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Holiday breeding spreadsheets

Coming out of a forum hiatus. If you requested an egg from me and still need it, please re-send your message.


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    Scroll goals:
    5 male and 5 female CB of each breedable dragon for which that is possible
    5 male and 5 female low gen or nice line of each hybrid and breed-only alt
    Maxed out limited CB holidays and GoN (Completed)
    10 each of Cheese, Paper, Chicken, and Vampire (5m/5f for vamps)
    One of each dino (Completed)
    One of each Neglected
    Two of each Zombie (m/f pairs)
    Full set of all possible frozen hatchlings except GoN

    I have completed: Dinos, limited CB holidays, GoN, antarean, guardian, red, trihorn, and water horse. I have a very long way to go.