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I happily give and accept IOUs. I take breeding requests.


Housemate's scroll PM him He also takes breeding requests. If I ever don't respond quickly enough to a PM, poke him on PM and he'll find me IRL and tell me to check my forum PMs. :)Ex-housemate now - he moved in with his gf!

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    My DC Site (with lineages, IOU list, wishlists, etc.)


    I give and accept IOU trades (although I much prefer gifting to trading). I have many references as to my reliability.

    Unsuccessful IOU trades: 1
    Details: Bankotsu still owes me 3 CB Desipis hatchlings


    First successful summon: 11th try, 9/13/13
    Second successful summon: 17th try, 12/27/13
    Third successful summon: 1st try, 5/21/14


    Eternal thank-you list of awesome people: stardust13, johnnalola, plok, natayah, DarkEternity, Fiona BlueFire, BG mods.