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Holiday breeding spreadsheets

I breed for free. Holiday checkers are my specialty.

Scroll goals: 125/335 breeds completed as of 2/12/21

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    Arizona, USA
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    Scroll goals:
    5 male and 5 female CB of each breedable dragon for which that is possible
    5 male and 5 female low gen or nice line of each hybrid and breed-only alt
    Maxed out limited CB holidays and GoN (Completed)
    10 each of Cheese, Paper, Chicken, and Vampire (10m/10f for vamps)
    One of each dino (Completed)
    One of each Neglected
    Full set of each Zombie (m/f adults, m/f hatchlings, s1 hatchlings)
    Full set of all possible frozen hatchlings except GoN

    I have completed these goals for:
    Albino, anagallis, antarean, aranoa, aria, arsani, azure glacewing, teimarr, bluebanded, bbw, brimstone, canopy, celestial, cloudplume, coastal waverunner, deepsea, dorsal (purple), electric, erador, flamingo, floral-crowned, freckled, geode, tangar, green, guardian, GoN, harvest, heartseeker, heartstealing, holly, yulebuck, snow angel, ribbon dancer, winter magi, wrapping-wing, solstice, mistletoe, aegis, snow, garland, starsinger, wintertide, hooktalon, horse, lacula, mint, monarch, moonstone, mutamore, nocturne, pillow, plated colossus, purple, pyrovar, radiant angel, red, ridgewing (purple), rosebud, royal blue, sakuhana, shallow water, skywing, soulstone, spitfire, spotted greenwing, storm, striped river, sunstone, swallowtail, sweetling, terrae, trihorn, turpentine, val 09, vampire, water walker, water horse, yellow crowned, and dinos (all colors)