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Looking for a 2nd gen Summer from M Bronze Tinsel for him! Willing to breed/hatch/catch things in return, please PM me. :3

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    Germany (Cave +6h)
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    Extended profile page: https://sites.google.com/site/dcimago/


    I can breed other (holiday) mates in return. I also have some Metallic and Prize lineages that could be interesting for you. See here for a list of interesting lineages I can breed: https://sites.google.com/site/dcimago/collection

    - 3rd gen Azure Glacewing (M) x Marrow (F) for 8RrsJ
    - 3rd gen Purple Ridgewing (M) x Marrow (F) for xFky2

    - 3rd gen Winter Magi x Gaia for 0J278
    - 3rd gen pacified Aegis x Silver Lunar for 4C5xf

    - 3rd gen Diamondwing x Rosebud for pd0bd
    - 3rd gen Tan Ridgewing x Rosebud for kz1E9, unrelated to QY449

    - 3rd gen Silver Tinsel (M) x Deep Sea (F) for 4zSIB
    - 3rd gen Green Copper (M) x Silver Tinsel (F) for gpyRS

    (Also see group 70381)


    IOU/GIFT NOTES: https://sites.google.com/site/dcimago/ious