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dorsal You've got to ask yourself one question: "Do I feel lucky?" Well, do ya, punk?

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    In the Whole Sort of General Mish Mash
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    Nocturne icon courtesy of Shokomon.

    If something on my scroll interests you, PM me and I'll breed it for you.

    If you're feeling generous and have the means, I like common checker lineages. Not so interested in holiday checkers - holidays are busy enough! Prefer ancestors who are not named "l i k e t h i s"

    CB stuff wish list:
    - baikala
    - gold: female
    - neglected: male, female
    - red copper: male
    - blue gemshard
    - gold lunar herald
    - silver lunar herald: male
    - indigo lunar herald: female
    - script
    - winter seasonal
    - astrapi xenowyrm
    - gaia xenowyrm
    - mageia xenowyrm
    - coast zyumorph
    - desert zyumorph
    - forest zyumorph
    - jungle zyumorph

    Messy stuff for freezing:
    - baikala (blue s1, blue f)
    - black (regular m, sitting alt s1, sitting alt s2)
    - copper (brown s1, red s1, red f)
    - fell (m)
    - harvest (f)
    - honey drake (m)
    - neglected (s1, f, m, u)
    - omen wyrm (s1, f, m)
    - pink (m)
    - seawyrm pygmy (s1)
    - setsong (s1)
    - silver (s1)
    - soulstone (s1, s2)
    - spinel wyvern (alt s1)
    - terrae (s1)
    - tsunami wyvern (f)
    - yulebuck (s2)
    - zyumorph (alpine s1, coast s1, coast s2, jungle s1, jungle s2)

    Always seeking dragons with codes that look like "tabs" and CB standard dragons with naughty codes (or a descendant of a CB pair).

    Thanks to everyone who has been so kind with your gifts!

    Checker list: http://bit.ly/2eqnoqF (Checker Database Center)

    Purebred list (grandparents, etc. may also belong to me):
    N85Be - Anagallis 4G
    ElWTi - Antarean 4G
    sbW5J - Black 4G with alt 2G
    8JEJa - Black 4G with alt 2G
    tF8mz - Black tea 5G
    n6sXt - Blacktip 3G
    yrMcF - Black marrow 5G
    LLqPg - Copper (brown) 5G
    grPoL - Copper (red) 4G
    DXVMd - Dark green 3G with alt 2G
    u4OAu - Dark myst pygmy 7G
    F1A0e - Fever wyvern 4G
    GX9hC - Geode 3G
    U31oN - Geode 4G
    7Aszy - Golden wyvern 6G (imperfect)
    sEE6W - Hellhorse 5G
    fgg0L - Howler drake, inbred stair 10G
    gDJi2 - Magi 3G
    mWtpm - Magi 4G
    wMRUk - Monarch 4G
    HSHCA - Pink 4G
    2HkO8 - Pink 4G
    tBdg0 - Plated colossus 3G
    ReYzM - Pumpkin 5G
    GwGFl - Red 4G
    QsrvW - Red 4G
    gh3Qv - Royal crimson 4G
    WmMZV - Seasonal (autumn & summer) 3G
    yV7Ei - Seasonal (spring) 4G
    tDMWG - Seasonal (autumn winter spring summer) 5G
    c0boU - Shadow walker 4G
    VxylK - Shallow water 4G
    tGZQq - Silver 4G
    25Jnb - Soulpeace 4G
    icx1v - Split 5G
    QebQJ - Split, Thuwed stair 4G
    Lsi76 - Speckle-throated 3G
    s9KL2 - Storm-rider 3G
    bZnGE - Storm-rider 3G
    ayNNc - Striped (all white) 4G
    V7t6v - Striped (white black red) 4G
    317NG - Two-finned bluna, 4G
    eJQ98 - Ultraviolet 4G
    StoV9 - Undine, all green 6G
    lN5Z9 - Undine 4G with alt 2G
    9oKx8 - Yellow-crowned 5G

    Magikarp gif from https://www.pkparaiso.com/xy/sprites_pokemon.php