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ScrollHoliday breeding spreadsheetsPlease don't add my dragons anywhere. I've raised nearly 3,000 all on my lonesome. I know what I'm doing.69e39s.jpg

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    Holiday lineages are my specialty, especially checkers! Here are some of the holiday mates I'm seeking:
    -4g holly from female black
    -3g yule from albino
    -3g ribbon from gray
    -3g wrapping from shadow
    -4g wrapping from flamingo
    -3g mistletoe from bluebanded/deepsea/green gemshard
    (can bloodswap for deepsea and gemshard)
    -2g aegis from green
    -2 messy aegis hatchlings to freeze

    -2g white from holly
    -2g gold from yulebuck
    -2g silver tinsel from yulebuck
    -3g deepsea from yulebuck
    -3g gray from yulebuck
    -3g gray from tricolor snow angel
    -3g gold wyvern from wrapping
    -2g silver shimmer from solstice

    In return I can breed almost anything from my scroll. You can see all my holiday lines [url=https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1qFR2xlH_RYYWLP7FxrwxgHyJnw4RvH8PQLzSU-dR9_c/edit?usp=sharing]here[/url]. Christmas, Valentine's Day, and Halloween all have their own pages. I take IOUs.