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    Hiding my own Easter eggs


Happy to give/accept IOU's from established players. My scroll link is currently missing due continued view bombing, feel free to PM if you have questions about trades, breeding, etc. Currently taking a forum break, but still playing the game and answering PM's.2vm7qjl.jpg *Other projects: Forbidden, Thuwed, Dorkface, Love, D'Hennegel, Seasonal, Patriotic, Mardi Gras, Wyvernus, Blues*

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    Central Valley, CA
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    IOU's I owe:
    serenata - I owe her daughter a CB white
    rebelgoddess - owe equivalent of 1 short gen tinsel and 2 cb blusangs
    yori - 4th gen silver shimmer from Jewel

    IOU's owed to me and/or The Fifth Element:
    Reginea9 - 2nd gen gold
    beckara - vamp
    Dire - 2nd gen silver