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I see a few familiar faces and a few new ones, hi everyone!


The 15th year Birthday Releases almost broke me, I swear. SO much info to remember eeeek!  But I'm slowly acquiring dragons from that release and FINALLY organizing my scroll after YEARS.  Which brings me back here...because...do I sort dragons with Elementals or not?!?  Which new releases are Elementals?!?  


So I want to come back, but slowly, and with help.  I can gather all the dragons we need to vote on and make a separate post.  I'm not ready for anything milestone related or spreadsheet related.  I would like to get our banners back.  I would like to have a place to go to next time I'm overwhelmed with "holy carp how do I gets all the pretties?!?".  And most of all I want to be with a goofy group of awesome people again :)


ETA: also will be changing breed names to their new replacements (ie day/night glory drake, soulpeace, winter magi, dark myst pygmy).

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Per TJ's May 7 News Post, a few of our Elemental breeds' names have changed:

Ciriax Lindwyrms (formerly: Two-headed Lindwyrms)

Holiday Dragons (2011 formerly Winter Magi, now Blizzard Wizard)

Mistlet Pygmies (formerly: Dark Myst Pygmies)

Sunbeam/Moonglow Drakes (formerly: Day/Night Glorydrakes)

Sophrosyne Dragons (formerly: Soulpeace Dragons)

Tideweaver Lindwyrms (formerly: Red-finned Tidal Dragons)


I have made the changes on our front page which lists our allowed breeds, but not in the spreadsheets. I also added alt vine, alt undine, and pennybright coppers to the list. I will add the other 2 new hybrids which contain Elemental parent breeds if no one has an issue with it (Amalthean, Royal Eminence). I think the new stunned Electric variant and 7 new Xenos can be added as well if no one objects. I will add them in with the voting below, so please share thoughts!


Our last added breeds were Razorcrest, Leodon, and Melismor from the DC's 12th Birthday *shock*. I'm going to compile a master list below but maybe only hold voting/discussions on 4-5 breeds per month. I'll post descriptions and voting rules with each set of breeds once a month.

May 2018 breeds - Red-Tailed Wyrms (Yes - Cathie *air, silver *air.  No - Lavinia, Lastalda.  U/D - Fiona)

July 2018 breeds - Black Truffle (No - silver, Fiona, Cathie, Lavinia, Stormfriend, Nataya), Pyrovar (Yes - silver *fire, Fiona *fire, Lavinia *fire, Nataya *fire.  No - Cathie), Mimic Pygmy (No - Lavinia, silver, Fiona), Siyat (No - silver, Lavinia, Fiona) (Blue, Green, Purple variants)

August 2018 breeds - Ash (No - silver, Lavinia, Fiona), Boreal (No - silver, Lavinia, Fiona)

September 2018 breeds - Pipio Pygmy (No - silver, Phantom, Lavinia, Fiona),  Aether Wyvern (Yes - silver *wind, Phantom *wind, Fiona *wind, Lavinia *wind)

Halloween 2018 - Arcana

Christmas 2018 - Starsinger

Valentine's 2019 - Sakuhana Wyvern

March 2019 breeds - Blancblack, Aqualis

April 2019 - Skysilk, Mariner Pygmy

May 2019 DC's 13th Birthday - Aeria Gloris, Vremya Drake, Galvanic Wyvern, Kovos Pygmy, Lihnseyre, Geminae

June 2019 breeds - Avea Pygmy, Rift Wyrm

July 2019 breeds - Luminox Wyvern, Glowback Pygmy

September 2019 breeds - Coral Pygmy Wyvern, Tercorn

Halloween 2019 - Kohraki

December 2019 breeds - Aranoa, Sandwaste

Christmas 2019 - Wintertide

Valentine's 2020 - Erador Lindwyrm

March 2020 breeds - Crystalline, Stratos

April 2020 breeds - Venturis, Xol (Blue, Red variants)

May 2020 DC's 14th Birthday - Alcedine Wyvern (Blue, Red variants), Amalthean Hybrid, Cloudplume, Pargulus Pygmy (Blue, Green, Red variants), Jester Hybrid, Labradorite, Sapo

June 2020 breeds - Xenowyrm (Aquilo, Aso, Obidar, Pharos, Umbra, Ke'maro, Staterae)

July 2020 breeds - Elux Lucis, Pseudo-Wyvern Drake

August 2020 breeds - Astaarus, Skystrider

September 2020 breeds - Mistra, Equinox

Halloween 2020 - Pitfire

Christmas 2020 - Glystere Wyrm

January 2021 breeds - Cantomaris (Sophos, Itus, Iratus, Mundus), Nobleshield Hybrid

