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Naming, after parents.

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I have a very (extremely) complex naming convention set. At its core, there are caveborn, then for every generation, go one more letter down the alphabet. (2g=a, 3g=b, etc) but I give away a BUNCH of my red 3gs....like a lot....




So, some people name after, some don't....it's kind of fun to look and see who did and who didn't.




I did some holiday breeding, so of course, extra eggs went into the AP....


Found this!




And, as a side note, I think this is really cool: four eggs by one pair, each one a different sprite (the three snow angels and the lumina like dad to prove the pairing earlier this year)


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The everlasting habit of naming dragons after their parents... I don't think I'll ever break it.


I've got these two pretties:




And love this guy and gal:




This too:



And last but not least, my favorite line of naming:



I have to profusely thank those who bred these wub.gif

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I've had it happen several times, but my favorite example happened backwards! blink.gif


I got my first cb silver a couple years back (and my only cb metalic to this day) and bred a silver baby from my Cave Lurker (also unnamed at the time) which was given away or traded (probably gave away). I wasn't into naming at the time, but when I went back to breed them again, I noticed that the baby had grown up male, named Evil Lurking In A Silver Heart, bred with another Cave Lurker, and produced another silver egg. I loved the name so much, that I went in and named mine Silver Heart Shimmering just so he could match his son. His grandson is named Deceptively Shiny Evil happy.gif


The only part that bums me out is that for whatever reason (a refusal, user/s quitting, the dragon forgotten about, inactivity) neither his son nor grandson ever had another child. I would have loved to see the line continued, but at least it went as far as it did. cool.gif

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My eggs rarely even get names, so I'm just happy when people do that, but see this little fellow? I own his parents. I love trying to follow the naming scheme of the parents or grandparents of dragons I catch in the AP smile.gif




Just remembered this guy xd.png kind of cheating, though, since I specifically named his parents to go with a lineage (he was a gift to another user) but it's still kind of cool smile.gif

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I've started to do this a bit more, mainly because I'm running out of name ideas. I tend to take the first half of one parents name and squish it together with the other half of the opposite parent's name, like this Silver I got in a trade.

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This dragon was named in perfect alignment with my naming scheme but without taking the name I have planned for that generation's Flamingo smile.gif Actually it's the feminine version of what I planned to name the GW biggrin.gif

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I haven't had to abandon an egg yet, but I did take a name from a lineage. My pygmy can comes from a long line of "Leetle"s, so I named it Leetle Mahgik. smile.gif

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I always look at the lineage of whatever egg I catch and if the dragon has a clever naming scheme I try to carry it on. I'm filled with warm fuzzies when I see some of the names that people give the dragons that I gift or AP. biggrin.gif










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I was just looking through my unnamed dragons which include all my Code Talkers. I saw KiD0Z and nKidO, realizing I bred them to the AP a week ago. When I saw their baby's name, well, Wortgewaltig, YOU rule! biggrin.gif


The dragon is named Kidz rule. wub.gif

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Prize dragon wise, most of mine are named after the lineage (unless there is a cool code involved). I listed my 3 favorites below.


People usually get a giggle from his name.


Darkrose N00b is named after the name of the original and a goof on the original's code (1337).


For The Love Of Penk is from my favorite line (I own Oz too and intend to breed the line for several more gen).

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I just noticed that a most awesome person got an offspring of my Sweetling x Seasonal lineage. Either that person has an extraordinary good music taste and knew Ved Buens Ende already or they bothered to google my dragons' names and search for a suitable name for their Sweetling in the lyrics they found. Anyway, this is soooo cool. happy.gif


(Edit: @ awesome person: If you need an unrelated mate, I can help you!)

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I -LOVE- it when that happens! Well, I don't think it's ever happened to me...but I try to do it, and I love seeing other people do it. I'm not sure I've ever had anyone do this yet, but if someone picked up one of my Nhio eggs and named it "Indigo"...I'd be super duper happy.

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