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  2. Astreya

    What's your favorite food and *why*?

    My fave food is home-made lasagne. Why? Because. (I guess my middle name is Garfield ^^) @Glavenus You too? Good taste :D
  3. Claudii

    Special Release Offspring Gifting Group 2.0

    I received a gift! Sunrunner -> Claudii | 3g Frostbite from Mistletoe | https://dragcave.net/lineage/oM3Bd I received a gift! Sunrunner -> Claudii | 2g Kingcrown from Aegis | https://dragcave.net/lineage/zWLU6 Thank you a lot
  4. Rememberdrgns

    The avatar above me says...

    *Enters spiritual realm*
  5. Rememberdrgns

    Eloquent Vocabulary (Last Letter)

  6. purplehaze

    Count to 1,000,000!

  7. Congrats to Prophet, woke up to the STOP Signal. Seemed to be very funny. Feesh, how do you grow so much Broccoli so fast? What's your recipe?
  8. Pilauli

    > How high can you count before a mod posts?

    Hi, Mialily! Pity you missed this tasty Schnapszahl! 11
  9. Elestren

    Feesh's Broccoli eNDeavors: Last ND's of 2018!

    Wow, I that was funny, but I missed this Congrats, Prophet!
  10. purplehaze

    Feesh's Broccoli eNDeavors: Last ND's of 2018!

    Missed this due to sleep. Oh well, congrats to Prophet! Enjoy your new broccoli sprout!
  11. Labyrinthian

    ■ Tombstone Lineages ■

    Hi everyone! I know things are busy with the holidays, but I was thinking it might be nice to have a giveaway. My friend has a CB Silver Tinsel and is willing to breed for us. Does anyone have any ideas? The name of the dragon is not death related but the mate can be.
  12. Fuzzbucket

    Tiny Little Questions

    How desperate are you for an avatar from that pair ? Mine just didn't produce an egg, so I can try again in the New Year, if that would help ?
  13. missy_

    Tiny Little Questions

    Thanks; I didn't know it gets reset after holiday breeding. I don't think they had ever bred outside of the holiday season; I can't say with 100% certainty but I am fairly sure. As to your second question, you are correct; I don't remember the breeding order. (Even from the recent breeding I can't remember ... ?!)
  14. immeria

    A dragon trading thread V2! ~trading~

    2 gen gold shimmerkin, want few CB Zyumorph or offers (CB) https://dragcave.net/teleport/da9c9d585463241ba6d022c977a88246
  15. Well, OK - suppose fog let you see your own growing stuff ? The thing is that people can actually note the codes of fogged stuff and add them to fan sites the second they unfog... I never see why anyone wants to show off GROWING stuff unless it's in trade (which is why I'd like to see teleport links stopping views.) I have always longed for us to be able to show adults and hide everything else, rather than the other way around. If we want to hide our ADULTS we can hide our scrolls..
  16. Fuzzbucket

    Doctor Who

    If there are more. My current TV magazine has the terrifying suggestion that there might not be. Yaz says she has no contract yet and that none of them do... There is supposed to be some stunning surprise that hits us in the Special. I HOPE it isn't going to be what I am deathly afraid it might be.... and if it is - as was once suggested - a love interest involving Missy and the doctor, I may shoot myself. I can't get my partner to understand this - but Dr Who is NOT ABOUT LOVE STORIES.... There is no TIME for that. We need more time with the Uz, not kissy kissy and moon eyes. There are plenty of love-story programmes on TV as it is.
  17. Din85

    > How high can you count before a mod posts?

    8 It's a Star Trek Refference to the Klingon Battle Ship... The Birds of Prey. so Klingolaus would be something like the Klingon Santa Claus. I'm not so good with Star Trek lore to tell more, but I think Google should help with anything else ^^
  18. Fogging, hiding scrolls, even ward to an extent... is all just a band aid. All it does is give people an excuse as to why the game should be so backwards and difficult. It's a simple sprite collecting game. I should be able to look at the sprites I want to see, not have them hidden behind rather unappealing fog clouds 99% of the time. I should be able to share this game freely - but I can't. Word of mouth is a big thing for websites - it's detrimental that our userbase has to be so afraid of showing off their scroll, their hatchlings, their eggs... I've never told anyone on any other website that I play Dragcave, or put my dragons anywhere, because it's just too dangerous. Honestly, I wish we could just lock things from receiving views WITHOUT fog. I don't mind having to babysit (though I think it's.... stupid to have an activity check for a site that requires you, realistically, to log on idk every 3 days at the least?), but I do mind having to stare at fogballs when I just want to see pretty egg and hatchling sprites. Just have a little lock/unlock image next to each growing creature. When you unlock, it gains views. When you lock, it can't. You can still show it off - you can still share everything. And you can do it all while controlling and being 100% certain your hatchies and eggs are safe! Because they can't gain views.
  19. Today
  20. Fuzzbucket

    Little change on the "Trading History"

    The OP's post is strange - if it was an actual accepted trade - where are the eggs ? Was a one way posted by mistake ? If the trade went physically wrong - TJ should be told.
  21. Astiana2011

    A dragon trading thread V2! ~trading~

    Hiya, I have a Silver and Mageia x 2 (one on CD) for trade, ALL CBs.  I'd like your very best offers of EG (Christmas) SA's - I'll decline if I already have. If you want to make me really grateful and over the moon, something to go with her (I am happy to add for this, as well, but please DM me for details, I promise I don't bite and will get back to you as quickly as possible).  Linky  DMs welcome; I am definitely happy to influence and hatch, but no splits, sorry.  Thank you and have a good week 🙂
  22. Naughtrish

    Doctor Who

    Well, yesterday's episode was the series finale (or season finale). We will have the New Year's special, and then... nothing until 2020!!
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