rooflines, adding a festive note to the winter scenery. Occasionally they drop red mana berries from their garland-like mane, which offer a comforting warmth to those that find them.


Additional info from Fiona:

The green and red on their spine is modified dorsal fin. The green absorbs mana, preferably life mana, but any abundance will suffice. This is the dragon's main sustenance. The red berries are fire mana, and are dropped from the dragon as excess, but also to warm their nests and as aid. The berries give off a nice, comforting warmth.


Yes: Fiona (Life), silver (Life), Lavinia (Life), Lastalda (Life), Mak0 (Life), Stormfriend



I will leave this open for a week.


I also finally updated the Timeline and the New Members' Registration form with all the breeds we've added since mid-2016. So at least these should be up to date for once. XD

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Newbie casting their vote:lol: I say life as well, as the Garland Dragon feeds on mana and gives back the mana it uses as berries. Its berry mana also gives off a warmth that is utilized to stay warm or keep other things warm, and therefore helping to keep them alive.

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Shiny drawing!


I definitely don't want to block members' scrolls over the Valentine Breeding Week, which starts in just ten days.


Let's breed/catch/trade for shinies by Friday 2/1 or Saturday 2/2 of this week.  I'll post the preliminary list on Friday and keep it updated, and I'll post the official list early Sunday, at which time the choosing will begin!  (All times in cave time.)  That should allow plenty of time for the dragons to grow without interfering with Valentine Breeding Week.  Sound good?


--- Questions ---


CB and bred Golds, Silvers, Coppers, Tinsels, and Shimmers are always welcome in shiny drawings.


Sometimes we have other things too.  Which are you interested in seeing this time?


1) CB Xenowyrms

2) Bred Xenowyrms

3) 2g metalkins

4) CB Almandines

5) CB Spessartines

6) CB Two-Headed Lindwyrms (opals)

7) 2g alt Vines/Undines

8) 2g Avatars

9) CB Gold Wyvern

10) CB Aeons

11) CB Zyumorphs


--- Reminders ---


I'm sure you all know the drill, but since it has been a while...  Almost two years actually.  And we've only had two shiny drawings in the past three years.  :o


1) You do NOT have to donate in order to participate in the drawing.

2) It's up to the mods if new members can participate.  Everyone who has been an active member of the lineage for at least two months can definitely participate.

3) All shiny drawing dragons must be elemental.

4) Post to the thread or PM me to donate.

5) Post to the thread or PM me to participate.

6) PM teleport links to me ahead of time or PM teleport links to participants as your donations are chosen.  Do NOT post teleport links in the thread.

7) I'll put the names of the participants through a randomizer.  For the first round (and all odd rounds), we select our prizes in that order.  For the second round (and all even rounds), we select our prizes in reverse order.  For instance, if you go first, your second turn will be after everyone else has gone twice.

8) It is helpful and faster if you post an ordered list of what you are interested in so on your turn your selection can be made automatically (the first shiny on your list that is still available will be automatically selected).

9) Your selection list can end with "pass", which indicates that you aren't interested in the remaining prizes.  This is helpful.

10) You get skipped over if we don't have a selection from you 24 hours after it becomes your turn.  If your turn gets skipped, you can take that turn out of order when you come back and post.

11) Please influence the shinies you donate/hold if necessary for proper continuance of the lineage.  You may need to hatch them while waiting for them to be chosen.

12) If you breed/catch more shinies for the raffle than you have scroll space for, another one of us will be happy to hold for you.  Just ask.


For a really good explanation of preference lists, passes, and why this is helpful, see this post:


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Personally, I'm only into it for CB metals, 2nd gens from alts and possibly nice prizes XD.

But I think adding CB Xenos, pyralspites and possibly Zyus, and 2nd gen alts might be good? (I'm guessing these will always find someone happy to get them.)

Anyone else needing any of the options Lavinia mentioned?

As for participation of new members: traditionally, the boundary has been "2 months of activity". However, since we haven't done a shiny drawing in forever and nonone knows when the next one will happen, I would not mind Mak0 joining in, since she's been registering dragons and been active in the thread.
Any counter-arguments?


