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    Hyperbole? I know hyperbole! I use it ALL THE TIME!


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dorsal You've got to ask yourself one question: "Do I feel lucky?" Well, do ya, punk?

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    Nocturne icon courtesy of Shokomon.

    If something on my scroll interests you, PM me and I'll breed it for you.

    If you're feeling generous and have the means, I like common checker lineages and stairstep prizes. Not so interested in holiday checkers - holidays are busy enough!

    CB stuff wish list:
    - baikala
    - gold: female
    - neglected: male, female
    - green copper: female
    - red copper: male
    - blue gemshard
    - spessartine pyralspite
    - gold lunar herald
    - silver lunar herald: male
    - indigo lunar herald: female
    - script
    - winter seasonal
    - astrapi xenowyrm
    - chrono xenowyrm
    - gaia xenowyrm
    - mageia xenowyrm
    - coast zyumorph
    - desert zyumorph
    - forest zyumorph
    - jungle zyumorph

    Messy stuff for freezing:
    - baikala (blue s1, blue f)
    - black (regular m, sitting alt s1, sitting alt s2)
    - carina (m)
    - copper (brown s1, red s1, red f)
    - dino (yellow s2)
    - fell (m)
    - fire gem (green m)
    - harvest (f)
    - honey drake (m)
    - neglected (s1, f, m, u)
    - pink (m)
    - seawyrm pygmy (s1)
    - setsong (s1)
    - silver (s1)
    - snow (s1, s2)
    - soulstone (s1, s2)
    - spinel (alt s1, alt s2)
    - terrae (s1)
    - tsunami wyvern (f)
    - witchlight (s1)
    - yulebuck (s2)
    - zyumorph (alpine s1, coast s1, coast s2, forest s2, jungle s1, jungle s2)

    Always seeking dragons with codes that look like "tabs" and CB standard dragons with naughty codes

    Thanks to everyone who has been so kind with your gifts!

    Checker list: http://bit.ly/2eqnoqF (Checker Database Center)

    Purebred list:
    N85Be - Anagallis 4G
    ElWTi - Antarean 4G
    sbW5J - Black 4G with alt 2G
    tF8mz - Black tea 5G
    n6sXt - Blacktip 3G
    nESlP - Black marrow 4G
    yrMcF - Black marrow 5G
    LLqPg - Copper (brown) 5G
    YvBle - Copper (red) 3G
    grPoL - Copper (red) 4G
    DXVMd - Dark green 3G with alt 2G
    u4OAu - Dark myst pygmy 7G
    F1A0e - Fever wyvern 4G
    GX9hC - Geode 3G
    U31oN - Geode 4G
    7Aszy - Golden wyvern 6G (imperfect)
    10820 - Hellhorse 4G
    C5nu7 - Hellhorse 4G
    sEE6W - Hellhorse 5G
    fgg0L - Howler drake, inbred stair
    gDJi2 - Magi 3G
    mWtpm - Magi 4G
    wMRUk - Monarch 4G
    HSHCA - Pink 4G
    2HkO8 - Pink 4G
    tBdg0 - Plated colossus 3G
    z6Ea5 - Pumpkin 4G
    ReYzM - Pumpkin 5G
    GwGFl - Red 4G
    gh3Qv - Royal crimson 4G
    A25q3 - Seasonal (spring) 3G
    yV7Ei - Seasonal (spring) 4G
    Kmjgg - Seasonal (fall winter spring summer) 4G
    tDMWG - Seasonal (fall winter spring summer fall) 5G
    c0boU - Shadow walker 4G
    VxylK - Shallow water 4G
    tGZQq - Silver 4G
    25Jnb - Soulpeace 4G
    ayNNc - Striped, all white 4G
    Lsi76 - Speckle-throated 3G
    s9KL2 - Storm-rider 3G
    bZnGE - Storm-rider 3G
    dCHvo - Two-headed 3G
    xgkpj - Two-headed 4G
    icx1v - Two-headed 5G
    QebQJ - Two-headed, Thuwed stair
    317NG - Two-finned bluna, 4G
    eJQ98 - Ultraviolet 4G
    StoV9 - Undine, all green 6G
    lN5Z9 - Undine 4G with alt 2G
    9oKx8 - Yellow-crowned 5G

    Magikarp gif from https://www.pkparaiso.com/xy/sprites_pokemon.php