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Merry Giftsmas (CB bronze shimmer) - shiny list open to gifting threads - kin list open to anyone - more info in profile



I happily give and accept IOUs. I take most breeding requests.

Housemate's scroll PM him He also takes breeding requests. If I ever don't respond quickly enough to a PM, poke him on PM and he'll find me IRL and tell me to check my forum PMs. :)  Ex-housemate now - he moved in with his gf!

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    I have a CB prize (female bronze shimmer) as of the November 2019 raffle! Eggs will only ever be gifted or kept, never traded.

    If you have reason to believe you are on my shiny gifting list, you are encouraged to keep me up to date on any preferred mate breed(s). If you aren't sure, you may always ask if you are currently on the list. The shiny gifting list is not currently open for new additions.

    Project accounts or thread moderators for reputable threads for gifting, raffles, creating incentives to collect commons, etc. are welcome to PM me to discuss a possible shiny donation to the thread.

    The gifting list for shimmerkin eggs is open to anyone and you may PM me to request a random kin or a specific kin.

    Please consider gifting at least some of your egg's offspring to continue to spread joy and the spirit of giving. Thank you. :)

    --- For the rules lawyers out there ---
    Please note that my gifting lists will not be IOU lists and will not be ordered. What mate I choose at a given breeding and what I choose to do with any eggs will be up to my sole discretion and whim at the time (and will not be planned very far in advance). I will try to accommodate everyone, but you being on one of my gifting lists is not a *guarantee* that you will get an egg (1) within a specific time frame, (2) in a particular order compared to others on my lists or other modes of giving (raffles? giveaways? departures? birthdays? who knows?), or (3) at all. I reserve the right to take people off of my gifting lists without notice if they are being a jerk.
    --- Thank you! ---


    I give and accept IOU trades (although I much prefer gifting to trading). I have many references as to my reliability.

    Current IOUs: soulchaser, 3g silver checker from alt omen (request received December 2019)

    Unsuccessful IOU trades: 1
    Details: Bankotsu still owes me 3 CB Desipis hatchlings (trade agreement made August 2014)


    First successful summon: 11th try, 9/13/13
    Second successful summon: 17th try, 12/27/13
    Third successful summon: 1st try, 5/21/14


    Eternal thank-you list of some of the truly wonderful people I have met through DC: stardust13, johnnalola, plok, natayah, DarkEternity, Fiona, Arella, Xythus, Raphy, skythestral, harpuiapwnsyou, Centuri, SapphireDragon, bbik, Raff, BG mods (and many more)