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    "When words fail, Music speaks"
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"We are the music makers. And we are the dreamers of the dreams." - Willy Wonka

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    Deep in the Subsistence Wilderness
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    ~*~IOU Info~*~
    - I make a promise to uphold all my IOUs.
    - If I haven't sent a message with your owed dragon feel free to send me a reminder, most likely my dragons are being stubborn.
    - If my signal at home cuts out all current IOUs will be on hold until it's fixed, unless its a holiday in which case I will try to get your Holiday dragon to you, but I can't make any promises.
    - I have ADHD, and memory isn't one of my strengths. All I ask is for patience and understanding. And do not be afraid to send gentle pokes. I don't bite. :)

    More CB Stats, Golds and Silvers
    Perfect checkers of male Golden Florets x female Caligenes
    Perfect checkers of male Holly x female golds
    Perfect checkers of male silvers x female golds
    Perfects checkers of Male Stats x Female Aria

    ~*~Breeding Requests~*~
    Yes, I take breeding requests and any dragons on my scroll are open for requests. All I ask for is patience. Sometimes my dragons will not produce eggs right away or they may produce the opposite egg of the one you wish for. But I will breed them to you.

    ~List of IOUs~
    60 Olive hatchies to rratts for CB Gold. Current count: (24/60)

    Breed 'Burnt To a Crisp' and 'Nightmare Night' for Fabula during the Halloween breeding season.

    OneWingedWolf - 4G Gold from Brazen Disregard x Radiant Dawn Glow

    If I owe you a dragon and you do not see it listed here, please PM me. I may have simply forgotten and need a friendly reminder. ^_^

    I am PM Friendly. ^_^
    ♫ ♪