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Will breed for requests, trades, and lineage swaps

Check out my scroll and highlighted lists for my lineages and CB

* Naming is always done before first breeding


Catch a 2nd gen or checker holiday from my scroll?

PM me! I am usually willing to breed a mate (or sibling to trade for a mate)


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    If I owe you anything for breeding, please PM me. As I can go long stretches away from DC, I sometimes need a reminder, especially for holiday breeding.

    I'm willing to breed on request (trade, gift, or lineage swap). My scroll is visible and my highlighted groups are fairly explanatory. I have other groups for things like checkers (3rd gen or higher) that I can link if you ask.

    I am also willing to consider trades that offer non-egg items such as art for egg/s.

    ☆ THANK YOU ☆

    IOUs and Gifts

    Introduction: I was born and raised in a small town in the southern US and moved to the east coast as an adult to be closer to friends. I have a cat named Danny (after a character in Dumbing of Age) and albino sand boa named Lily (for her color). Danny is an almost metalic gray color and a total love bug, but he also alerts when I'm about to get sick and tries to help when he can. He's a good boy. ^_^

    I have a lot of hobbies. Reading is a big one. I will read anything from published fiction (Where The Red Fern Grows, Memoirs of a Geisha, Across the Universe...) to fanfiction to web comics (Dumbing of Age, Questionable Content, Girl Genius, Adventures of God, Gloomverse, Homestuck,...). I even wrote my own Sanders Side fanfiction called The Hidden Rose! I also have an idea for a dragon cave fanfiction that I eventually want to try and write (not gonna lie, it would be cool if the story ended up inspiring an artist). I also love YouTube (Thomas Sanders, Game/Film Theory, Simon's Cat, Philip DeFranco, P.M. Seymour, Try Guys, College Humor, jacksepticeye, HISHE, The Stupendium, Kurt Hugo Schneider, darkmatter2525, Coleydoesthings, TryHardNinja...), playing video games (Skyrim, Sims 3, Undertale, Kingdom Hearts, The Last of Us,...), and watching TV (iZombie, Lucifer, The Good Doctor, The Good Place, Last Man on Earth, This Is Us, Orville, One Punch Man, My Hero Academia, Graviry Falls, Steven Universe, Star vs The Forces of Evil,...).

    I got into dragon cave after my friend Katty0 introduced me to it, later meeting my wonderful friend PokemonFan13 on the forums. We are all still super close and are see each other (in person) once a week.

    DC wise, I'm mostly into holiday lineages, especially checkers. I have a soft spot for Moonstone because they were my first egg. Some of my other favorites include skywing, aqualis, nebula, almerald, seasonal, hellfire, horse, lunar harrold (especially the silver), avatar of creation, floret, pillow, ice, water horse, the various xeno, pipio pygmies, ember, sunset, sunsong, and day glory drake. My favorite holidays include shadow walker, snow angel, solstice, aegis, grave, mistletoe, omen wyrm, heartstealing, arsani, radiant angel, soulstone, wrapped wing, lurker, and caligene.