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    Domination ================== Dominatrix
  3. Definitely support, considering I lost 2 valuable eggs shortly after Halloween. Eggs that had taken HOURS to catch in the first place. I would love more options that let us hide our growing things without hiding the entire scroll.
  4. Rant Thread

    You're such a stupid dumbass! I gave you the money to get an awesome deal on something we both enjoy and it wasnt even out of your way, but you pass it by, ignore it, come home then tell me if I want it then I should go in and get it? IT WAS ALREADY ON YOUR WAY! You drove past it and it would've taken you 5 mins at the most. I dont feel well, hence why I gave you the money to get it. Plus with my (sorry guys) monthly issue going on I STINK! I'm sorry that I dont want to embarrass myself. Am I being a right now? Maybe. Even more now that you were being so stupid. ...That felt good to get off my chest.
  5. Change One Letter

  6. The Congrats Thread, V6

    Here, name mine while you're at it, will you? There's only 362 of them...
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    Charisma ========== Denomination
  9. Names you can't believe you got.

    Naturally Pyromancer was taken, but Pyromancing was not. Woo! =D
  10. The Congrats Thread, V6

    Taking on the task of naming all of my Dragons today. Shouldn't be more than a couple hours. But having ADHD really sucks at times, so who knows?!
  11. Metallic Trade Center (No prize "haves" allowed)

    HAVE CB Silver. WANT 15 CB Bauta Hatchlings. No Time Limit or constraints. Please PM me to arrange a trade! =D
  12. Cave Born Trading

    HAVE CB Silver. WANT 15 CB Bauta Hatchlings. No Time Limit or constraints. Please PM me to arrange a trade! =D
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    Varicella (watch your child...) ======================== Coryza
  14. Change One Letter

  15. A dragon trading thread V2! ~trading~

    Have: 3G Gold w/ Pink SA Mistletoes in base Offer Here! Want: Hatchlings take priority! CB Silver x2 CB Gaia x2 CB Aeon Other CB offers
  16. Breed Variant Trade Hub

    Have: CB Thalassa Want: Any other CB Xeno lol Fogged for safety right now, please pm
  17. The Congrats Thread, V6

    I finally caught my second CB (Green) Copper Egg like in forever and ever. So happy. Picked up a lot of stripes too which I need to try and create a lot more black stripes (some pairings never work as usual).
  18. Hatchie didn't gender right? Trade them here

    You didn't specify genders, by the by Has male wants female
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    Martini (to wash down that pasta) ========== Vodka
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  22. DC Photography Contest #139

    I have a Hot Chocolate Fish from work.
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  24. Change One Letter

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    Fusili ======================= Macaroni (I am now hungry)
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    Cannoli ========== Fettuccini
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