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The Fifth Element

The Fifth Element Lineage

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If I missed a donation or a participant, let me know ASAP!


Selection Order:

1) @Lastalda pass

2) @silver_tiger 

3) @Mak0  

4) @Lavinia  

5) @Fiona   

6) @rrattts  pass

7) @Grandmother_cathie (not sure if she's actually in or not, but just in case!)



1) CB Gold male hatchling donated by Fiona Lastalda

2) CB Gold donated by rrattts Lavi

3) CB Silver donated by Lastalda Mak0

4) CB Silver donated by rrattts Lastalda

5) 2g Gold from Garland donated by Lastalda [lineage] Fiona

6) 2g Gold from alt SW donated by Fiona [lineage] rrattts

7) 2g Silver from alt SW donated by Fiona [lineage] Lastalda

21) 2g Silver from alt Omen donated by rrattts [lineage] Lavi



8) 3rd gen Gold Shimmer from She Who Will Be Named x Almandine Pyralspite donated by rrattts [lineage] Lastalda

9) 3rd gen Gold Shimmer from Gilded Ninja x Silver Lunar Herald donated by rrattts [lineage] Lavi

10) 3rd gen Silver Shimmer from Luckiest Catch x Rainbow Copper donated by Fiona [lineage]

11) 3rd gen Bronze Shimmer from (Bubba) x Autumn donated by Lastalda [lineage] rrattts

12) 3rd gen Bronze Shimmer from Ardyn Lucius Caelum of Ashke'hai x Striped River donated by rrattts [lineage] Lavi



13) 2nd gen Bronze Tinsel from Soulstone donated by rrattts [lineage] Mak0

14) 3rd gen Silver Tinsel checker x Rainbow Copper donated by Fiona [lineage] Mak0



15) CB Rainbow Copper donated by Lastalda Fiona

16) CB Liver of Sulfur Copper donated by Lastalda Fiona

17) CB Liver of Sulfur Copper male hatchling donated by Mak0 Fiona

18) CB Verdigris Copper donated by rrattts

19) 2g pretty from alt Garland after V-Day donated by Fiona Mak0

20) 2g pretty from alt Garland after V-Day donated by Fiona rrattts


I tried to get something to donate but my dragons gave me nothing... so, uh, I guess I'm volunteering my time and organization skills?  ;)


Post your lists!

Edited by Lavinia

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rrattts has it.


I'd like 5, 15, 13, 16, 17, 18. That should be enough picks for right now.

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YAY! Third:lol: here’s my picks!


19, 20, 3, 2, 6, 7


Edit: By the way 17 is now a hatchling precogged male!

Edited by Mak0

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Got the gold, thank you so much both! :wub:


Here are my remaining choices in order: (for CBs, including the gender I need; all prizes should please simply continue their lineage)
2 (female), 4 (female), 3 (male), 7 (male), 13, 8, 9, 12, 8 (male), 16 (female), then pass :)

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It has been 24 hours, so I'm going to skip @silver_tiger for now.  I'm also skipping @Grandmother_cathie for now, as it wasn't clear if she was in or not and she said she wouldn't be around on Sunday.  Both will get picks if and when they post!


I finished round 1 and went all the way through round 2!  We're on round 3!  @Mak0 you're up!


Female for #2, please, rrattts?  :wub: 

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Four rounds done!  The only shinies left are 10 and 18 - post to claim one of them.


Wonderful shiny drawing, everyone; thanks donors for lots of exciting prizes.  :D

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All links sent   Thank You everyone,  been a long time since last one but just as enjoyable:D

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Thank you  everyone! This was indeed a lot of fun.


I still have #10. The egg is down to three days. I've influenced and will hatch it today. Does anyone want it?

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THanks for the awesome donations, everyone, and especially to @Lavinia for organizing the drawing! :wub:

Maybe we shouldn't wait another 2 years before we do this again. :D

Edited by Lastalda

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Oh, and before I completely forget again :P : I'm officially closing the voting!


Garlands are now accepted in LIFE!

Thanks again for the lovely dragons, @Fiona! :wub:

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TJ's V-day dragons have grown up.

Floral-Crowned Dragons are easily identified by the symbiotic plants growing around their faces and on the tips of their tails. They all give off a strong, pheromone-laced perfume from their greenery—thought the specific scent is highly variable. Some smell like strongly scented flowers, some have an almost fruity smell, and others may even smell like freshly cut hay. These dragons are friendly and social, and maintain familial and friendly bonds by giving gifts and mutual grooming. Although they choose a new mate every year, they become invested in courtship and pair bonding during the spring breeding season. The best way to a Floral-Crowned Dragon’s heart is to present them with flowers—large or small, bright or dull, smelling like fine perfume or rotten meat—the dragon will accept them all, and prolong their life with their magic. Although some dragons may accumulate thousands of flowers from multiple suitors, only when one has picked a mate will a Floral-Crowned Dragon return the favor, often plucking a blossom from their own crest to give to the new partner.


Very pretty. Dragons that grow flowers on their heads? Floral pheromones? Prolonged flower life? Sounds like Life to me.

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I want these guys in the lineage, very badly. They also seem like good candidates for Life to me, but I am biased XD


They're just so pretty. My favorite holiday dragon hands-down, and possibly my favorite dragon in the cave.

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I vote life! They literally grow flowers on themselves and emit a variety of plant based smells, while also using their magic to keep flowers alive.

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