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I am incredibly fond of two specific shimmer lineages and aim to collect as many descendants from them as I can: - High Queen of Connacht x Golden Wyvern- Lung Ying Jassith x Blusang Generation does not matter, just a clean, specified lineage. Scroll Link: Feel free to ask me to breed any of my dragons! I like getting PMs. Or trade requests. 

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    I am very taken with two specific Shimmerscale lineages in particular:
    - High Queen of Connacht x Golden Wyvern
    - Lung Ying Jassith x Blusang
    I'm equally as fond of the Shimmers and Shimmerkin from those two lineages. Less so interested in other Shimmers or their kin. As such, offers of those will most likely be auto, and for purposes of continuing those lineages if I ever get to, CB Golden Wyverns and/or Blusangs would be nice as well. Other than that, one of my friends very much wants a Chicken, so I'm idly interested in those.
    If you want something bred from my scroll, just ask! If it isn't super-rare, I'll probably give you the egg on pay it forward terms. I do accept IOUs, incidentally. Breeding can be hard sometimes. I like getting PMs. They're fun.