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  2. I love the adult designs and lore there just amazeing 😍
  3. ngl I thought of these guys ...thats a good thing btw xD
  4. Fuzzbucket

    Z Project

    A friend is holding her for me I am SOOOOO locked; I would dump my latest AP grab but she fits a BIG lineage hole.
  5. Confused Cat

    Z Project

    Here she is - truffle-scented Valentine
  6. tjenni

    Z Project

    no, don´t want it, since I can´t continue the lineage anyway back
  7. Will the badge for this year be clickable, so we can see our inventories afterwards like some of the other events? I want to keep that cute piggy bank & kitty ❤️
  8. Today
  9. Grabbed that one too=) I love Arcana dragon, but I have none. Thank you for this pretty=)
  10. These look absolutely amazing, Spatio & Corteo! And Spats! I'm super thrilled to see your work in-cave!!
  11. Wow you have excelled yourselves Corteo and spatio. I love these new dragons and Thankyou for the extra special extra artwork and background to these guys. The hatchlings are chunky because everyone thinks they are cute and gives them their lunch haha and I love the advice against licking these fragrant dragons. Thanks for sharing these beauties.
  12. Rinah

    Prize Central

    Have a 2nd gen bronze shimmer from starsinger, first success from this dragon. Hoping to trade for my first neglected or other 2nd gen prizes. might accept 2 cb silvers. Trade Link :)
  13. 6 V I s i x s e i s s e c h s c h w e c h 6/6
  14. Chicken. Looking for offers. Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  15. @Marcus Pheonix : I might turn all of us into secret agents after we have finished our individual careers and see who gets the top promotion first. Or I may go the super villain route....
  16. That tail would've been amazing as a weapon, wow. Deceptively harmful, but it can be with its "friendliness powers" The question now remains: would a Desipis win against an Erador?
  17. Have: 2g silver shimmer and a "pop" coded Erador! https://dragcave.net/teleport/d81a89c99bd3486f12a8d3700e819c18 Want: Need a great coded new Valentine Erador please!
  18. Confused Cat

    Z Project

    How did I fail to check who bred that Sweetling...? Glad he ended up where he belonged! .... Annnnnd this just reminded me to check who bred the next AP find I was going to post here. https://dragcave.net/lineage/ZU06S @tjenni Do you want this back? Otherwise I'll put it up for grabs here. (Edit: will be afk for 1 - 2 hours, so this one will probably be a hatchling when I come back to teleport it.)
  19. Took this pretty=) Thank you^_^
  20. 3G SoulStone hatchy is looking for a new home. Claim my eggs/hatchlings! You are welcome DarkellaLord, Enjoy!
  21. I'm looking for offers for these three CB zyus (black, pink, red). All are ungendered hatchies, I can use precognition if requested. I'm interested in rarish CBs like one aeon or red or green copper or two brown coppers or blusangs. I also love nice EG SA lines!
  22. In case anyone was wondering what the underside of their tails looked like. Some Super Secret Extra Special Additional Information if anyone is interested: Their scents generally range from raspberry-and-white-chocolate to cherries-and-cream. They do not, however, taste like raspberries or cherries. I would not advise licking them. You will get a mouthful of feathers and a worried and/or judgmental look from the dragon you just licked. VERY MISCHIEVOUS. Basically, it’s a lovely morning in the village, and you are a horrible goose bored dragon with the power to befriend literally anyone. Or, more accurately, make other people and dragons think they’re friends, at least temporarily. Most Cassare probably just think these guys are kinda weird. Shopkeepers, on the other hand, have to take special precautions that their employees don’t get “befriended” into giving the passing Erador a “I just met you but you’re my new best friend” discount. While a few individuals might use their powers for evil (if making tough, angry, loner-types discover the Power of Friendship or getting half off on croissants is evil), most Eradors are fairly laid-back. They make excellent mediators, as they value compassion and understanding varied points of view. Hatchlings are chonky. It tends to happen when every stranger you meet falls under the influence of your mind powers instantly loves you and oh! Of course you can have my lunch! What a cute little guy. I just love that kid. The line of blue and purple feathers on their backs stops a little past their wings. Their tails are protected by the large scutes on the sides and iridescent blue plates that pick up where their back feathers trail off. In emergencies, these scutes and the slightly stronger spires on their tail can be used as a weapon. They are not very strong, however, and as such an Erador will only fight if their life or the life of a loved one is in immediate danger. They can breathe fire, though it is not very intense and generally ineffective as a weapon (great for toasting snacks, though). It comes in shades of pale purple, blue, or green, depending on the individual.
  23. still looking for a Kin-Swap, Red part in signature applies
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