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    I'm probably not meant to be here.
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Zeditha.jpg Whiptail_mature_hatchi.gif <-- My Scroll  - Feel free to ask if you want me to breed for you!

I am friendly! Please PM me for anything! :)

Searching for spriters/sketchers to create a Corvid Drake, please PM!

Friend codes:     Pokemon GO - 6019 0438 3268        Switch - SW-4963-6532-1023

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    Wishlist! I will update it every so often.


    ND list!
    This list is permanently closed. When I have given out all owed NDs, I will continue to experiment, and glomp or trade future successes.

    Giving out owed NDs in this order:

    Previous list for reference:

    CB list:
    1. CellyBean [1] / [50-60] {3}
    2. jetaime [1] / [50] {11}
    3. jesterboohoo (influence the egg) [1] / [60] {20}
    4. Isuzu (pref. male - no Influence) [1] / Complete!
    5. pixiezbite [1] / [50-60] {6}

    (wonderwanders2 and Pluviophillia have been turned down; I'll be PMing them first when my list reopens.)

    no on list. Username (requests) [owed NDs] {given NDs} / [suggested Olive value] {given Olives} *complete*


    EG Olive lineage
    Goal: to own 10G (or 12G!) of PB EG Olives. I must own every CB.
    10G requires 512 Olives; 12G requires 2048!
    Goal must be reached by the end of 2017 (and the Holly Contest). - failed time goal but continuing lineage. CB Olive donations always appreciated!


    EG common lineage: - now named 'proud common'. :)
    https://dragcave.net/lineage/SvtJX - I finally have a 5G!


    EG Deadline Silver Tinsel lineage! (for The Silver Funeral lineage)
    http://dragcave.net/progeny/9ZyF3 - parent of the Deadline
    Current max length: 3G!
    I have three deadline pairs, one of which has refused (male 4 and female 3, renamed male after refusal), and a deadline egg.
    Female 3 refused her second mate. Next time, she's being renamed.

    Naming scheme:
    Dead: -unnamed-
    2G: The Silver Orphan ___
    3G: The Silver Griever ___
    4G: The Silver Emptiness ___
    5G: The Silver Hope ___
    6G: The Silver Rebirth ___
    7G: The Silver Joy ___

    (___ = name from code. I name all of my dragons from their codes.)