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    Fi loves Shiny!


shoko.pngI promise never to kill a dragon that has offspring on other people's scrolls. Information regarding my Spriter Alt Shadow Walkers for trades or gifts is in my profile. I'm interested in swapping eggs from my alts for 2nd gens from Prizes. Check my Profile for more info. I rebreed for free in the case of refusals.


Yes, I made a name change. I'm still Fiona BlueFire, but just Fiona is less of a mouthful.

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    I replace refusals free of charge. Little Brats.

    Info for requesting a trade from my Garland or Shadow Walker alts: Unfortunately I'm temporarily suspending trades from my alts unless we've already talked. Life has gotten busy and it's just too hard to keep this sorted out for me. I do plan on reopening requests as soon as I can. If we've already talked, what we talked about or promised is still a go. You might need to keep reminding me.

    Halloween 2018:
    Sunrunner: 2nd gen SW from f silver not from Shadow Waltz, Precious, Night Music, Nimdre, Shadowed Night or Curvaceous.
    Dohaerys: 2nd gen SW from male Gaia and SW not related to https://dragcave.net/lineage/swlRu. Already paid for.
    ForeverFlygon: 2nd gen from Garland and Floral Crowned at Christmas time. (holiday x holiday pairing.
    Irabane: 2nd gen SW from alt SW and alt Garland (Warmth) - pd for already.
    QVic: 2nd gen SW from female Leodon not related to MtQ99. Pd already. Needs head's up before breeding. Also 2nd gen SW from Spirit Ward not related to:
    ADP: Halloween not related to 8asHY