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  2. Need: 2x 2G Blusang Eggs from M Blue Siyat x F Blusang 2x 2G Magma Eggs from M Magma x F Luminox Can Offer: 2G Metals 2G Of Anything you may need PB2G of Trios 4G Pretty Checkers 4G Prize Lineage
  3. More than anything can we PLEASE have a more accurate kill timer. I am fed up with reading it was several times in the last few weeks....
  4. Oh yes, a Neglected is special! And the best way to get one in trade is to be able to breed a 2g prize. Congratulations on your big win!
  5. I love my new shiny, thank you so much to all the donors & @wheeloftime13 for making this great raffle possible!
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  7. I believe the community reputation portion of the reactions can also be hidden? Or at least negated by setting the reputation values of any reaction to 0? It's been a while since I've been in the admin panel of an Invision forum, but I think that was an option. And notifications about reactions can be disabled the same way any forum notifications can be disabled. I'd still really enjoy having this enabled ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. I just tested it in an incognito tab and it worked fine. Have you tried closing your browser and starting over? Sometimes that helps.
  9. Well, I know I could have noticed this pretty much earlier... Anyway, I could still use a couple of Gold/Silver x Holiday checkers for the upcoming Christmas breeding event. Can anyone help? NEED 3rd gen Gold x Snow 3rd gen Silver x Snow 3rd gen Gold x true Aegis 3rd gen Gold x enraged Aegis 3rd gen Silver x true Aegis 3rd gen Silver x enraged Aegis 4th gen Silver x true Aegis 3rd gen Gold x blue Solstice 3rd gen Gold x rosy Solstice 3rd gen Silver x rosy Solstice 4th gen Gold x blue Solstice 4th gen Gold x rosy Solstice 4th gen Silver x rosy Solstice 5th gen Silver x rosy Solstice 4th gen Gold x Mistletoe 5th gen Gold x Wrapping Wing 5th gen Silver x Wrapping Wing 5th gen Gold x Wintermagi 5th gen Silver x Wintermagi 5th gen Gold x Ribbon Dancer 5th gen Silver x Ribbon Dancer 6th gen Gold x Ribbon Dancer 6th gen Silver x Ribbon Dancer CAN OFFER IN EXCHANGE Basically everything I can breed, including but not limited to: - 2nd gen Metallics - Gold/Silver x holiday/non-holiday checkers - 3rd gen SA x Gold/Silver checkers (would prefer multiple : 1 trades for offsprings of my most recent 2nd gens, though) - 3rd gen Prize x Silver checkers (can breed nearly all combos, of some even 4th gens) - 2nd gen from GoN (... please note that I do have some IOUs on my dragons here and there, though) Please PM me to negociate! Thanks a lot in advance!
  10. Trying to enter and keep getting 'The connection has timed out'... anyone else having problems getting the form to load?
  11. Finally got word on that fine I got the other day (four months ago) Looks like they accepted my apology letter and I only had to pay half.
  12. That image is.... Well, let's just hope if we HAVE to have them, TJ changes the images...
  13. https://dragcave.net/dragonopedia/1652 Wrong biome.
  14. My mum makes fudge, people love it. Also its apparently the brand name for a "professional" shampoo.
  15. Fortune forgot hers at home. And now I'm craving it
  16. Female influenced CB pygmy Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  17. 4G Bronze Shimmer stair with (f) Moonstone
  18. Requester's Form Forum name: tjenni PM link: PM me Egg wanted and special wishes: 3rd gen female Aether Wyvern x male Omen Wyrm checker unrelated to https://dragcave.net/lineage/b9VWP Secret field: No Holiday requests!
  19. Anglia


    Meet Tianyu (Chinese translation version of "Enochian"). She is a litter lucky kitten, It has been two months since we found her stuck in chassis of my uncle's car. Now she is a 3 months girl, happy, healthy, playful and loud. And a quesion: How to call the cat have color like her in English? Black & White cat? In Chinese we would call these cats as "cow cat", but I think she has too much white.
  20. I Would Like to Report a Gift! Gifter: painless_j Giftee: Ruby Eyes Lineage link(s): h4a61 Breed(s): Kovos Pigmy hatchling Status: Accepted
  21. Posting to show examples of how this would be if implemented, I’m in a forum with this enabled. The green plus sign and number is ‘community reputation’, gained from having positive reactions. The heart banner shows on a post with a good amount of positive reactions. Multiple reactions on one post shows in notifications as will multiple new posts of a followed thread show. I can see the fear of comparing with a count like that and a big banner slapped on a popular post. As per my experience however, hardly anyone talks about them. Don’t care either way, I just use it in art/meme threads where off-topic posting is not allowed. A simple ‘This’ reaction for discussion might not be much harm if coded to be neutral (ie. not giving rep points or banner) like ‘Confused’. Banner definitely needs to go if this passes.
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