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Currently offline on vacation.

I happily breed 2nd gen holidays & mates, and pretty prizes (and anything else) on request! Just PM me!
I give and take IOUs! * My Scroll * Lastalda's DC Homepage *
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    I'm generally offline on weekends and official holidays. I may be able to read PMs via smartphone, but don't count on it. And even if I do, please don't expect a reply or any DC action from me until the next weekday.
    Thank you.

    I give and take IOUs.
    I like IOUs.
    IOUs are a good thing.
    Try me. :-)

    It's much nicer to breed and raise stuff when you know there's someone wanting it. It removes the need to have what the other wants at exactly the same time, making it more likely to find a trade.

    So. I do happily accept IOUs for reasonable things (CB commons, bred eggs if you already have the parents). For CB uncommons or rares, it's a case-by-case. But if you can reliably catch what you're offering, I will probably accept.

    I'm also always happy to offer IOUs, for eggs I can breed as well as for CBs I can reliably catch.


    My urgent Wishlist is in my Sig.

    Besides that, I'm always looking for:

    - anything with really pretty lineage (symmetric stuff, perfect-gen, lyrics-lines etc.)
    - CB Neglecteds

    I'll be very happy to trade for any of these, or promise to pay the favor on in gifting offspring etc.!

    - CBs:
    A list of my CBs is at http://tiny.cc/Lastaldas_CBs.
    Any number that is not yellow on dark green (8 or more) means I'm still looking for them and would be delighted about hatchies (or eggs, if they're uncommon). Especially anything that's red, orange or yellow - I'm always happy to trade for those!
    Other CB hatchies will probably find a loving home with me, too, if I have space, but I won't trade for them.

    Anything else I have probably no use for (otherwise I'll ask around). I'm pretty picky, I guess. :-P

    I am very interested in 3rd gen prize stairs and 2nd gen prize-kin, and happy to trade handsomely for them!

    I am also looking for perfect 2-breed stairs descendant (any gen is fine) from the following 2013 Shimmer ancestors:
    - Pinoy [AngeL]
    - Shimmeru [eiTAD]
    - [j67HD]
    - [k1lGr]
    - Kiseki no Shirogane [KARIS]
    - x Dire [xDire]
    - [CrUdF]
    - [S0HKC]

    Will happily trade good stuff for any of these, no matter how high gen!

    Any other prize lines need to be very low-gen (2-3rd gen perfect stairs) to interest me.

    I happily breed my Tinsels and Shimmers for others. You can find my Waiting Lists (which are usually short) under http://tiny.cc/LastaldasRares in the Tinsels and Shimmers Tabs.
    Just ask me what I'd like in return. I don't bite and my prices are very low (something like 3 CB hatchies per prize dragon, or a similar-value prize dragon of yours if you have lines I'm missing). And if you have no or few clean-lineaged prizes, I'll happily gift you. :)

    I happily breed on request, but I'm tired of asking the same questions over and over again. So: if you would like me to breed you an egg, please CLICK THE GREEN BANNER & READ THAT PAGE!

    For a rare egg, I may ask something in return, depending on your scroll (usually some CB hatchies, or something you can breed).

    DO NOT ASK FOR UNBREEDBALES (dinos, chickens, cheese or paper) OR CAVEBORNS!

    REQUEST FORM: (copy into PM & fill out)

    [b]I would like to request a...[/b]
    [b]Parents/Lineage details?[/b] ("none" if you don't care)
    [b]I don't want inbreds[/b] (yes/no; only applies if you're asking for a breed instead of a specific ancestor)
    Thank you!

    I LOVE pretty even-gens, especially mirrored or otherwise perfect lineages. I'm not a big fan of chequers, though - I rather prefer my even-gens to have a "finished" state.
    I especially adore lyrics lineages!
    If you have something pretty, I'd love a sibling!
    My own finished EvenGen-projects are under http://tiny.cc/LastaldasEGs - if you'd like to get on any waiting list, just ask. :)

    Online Times:
    I'm in Germany, so 6 hours ahead of Cave Time. Please don' get impatient with me because of that. :)
    (I also have a full-time job and a family with small children, so online-time can be scarce.)