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Naming, after parents.

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My two CB Striped dragons get their names from the lyrics a Poets of the Fall song called Sleep, which I've always been quite fond of. Specifically this part:


"And you need to heal
The hurt behind your eyes
Fickle words crowding your mind "


I always knew it was a possibility someone would recognize the song from the parents' names, but never did I imagine that their very first child would get named "Fickle Vision" seemingly in direct reference to another part of the same song. Made me super happy when I noticed it. 😄

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Dude we should start a breeding group for this, that would be so much fun. Just breeding and trading around eggs within a group and naming them after their parents. That would be fun XD it would encourage naming too.

I don't think anyone has ever named my dragon children after their parents ;-; 

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I usually try to name my dragons in a theme with their parents unless I've got something specific in mind.


I've seen some lovely names derived from some of my holiday dragons in particular, but Anu That Which Hides Inside is my absolute favorite. The parents names are a mouthful, but I named them to be a pair and seeing one of their babies in particular with a name keeping along was so thrilling.


My other favorite is this little guy though, since he's in reverse. I named the parents after the baby. 🤣

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