Valentine's 2021 - Amarignis

March 2021 breeds - Hydrophidius, Blazeback

April 2021 breeds - Magnesium Amphipteres (Grey, Brown variants), Sawtooth

May 2021 DC's 15th Birthday - Sapphire (Pink, Yellow variant), Pennybright Copper, Royal Eminence Hybrid, Alt Electric, Gemshard (Amethyst, Aqua, Citrine variants), Cantomaris (Motus, Tutela), Alt Nilia Pygmy Hybrid, Pink Iris Floret Hybrid, Pink Alstroemeria Floret, Purple and Brown Alstroemeria Floret Hybrids

June 2021 breeds - Sabertooth Bull Drake, Spotted Teal Drake Hybrid

July 2021 breeds - Oracle Wyrm, Temple Wyrm




ETA: I see some of these were actually voted on so I will edit in those results in a bit!


ETA2: Reminder to add Lastalda's mana criteria for voting "...OR have an explicitly strong tie to Earth/Wind/Fire/Water/Life mana" and make some sort of statement similar to Lavinia's regarding "DC Elemental affinity does not count toward Elemental qualifications for us".  Also to continue to discuss other definition updates. Thanks to Cathie for tying all the suggestions together on page 146.  We have always struggled with defining our Life category. I will try to dig through the thread for past comments made regarding our reasonings based on the movie, as that is where it all comes from.


ETA3: Many many many thanks to everyone who welcomed new members, answered questions, organized voting, voted, shared opinions/comments/info/debate, organized/participated in shiny drawings. And to Lastalda for taking on the HUGE task of our spreadsheets.


ETA4: Reminder to myself of members' name changes. Stormfriend = Xocowolf, silver_tiger = silver_chan


ETA5: Lastalda, I can't thank you enough for all you've done for me and the lineage!!! Please peek in to say hi if you get the chance. You will be missed. Wish you the best.


ETA6: Congrats to Fiona on more babies making it to the cave! LOVE the classic look to the Garlands, they will be hoarded right along with the Shadow Walkers. The Mimics are spooky creepy little ones I will admire from far far away lol.











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Anyone else think that the new Pyropellis Wyvern colors could be Elemental? 

Green = breeding with earth dragon

Light blue = breeding with wind dragon

Orange = breeding with fire dragon

Dark blue = breeding with water dragon

Purple = breeding with life dragon

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nevermind lol

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So... It's been like... 6 years... lol


I want to try to get back into this. My scroll's a little disorganized and I have no idea what's been released since the lunar herald, but I think I can slowly get back into it. Seems like several of the lineages I was working on died off, but I'm glad to see this one still here.

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I'm looking forward to voting on the new breeds, a few at a time!  I haven't been able to keep up with the new breeds or even remember anything about them.  Analyzing them and thinking deeply about each breed for the lineage will probably help a lot.


In general, I prefer voting on new breeds even if it seems pretty obvious they will be accepted (i.e. more Xenowyrms).


Also, if you need help with anything, I'm happy to take on some of it.

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*stumbles in randomly*

*finds this thread actually at least somewhat active*

*suddenly has a huge smile across her face*


I love and miss you guys!

I still can't justify getting back into DC because it just swallows so much time I want to spend with other things, and doing it only a little just drains me. But you guys are the one aspect of DC that I really really miss. What we had here, and what continues of it, is forever awesome. 💖


I hope you continue to enjoy it all!

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[waves] Hi Lastalda! I used to be Xocowolf 🍫🐺🖤

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I have recently found myself missing this place. Picked up a ton of eggs I missed out on, I'll be around...

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Hi! I found this while browsing the Breeding forum, and it looks like an interesting project I can get into.


New Member
FORUM NAME: Moondragon007
SCROLL NAME: Moondragon007
TIME ZONE: Pacific

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Oh my god, this place....


Such memories...


It's been a million years. I miss you guys. Sorry I fell off the face of the planet, I had so many plans.... So many pretties and changes since the last time I came here!


I hope everyone is doing well~

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I haven't been here in ages, but remembered about this site close to Halloween, so hopped on to catch up on Halloween dragons. In doing so, I got this precious baby, and... looking at its lineage just now stirred the ancient memories of this lineage in my brain. Haha, I was never really active even when I was a much more active player, and have a huge backlog of named dragons... but I did really love this project a very long time ago. I've named this Shadow Walker in accordance with the lineage mostly for memory's sake :)

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Oooh, pretty quiet in here.

How about a nomination for the new Algarre dragon in Life?

Reasons: they cultivate algae and have a symbiotic relationship with it in that they incorporate it into their skin.

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