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    Faraway and long ago
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    I'm dealing with some RL issues right now, and am not on as much as normal. If I have promised to breed something for you, shoot me a pm when you have space. I am still checking them several times a day, and will breed and send you a link. <3

    Also, if you happen to find the Verdigris egg from Magi Balthazar and Sierrita Mine in the AP, and are so disposed, I can breed other eggs for its return. <3

    ~~~ Please Do NOT Click My Babies! ~~~

    Scroll total on July 16th, 2015 is 5002 Dragons, with 21 hatchlings, 242 Frozens, 4738 Adults, and 1 Leetle Tree. There are also 14 Zombies, but they like to hide.

    ~~~ Please Do NOT Click My Babies! ~~~

    I am trying to raise as many of my dragons as possible with ZERO clicks. If you wish to view my scroll, please resist the urge to click on my babies. Contrary to popular belief, they only need views (v/uv) to grow up healthy. You can click on them all you want AFTER they become adults, but please don't touch my eggs or growing hatchlings!

    Current total: 1814 Adults grown with 0 Clicks! (as of 10/6/15) :)
    I do hold the DC record for 0 Click adults. :D

    Thank you! and ~~~ Please Do NOT Click My Babies! ~~~

    ~~~~ CB Scroll Completion Goals ~~~~

    Level One goals are 1 breeding pair of every available breed, and are almost complete since I still need one male Spessartine! :-D

    Level Two will take it to four CB pairs of each breed. Most (but not all) of my commons have already reached this level. I REALLY need to make this list now. XD

    With my recent absence, I am trying to catch up releases I missed, Carmine Wyverns, Cassares, Blue Bandeds, Undines and the Pyralspites.
    Unfortunately there is no way for me to get the Desipis, Mistletoes or Heart Stealers that I missed. I guess I'm lucky that there were so few regular releases last year.

    ~~~~~~~~~ Anytime List ~~~~~~~~~

    CB Royal Crimson ~ as many as possible! <3
    CB Coppers
    CB Anagallis
    CB Two-headed Lindwurms
    2nd gen babies of any breed with one Frill parent.
    2nd gen babies of any breed with one Marrow parent.
    CB Stripes and 2nd gens of all colors.
    CB Gold
    CB Black
    CB Silver
    CB Brutes
    CB Colossae
    CB Duotones
    CB Magmas
    CB Nocturnes
    CB Pyropes and Spessartines
    CB Reds
    CB Red-finned Tidals
    CB Royal Blues
    CB Undines
    CB Xenowyrms
    Cheese, Paper and all the darling Chickens!

    A 2nd gen Holly with a Frill parent would be a dream come true!
    A 2nd gen from Royal Crimson or Marrow would be amazing, too! <3

    2nd or 3rd gen Tinselkin or Shimmerkin of any breeds. <3

    ~~~~~~~ Description Notes ~~~~~~~

    Many of my dragons have approved descriptions, but MANY more need to be written. If you're looking for the story on a specific dragon, and I haven't written it yet, let me know. I don't bite. Usually...

    ~~~~~~~~~~ Lineages ~~~~~~~~~~

    Thuweds, Dorkfaces, Peppermint Effect, Star Trek, Red Dwarf, Whovian, Python and Even Lineages are always welcome, but I do not generally collect inbreds. While I do have a few on my scroll, any inbreds will be either frozen, abandoned or released. I have Zombified or Vamped some. I also have a few descendants of Zombies. <3

    ~~~~~~~~~ My Projects ~~~~~~~~~

    I am working with several breed-specific projects, including the Verdant Mint Garden, (with 215+ Mints and Peppermints currently in the Garden) my Stargate collection, Pirates! and my Paris/Klingon Dorsal lines.
    I intend to develop some Vulcan Logic lines as well, starting with my White Dragons, and will be working on the large Music of the Nocturnes project in the future.
    The Dawn Allies are my Pink/Purple staircase line, where I am currently waiting for my 10th gen pink.
    Frill Base is an even-gen project using 2nd gens with one CB Frill parent.
    42 from 42 is a little Mint collection, consisting of pretty little Mints bred by FortyTwo. Current total is 31 of 42. <3 (Thank you, both to Sock and silver_chan for your assistance!)
    The Red Carpet Project is the PB Red lines EG I am planning.
    The Crimson Horde is also beginning to develop. :D

    Support your local Pepperminties! <3

    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You to the Anonymous donor who gifted me my first Holly! <3<3<3<3<3

    ~~~~~~~~Breeding Notes~~~~~~~~~

    For Laura-Lana, a 4th gen Summer with Autumn base! (JMA pair) - Completed! :D
    For fb - The Shadow/Ming Mystery and Shadow of Halloween Past/Ming History are committed for Halloween 2015. - Completed! :D
    Gold with Winter Mage, Heartseeker with Brimstone
    Spiteful Crow - code breeding
    For rrattts - breeding for 2nd gen Golds.
    For st9541524 - 4 CB Xenos - Completed! :-)

    ~~~~~~~~~Trading Notes~~~~~~~~~~

    I usually just use the teleport links to make or receive offers. Also, when I offer on eggs that require a specific gender because of its lineage, I will cancels my offers if the egg goes below 3d1h. I can't use the egg if it can't be properly influenced.

    ~~~~~~~ A Bit of Draggerel ~~~~~~~

    with thanks to Syphoniera for the title inspiration!

    For these Poets who know it
    I give a great cheer,
    and find we all have
    a kinship so dear.

    It's dragons that bind us,
    Dragons that rule-
    We collect and we hoard
    and breed - all so cool!

    One or two of each
    A goal I can reach,
    Or just three, maybe four,
    Well, I'd like a few more.

    It starts with a Staircase
    or an Even-Gen,
    A pretty lineage grabs you -
    And then...

    I don't know how,
    but I've built an army
    of beautiful dragons
    that completely surround me!

    ~ dragongrrl 4 June 2011

    Special thank yous go to skauble, Amazon_Warrior, ainisarie, girlgamerjen, missy, Wiz, TCA, Mysthunter, Mystic Halo, Shroomlet, olympe, _Z_, rubyshoes, Ruby Eyes, Pteprocks, oddsoxi, yosofine, tjekan, Evolette, fuzzbucket, purplehaze, Lagie, FortyTwo, Imbecamiel, Haki, Doublelift, shadesofchaos and all the rest of the truly wonderful Cave folk who do amazing things when no one else is watching! I do love this community and all you good hearts out there. <3

    I bow to Lythiaren, Goddess of Corn, and pray for the return of the Frills! <3

    ...and always, thank you, Sock, for being you! <3