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All members must follow these rules:

Respect Others

Do not harass or be rude to others. Blatant disrespect of other people who use the forum, be they staff or not, will result in a warning.

Keep the discussion relevant

Posts that do not contribute to the topic or forum may be removed and/or result in a warning.

Only share your own dragons

You are allowed to share your own growing eggs, hatchlings in your signature and in moderator-sanctioned threads in the Forum Games section. You may share your adult dragons and frozen hatchlings in threads as long as they comply with all other rules. Dragon Cave's [site terms](https://dragcave.net/terms) do not allow sharing the dragons of others without their permission.

Keep post content appropriate

Posts may neither contain nor link to any of the following content:

  • Adult material (Nudity, pornography, or explicit sexual acts)
  • Extreme violence
  • Viruses, spyware, or malware
  • Illegal downloads/piracy
  • Accounts of illegal activities
  • Threatening, harassing, or obscene content.
  • Swearing/censor bypassing (links are allowed if a disclaimer is included)

High-level discussions of the above topics are fine, but direct references are not. e.g. a topic on the use of extreme violence in video games is okay, but links to or detailed descriptions of specific instances of violence are not allowed.

Section-specific guidelines

Certain sections have their own, more specific rules. Those rules are displayed on a per-forum basis. Topics that do not belong in a section will be moved, closed, or deleted. Duplicate topics will be closed.


"Warning" are used to notify people about violations of the rules. Warnings are only visible to yourself and carry no direct negative consequences of their own. Receiving multiple warnings in a short time period will result in escalating consequences, including post moderation (moderators must approve posts), temporary removal of posting privilege, temporary removal of forum access, and permanent account bans.