Will try to catch or breed something nice on Friday (as I'm still mostly offline on weekends).

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I'm for it ,  at first i read it as 21/22  and thought oh i had missed the cut, should not read things when just got off a nightshift:wacko:


will start hunting today  shall i post donations here or send a message?

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I'm fine with Mak0 being in it. I would also like to join!


I will try to breed or catch things today or tomorrow.

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17 hours ago, rrattts said:

shall i post donations here or send a message?

See rule #4 - either is fine (PMs should go to Lavinia, as she's running the thing). ;)

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As a reminder - the final list will be posted on Sunday, so if you can, don't breed/catch stuff yet. We don't really need the stuff until Saturday, and by Sunday all donations should still have a few days left so they can find new homes! The best days for caching and breeding would be Friday and Saturday (depending on your schedules, of course - if you only have time on Wednesday/Thursday, that's fine of course).


Also, for caveborn eggs, if you can it would be cool if you use precognition on them and post the gender along with your donation, so people can use that info to make their choices (in case the egg gets too low-time to influence before it gets chosen).

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I'll see what my babies can come up with Friday evening. Saturday I'm mostly not going to be on. (at least, that's the current plan...) I may have some yummy surprises.

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Since everyone is okay with me participating I’d love to join in! I have a couple things I can throw into the donation pile:rolleyes:

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I went ahead and caught something nice, too. XD

Will see if I can catch and possibly breed more stuff tomorrow.


This is gonna be one very shiny party! :D

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@Mak0 yay I'm glad you can participate!


Participants: Fiona, rrattts, Lastalda, Silver, Mak0, me


Preliminary list of donations (I'll be updating this over the next two days):



(CB I think?) Gold donated by rrattts

CB Silver donated by Lastalda

CB Silver donated by rrattts

2g Gold from Garland donated by Lastalda [lineage]



3rd gen Bronze Shimmer from (Bubba) x Autumn donated by Lastalda [lineage]



2g Bronze Tinsel from Soulstone donated by rrattts (lineage)



CB Rainbow Copper donated by Lastalda

CB Liver of Sulfur Copper donated by Lastalda

CB Liver of Sulfur Copper donated by Mak0

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Concerning CB donations - we list the proecog gender. If anyone would prefer the egg to have another gender, please state that with your choice (once the drawing happens). Then the donor can see if the egg is still influenceable and , if possible, send the gift and influenced & hatched. :)

(If it still has way enough time, the egg can, of course, be influenced by the recipient. But I'm kinda doubting many of the donations will be very high in time. :P)

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Er... up to what generation do people care for prizes? 2nd gens are awesome and 3rd gens are probably nice, too, I think.

But should I try my 3rd gens for 4th gen offspring to donate, or would nobody really want these, anyway? What about anything higher-up?

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I have an idea.  For CBs, donors can influence opposite the precog gender while the egg is still influenceable.  Giftees list their preferred gender.  Donors then hatch to the influenced gender or teleport as an egg for the precog gender.  We can have both options, even for low-time eggs!

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On 1/16/2018 at 10:07 AM, Lastalda said:

OMG, here it is!!!! That's my All-Inclusive 7th gen, including all prizes and CB hybrids! *dances madly*

And it only took a bit less than 2 years... XD




For the Garlands, YES in Life!!!

I won't be here tomorrow for the shiny drawing, but Good Luck to those of you that will be! 

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So I wouldn't be double posting

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We're drawing tomorrow, right? So I can offer this. (fogged atm) - CB gold male hatchling. The only real problem is that I have a whole lot to do tomorrow. Can someone hold it and stun it? That way hopefully it can be gotten to whoever claims it even though I won't be on much tomorrow.


I also have:





and I can offer two 2nd gens from my alt Garlands, but only as IOUs, since unfortunately I bred them for trades just before we decided when we were doing this. At least one would have to be after Valentines breeding. Both would be better.

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