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  2. A dragon trading thread V2! ~trading~

    Have: 3rd EG Silver from female Blacktip perfect checker 3rd EG Silver from male Thunder perfect checker 3rd EG Silver from male BMoon perfect checker 3rd EG Silver from female Teimarr perfect checker 3rd EG Silver from male Frostbite perfect checker Want: (pm me to combine or breed more metals) Color Priority: High Medium Low ***CB Gold = (AUTO) (Can combine for this) Neglected mates for Blue line in sig ***2nd gen Shimmer (can combine) 2nd gen Gold/BMoon(F)/Blacktip(F)/Falcon(F)/Bolt(M)/Spirit(F)/Cassare(M)/Thunder(M)/Red Gem(M)/Monarch 2nd gen Silver/Teimarr(M)/***Script/***Red Zyu(M)/Kingcrowne/Greenwing/Silver Zyu(M)/Black Zyu(F) other 2nd gen Silver or Gold not from overly common pairings. no Holidays other than what's listed! metal checker combos i don't have mates i need = Auto 2nd gen Black from male Gold (if hatchie must be Alt) 2nd gen Black from Silver (if hatchie must be Alt) 3rd EG Red Zyu from female Silver checker ***3rd EG Kingcrowne from male Silver Shimmer checker for Him *****2nd or 3rd EG Gold from female Holly checker unrelated to Him or Her <—Highest Priority CB Hatchies: CB Black Zyu (F) CB Red Zyu (M) CB Floret CB Freckled Offers!
  3. Metallic Trade Center (No prize "haves" allowed)

    Have: 3rd even gen silver checker from Celestial https://dragcave.net/teleport/37961e5c082d01b3330166c9b69d164d Want: 2nd gen Green copper (not pb, any parent) - auto 3rd even gen GW checker with gold (f) - auto your offers
  4. The "How was your Day" thread

    I've been sick with the flu since last Sunday (though the proper clogged-ness started on Monday) but today it feels like it might ease up soon. Might. I'm just hoping that I won't feel completely clogged for the entire weekend since I'll be having Monday and Tuesday off too - I wouldn't want to spend those days by being sick. Oh wow, that sounds like such a surreal experience. I hope nothing worse happened.
  5. Pokemon Go

    I'm so happy about water types spawning more! I'm seeing Wailmers, Carvanhas and Corphish everywhere! Magikarp and Poliwag are appearing just as often as well, and I FINALLY caught a breathtaking male Poliwag which is now my second Politoed. I also evolved my second Shiftry, which is awesome, and I got more than enough candies to finally get my Wailord, but with the news of adding shiny Wailmer I'm waiting to see if I'll get lucky before I evolve the plain one. Catching a shiny Wailmer and having a shiny Wailord as a pokedex entry would be AWESOME.
  6. Cave Born Trading

    HAVE: * CB Thalassa Xenowyrm HATCH - https://dragcave.net/teleport/f79819a4ef71c917a13b5da1fa4d7312 WANT: * CB Balloon <3 Best offer wins! I do accept eggs, however my scroll slots are limited so Hatchies are be most desirable
  7. 💥Red-Tailed Wyrm Breeding Fantasies💥

    This one! This one's awesome - I've never used Seawyrm Pygmies for lineages before but now I shall.
  8. Tatterdrake Breeding Plans

    The Tatterdrake x Day Glory drake pairing looks surprisingly pleasant! Since the Tatterdrakes are so dark in color it's neat to see them paired with something brighter. I'm glad I already have two CB female Day Glories to use for breeding.
  9. 2018-04-22 - April Dragon Release

    Nooooiiice. Love a good bird reference.
  10. Tatterdrake Breeding Plans

    I thought of them with the Greater Spotted drake right away and I really do like that combination! They look surprisingly good with the Honey drakes and Ochredrakes, though. I like the contrast.
  11. DC Community Notice Board

    Took this precious! <3 thanks so much! :--DDD
  12. 💥Red-Tailed Wyrm Breeding Fantasies💥

    Ohhh, I'm in love with the seawyrm paring! May have to start that up once my red-tails grow up >u<
  13. 💥Red-Tailed Wyrm Breeding Fantasies💥

    The Pumpkins and Dark Myst are okay, not great but okay. What about Magelights?
  14. DC Community Notice Board

    Don't kill/trade please https://dragcave.net/teleport/124519790d24a4acbd50e00f5805bc92 v Enjoy !
  15. Tatterdrake Breeding Plans

    For me, there is no Drake I really like with these. Maybe the Tarantula Hawk? But really... none so far.
  16. DC Community Notice Board

    Messy baby
  17. Z Project

    I picked up an almost all-number coded Green which is also a z-code (z6734.) It's on cooldown for the moment but if you'd like the egg, feel free to PM me and i'll send it off to you. Gone to random dragon collector.
  18. 2018-04-22 - April Dragon Release

    Both of these dudes are rad I don't usually collect many pygmies or drakes, but I'm going bananas for these two. Love them!
  19. Cave Born Trading

    Have CB https://dragcave.net/teleport/2f6ae2d540f070dda18e5dc0dd8c26f0 CB https://dragcave.net/teleport/15cd5c69fe39923dd29a0df6543ff21a Want Some idea: CB (Yellow from Jungle) and CB (Pink from Coast) (High priority, can combine more of mine for 1 of yours, please PM) CB / / (any color) CB CB except indigo CB except red Otherwise, your offer. Thanks.
  20. Tatterdrake Breeding Plans

    I like it! But I also like them with Day Glories, it's such an opposites attract kind of thing.
  21. Tatterdrake Breeding Plans

    Excluding Pumpkins, I've never built a lineage with non-regular dragons. But these would look stunning with Tarantula Hawks and Zombies!
  22. Cave Born Trading

    Have: CB Gold Floret egg Want: Nice offers? None of the new eggs, please, thanks Make an offer on my egg!
  23. A dragon trading thread V2! ~trading~

    HAVE: -cb harvest coded Ray ( ¬_¬ why couldn't it be Rey...) https://dragcave.net/teleport/2b795ea8e9e6f1854c1fb3a383ff3279 -3rd EG alt vine hatchie, with snowangels in first gen. Precog'd female. https://dragcave.net/teleport/e91a626a250f1352244cfad3d27c3546 -cb blue lunar herald https://dragcave.net/teleport/c27866591ad728173ba80828824568fe WANT: for the harvest: -a naughty coded cb drake of any kind. If hatchling, male. (to be a mate for nsFWS or -a star wars coded cb regular dragon. if hatchling, female, to be a mate for yoDaV. for the alt vine: -a mate for my holidays, preferably one of the silver mates or the coppers. Link in signature. (i already got the silver from val 09, i just haven't edited that out). -offer. -a 3rd gen checker from sp alt or alts would be nice. for the blue lunar: -no idea. a cb thalassas if you have an extra one lying around? if not, i still want mates for my holidays
  24. A dragon trading thread V2! ~trading~

    Have: CB Gold Floret egg Want: Nice offers? None of the new eggs, please, thanks Make an offer on my egg!
  25. Go Fish - Dragon Edition

    Magi How about a 4G+ PB Chrono?
  26. Go Fish - Dragon Edition

    Lunar Heralds are aligned with Time and Light. Light: https://dragcave.net/lineage/vJEkn Time: https://dragcave.net/view/CWde1 a checker with Mageias?
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