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shoko.pngI promise never to kill a dragon that has offspring on other people's scrolls. Information regarding my Spriter Alt Shadow Walkers for trades or gifts is in my profile. I'm interested in swapping eggs from my alts for 2nd gens from Prizes. Check my Profile for more info. I rebreed for free in the case of refusals.

Try for a surprise?

Yes, I made a name change. I'm still Fiona BlueFire, but just Fiona is less of a mouthful.

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    I replace refusals free of charge. Little Brats.

    Info for requesting a trade or gift from my Shadow Walker alts:
    I don't keep running lists, so if you have a request and there are alts available to breed I'll try it. If they're on cooldown you'll have to ask again later.

    I usually ask something along the lines of a CB Copper or equivalent for each egg. It doesn't hurt to make your pitch though, even if you don't have anything that "valuable." You never know.

    Also, I am not opposed to outright gifts of my 2nd gens from spriter alt Shadow Walkers. Usually I initiate those but if you have a particular reason I'm open to being asked, if you ask politely.

    Pending Trades:
    2nd gen Shadow Walker to Pryanka at Halloween, Fountains of Love (arsani) with an alt not Midnight Waltz, Twilight Hymn or Shadow Waltz. (link sent, failed to pickup. Offer will be rescinded when hatchling grows up)

    Interesting in trading eggs from my alts for 2nd gen prizes. These trades would be subject to the above rules: i.e. if you have an egg and want to swap PM me and I'll breed right then if I can. We'll see what happens. I'd rather not do IOUs at all.