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  2. If we are already on a Sacred Line list, does winning the raffle take us off the waitlist? I’m just curious how this will work. Also, a raffle seems like a fun idea. Good luck everyone!
  3. @Mak0, @pretty_thumb, Zidya and @Peachycupcake525 - Added you guys to the list!
  4. I'd like to join the Raffle! Name: Peachycupcake525 Clan: Sky Choice of Hatchie if I win (rank according to preference): 1. Blue 2. Green 3. Red
  5. I'd like to join the Raffle! Name: pretty_thumb Clan: Sky Clan Choice of Hatchie if I win (rank according to preference): 1. Red 2. Blue 3. Green ETA: Hubby finally picked I'd like to join the Raffle! Name: Zidya Clan: Sky Clan Choice of Hatchie if I win (rank according to preference): 1. Blue 2. Red 3. Green
  6. Breeding, Gifting!

    I want to request a gift! Forum Name: Dirtytabs Scroll Name: Dirtytabs Scroll Link: http://dragcave.net/user/dirtytabs Message Link: https://forums.dragcave.net/messenger/compose/?to=10892 Today's Date: Jan. 23rd 2018 Will you accept an inbred dragon?: No Will you accept a messy lineage?: No Dragon Breed List to be placed on: nexus (Optional) Any specific conditions that must be met?: 2g with female green baikala, mate for https://dragcave.net/lineage/zj25a (Optional) Breeder requested:
  7. How exciting!:) I'd like to join the Raffle! Name: Mak0 Clan: Rose Clan Choice of Hatchie if I win (rank according to preference): 1. Red 2. Green 3. Blue
  8. And to make up for my carelessness, here's a little something more.. uplifting. Sacred Line Offspring Raffle I currently have three offspring from each of the Sacred couples as a result of the test breeding I did last week. I was trying to figure out what to do with them and was planning on keeping them at one point, but I decided that they're better owned by one of you guys. So, here's Imperial Harem's first ever raffle. This will be a pretty short one, since I want to get them to their new owners before they grow up. So it'll just last for a day. Raffle Rules - The raffle will end on 23 Nov, 9pm EST / cave time [ 24 Nov, 10am Mink time ] - Only one entry per person. - Three winners will be picked using this random number picker. Results will be screenshotted and posted. - Numbers will be allocated based on the sequence of entry. (ie if you post the form first, you'll be number 1) - Each member must rank the hatchies in order of preference. The first place winner will be given his / her first choice of hatchie, the second will be given his / her preferred hatchie out the two remaining. The third place winner gets the remaining hatchie. - These hatchies are not tied to clan. - No points will be allocated for these hatchies. Their offspring will be calculated based on their new owner's clan favor system. - Every member can join this raffle, regardless of whether you already own any Imperial Harem dragons or not. - There will be 15 slots. Form Prizes - Sacred Lily Offspring (aka Little Green) - male, green || lineage - Sacred Peony Offspring (aka Little Blue) - female, blue || lineage - Sacred Narcissus Offspring (aka Little Red) - male, red || lineage Entrants 1. @Mak0 || Entry Post 2. @pretty_thumb || Entry Post 3. Zidya || Entry Post 4. @Peachycupcake525 || Entry Post 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15.
  9. Lineage Gifting ,Requests and Trading Centre

    Request: Need one 2nd gen Indigo Lunar Herald from pink sweeting not related to 1 or 2. Indigo window closes soon and I'd really like to get the needed mate before valentine's breeding. In return I have red cb Zyumorph egg, cb Pyros egg, white cb Zyumorph egg to offer if you would like. Willing to combine. Or anything you like bred from my dragons, holiday lineages can be seen here, though I don't have all the new Christmas and Halloween dragons entered yet. Thanks! Got one, thank you!
  10. The Oddball Code Trading Center

    Have 2nd gen pb script https://dragcave.net/lineage/nWxvY its code is ok, but mom and dads codes are interesting lol Want any pb or cb hatchy, or any red lineage or pink any lineage https://dragcave.net/teleport/af9f7ee3666dc2b80421e9c4f1819f3b
  11. DC Community Notice Board

    CB Tri-Horn Wyvern Leave a dummy so I know where it's going
  12. Black and White [IC]

