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  2. Nineteen ants wandering around in search of other food
  3. hey there @AngelsSin! i'm gonna borrow Lagie's line and offer you a brownie. i even have some in real life if you want one of those too.
  4. I have some, cherry flavor too. Thanks! I'm definitely going to try that the next time it acts up. *hugs*
  5. Um, i think I might have a compulsive posting issue. I've only recently discovered that. It only started after COVID and social distancing happened. I only ever posted in the trade threads before this. Certainly not posting my thoughts and tiny bits of info about myself. Now I find myself looking for things to post about. As Well as wanting to share more about myself which is strange to me as I tend to be a bit closed off. Just got out of a highly toxic stressful situation and am now realising just how much of myself and personality was being suppressed. So partly I am rediscovering different aspects of my personality. Normally opening up to others leaves me feeling uncomfortable and embarrassed but those feeling are notably absent. It will be interesting what I learn and relearn about myself. So far no one has left me feeling like I should keep my trap shut or that what I said is stupid, even when I make mistakes. I love the people on this forum for that. When I finally started to open up I wasn't treated badly or with derision. It's made me feel more comfortable with being myself and sharing bits of myself with the people on here. So thanks DC'ers!
  6. But... won't that make your head hurt? yeah.... but sometimes it's oddly cathartic
  7. I think taking into account actual lineage would be too complicated and/or too big of a change for DC. At the moment DC doesn't care what a dragon's gen, parentage, or lineage is, it just produces based on "do these dragons like each other and what can they possibly make". I don't really want that to change, since it's a big part of the freedom of breeding on DC. Now, I could get behind this if the only things it considers are "what breeds can make this hybrid, and does it share any of those breeds with its mate?" and if they do, it has a chance of tossing said shared breed. This can lead to weird things like green x green -> geode x geode -> stone, but I think that's a positive rather than a negative. Also agreed that avatars should be left out.
  8. But... won't that make your head hurt? Probably. I just rewatched Wall-E. It's cute.
  9. The ants go marching 18 by eighteen, hurrah, hurrah... 1 of 4
  10. Today
  11. In a sense. Green baikala males still produce green baikalas when the mother is a non-baikala from coast, both colors of glitched baikala females produce green (when either green ones should produce blue or both should produce both), I have not seen non-glitched same-color baikala pb produce the other color (also have not seen blue male x green female make any blue when green x blue can make both), and by all indications any given specific pairing of baikalas will only ever produce one color, though different combinations of otherwise-identical mates can produce different colors. https://dragcave.net/lineage/VXF5P vs https://dragcave.net/progeny/4TGM9 vs https://dragcave.net/progeny/BzWfI tl;dr the breeding rules seem inconsistent between blue and green parents. there's more green results than there should be.
  12. I just had a wisdom tooth removed so that know what your going through. My mom gave me a trick that worked when nothing else was take a chewable aspirin like Bayer put it on the tooth and let it dissolve around the tooth might take a couple but I was surprised when it worked and how well. Funny it might have been fate? that brought me to your post it was completely by accident. Clicked on unread content and didn't mean to, then saw your post and decided to post the info I recently learned. Hope it helps you out! Or that your not allergic to aspirin!
  13. trystan

    Z Project

    thanks.... yeah, i kinda thought that's what it was. welp, that one's gonna be a Peter Pan then.
  14. Yours looks blue to me--
  15. trystan

    Z Project

    yaay! can you tell what color they are at the S1 hatchie? i have one on my scroll, but it's just a stage 1 one.
  16. Congrats! Hope you're having a good weekend!
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