    "Enough," Matt hardly even noticed as the Cardinal spoke, too enveloped in his work to realize the change in the room. It would be easier, perhaps, if he could see the faces of those around him. "Stop playing, right now." It was only when she raised her voice did the young man stop. He turned in Sonya's direction, a look of both dismay and confusion on face his face. Sweat beaded at his brow from the effort of keeping his weapon present, and his face looked weary. The instrument in his hand dissolved in his grasp; just like that, the heavy feeling in the air faded. Matthew winced, a hand coming to hover over his bandages. His burns stung from tears, the salt making his wounds throb. He...had been crying. He hadn't even noticed. "I...I'm sorry." He whispered. Matthew's lips hardly even moved, the words he spoke were barely audible. He had messed up. At this point, he was used to being scolded. But it didn't hurt any less. --- Just like that, the tension in the air snapped. The cart filled with produce toppled over, said produce spilled into the street. Cyrus jolted alter, head snapping to the cause of the commotion. Immediately did he drop the crushed fruit in favor of shuffling in his pockets. Producing a wallet, he shoved a fistful of bills into the merchant's hand. There. Now he could- Spinning around, he realized with a shock that the girl had vanished. Her supplies, however, sat right where she had stood. The Disciple grit his teeth, hands clenching into fists once more. Dammit! He needed to find that girl. She knew him. She knew Matt! --- Back against a brick wall, Aspen panted. She had dropped her rations and ran as soon as she realized she was in danger. Only after weaving through several alleyways and making a fair amount of distance did she decide she could rest. Her arms were wrapped tightly around herself, fingernails digging into the skin of her forearms. Those weren't people. They-they were, but weren't. Something terribly wrong had happened to them. Matt had said he saw his brother tear his own chest open. That man bore a horrible darkness in his chest, and it spread like a disease outward. The other two...they were just....just wrong. They had become that darkness. They weren't beasts-no. They were something far, far worse. The girl sucked in a shaking breath in an effort to calm herself. Tears stung at her eyes as the shock of the situation finally began to fade. She had just stared death incarnate in the face, and lived to tell about it. She had to get back to the Fortress immediately. Aspen sucked in a shaky breath in an effort to calm herself.
  13. Breed Variant Trade Hub

    Have CB green Gemshard hatchling CB blue Gemshard hatchling Want CB red (S1) Gemshard hatchling or CB Gemshard egg
  14. A dragon trading thread V2! ~trading~

    Have: CB red Zyumorph CB Pyros CB white Zyumorph Want: 2nd gen Indigo Lunar Herald from Sweetling, not related to 1 or 2. Indigo window closes soon, will give multiple. PM for this. In other news, not sure what I'm doing with the zyu's now... Make an offer on my red Zyumorph egg! Make an offer on my Pyros egg! Thank you very much! Make an offer on my white Zyumorph egg!
  15. Neglected Gifting~

    Entered! I love the generosity behind this contest so much
  16. ((Are midori and shamal npcs? I know sol is. I can't find the other two sheets...)) Miyuki stepped out from the bathroom in a black Bikini her hair still in her trademark braid. She headed over to the vacant tree she spotted earlier only to find it wasn't so vacant now, the spot already taken by the barkeep and his friends. Holding the book in her hands she sighed and turned to look for another shady spot to retreat from the onslaught of the hot sun. Wait.... where was Ankoku? She frantically looked around starting to panic. Ankoku had already stripped into a pair of red swim trunks and made a beeline for the water. Using his flight ability, he practically springboarded over the shallows to high dive into the ocean with a whoop of pure glee.
  17. No, you're right. My mistake. Another lesson learned - I shouldn't do big project updates before breakfast. I'm useless for the first hour after waking up. I'll go change that now, thanks for pointing that out! I think maybe I'll just add a GMT+8 time (my own timezone) as well as the EST / cave time from now on, so I can keep better track of things. I'm actually a day and an hour ahead of cave time (I think?). Usually I remember to account for the hour, but I tend to get the day wrong. Which, come to think of it, is actually worse.
  18. DC Community Notice Board

    Snagged the gold, thank you! I can breed a mate next Christmas season. Cheers, Shala
  19. Today
  20. Have you received a Heavenly line offspring yet? If not, that's why you're at 1.
  21. Z Project

    Thanks Ruby eyes! But no, I managed to find one!
  22. DC Community Notice Board

    Golden wyvern Gold(en dragon) Both holiday checkers
  23. A dragon trading thread V2! ~trading~

    HAVE 2x 2G Shallowater dragons WANT Swap 'em! Egg 1 Egg 2
  24. @MinkishMinx - Thanks for adding us to the lists. Edit: just checked the waitlist... I should be in spot 4, correct? Since the first 3 spots are reserved? Just wanted to double check
  25. Cave Born Trading

    Have: CB red Zyumorph CB Pyros CB white Zyumorph Want: 2nd gen Indigo Lunar Herald from Sweetling, not related to 1 or 2. Indigo window closes soon, will give multiple. PM for this. In other news, not sure what I'm doing with the zyu's now... Make an offer on my red Zyumorph egg! Make an offer on my Pyros egg! Thank you very much! Make an offer on my white Zyumorph egg!
  26. DC Moon Watch and Lunar Herald Theories

    Mistakes continue to be made. Let me post up the current phases, because I'm a dumb who forgot yesterday's phase change... - Current Lunar Phases for Sunday, January 21, 2018 at 7:00 PM EST/DC to Wednesday, January 24, 2018 at 7:00 PM EST/DC Aurax (Gold Moon): Waxing Crescent; Aurax is expected to be less than 50% illuminated! Cirion (Blue Moon): Waning Gibbous; Cirion is expected to be more than 50% illuminated! Eggs are expected to stay Indigo!! Cave Lunar Herald Eggs are expected to be Indigo! Bred Lunar Herald Eggs are expected to be Indigo! Enjoy breeding and catching eggs! Pinkgothic's imaged-based cycler that shows the whatever Lunar is dropping): Pinkgothic's Daily Dragon Fix page that shows what's dropping and when the others will drop: Link Millie_Azure's Lunar Herald long term calendar: Link DC Moon Watch Document: Link Shokomon's version of the cycler (also made by Pinkgothic):
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