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⇷Virtually inactive, but sticking around for the art. PM me about Rogue if you wish.⇸


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    Someplace with slightly fewer poisonous animals than Australia.
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    I won a CB Silver Shimmer with the code (Rogue)!
    The beautiful badge is by zaverxi!
    All of Rogue's mates so far: Disprove, Nu Disco, Seconds Away, Rameses B, Electric Atlantic, Stickup, Stonebank, New Style, Bustre, and Spection.

    Rogue's prize list is CLOSED! Do not PM me about prizes! Prizefail list is CLOSED!
    How To Get On List:
    PM me with what you want (Prize or Prizefail), and what mate you want (please no super new dragons and I'll tell you if I have the mate). If I don't have it, I'll try to work out a trade. I'd love to get a CB Verdigris Copper, a CB Silver, or a prizeswap. I accept IOUs!
    If you asked before and my list was closed, please feel free to ask again!

    ------- Rogue's List -------
    :::I have 2 people on the list so I can switch out if one pairing isn't giving shinies. After I get a shiny, I'll add the next person.:::

    ^^^^^^^Currently Breeding^^^^^^^
    1. Myself (from Albino)
    2. Myself (from Gold)

    ^^^^^^^Prizefail List^^^^^^^
    2. tjenni (another?)
    3. Sister of the Dragon

    ^^^^^^^Waitlist (Will Be Bred Soon)
    *Mysterrie (waiting for response)

    1. Thunder (4 Shimmers, 3 fails)
    2. Tsunami (1 Shimmer, 1 fail)
    3. Waterhorse (1 Shimmer, 2 fails)
    4. Sunsong (2 Shimmers, 1 fail)
    5. GoN (2 Shimmers, 3 fails)
    6. Chrono Xenowyrm (1 Shimmer, 4 fails)

    If you own one of these prizes, I'd love to prize swap with you!
    Gold Tinsel:
    Silver Tinsel:
    Bronze Tinsel:
    Gold Shimmer:
    Silver Shimmer:
    Bronze Shimmer:

    Thank you list: These are amazing people!
    Psycho Cat, for the spirit Pokemon badge and the Pokemon fusion!
    MessengerDragon, for getting me RAs!
    banban007, zaverxi, and Red2111, for breeding prize lines for me!
    zaverxi again, for the beautiful Rogue badge!
    Sister of the Dragon, for returning my auto'd prize!

    If my scroll is filled with tombstones, it's probably zombie fodder for Halloween. If it's filled with shells, it's probably ND experiments. I have been known to do these things.

    My holiday checkers:
    F Grave x M Pillow
    M Desipis x F Red Nebula
    F Desipis x M Seragamma

    F Solstice x M Red
    F Mistletoe x M Ice
    *Synditrix is helping.
    M Aegis x F Gold Lunar Herald

    F Heartstealer x M Lumina (2G Heartstealer)
    M Mutamore x F Royal Blue (CB Mutamore)

    I'm working on a PB Moonstone lineage. Collecting CBs, because I want this to be a single-scroll project. I'll accept any that come my way. I'm currently up to 5th gen!
    This lineage is the longest PB Moonstone lineage in DC Records! (Technically, there wasn't one before, so it's the only!)

    I'll accept CB eggs if you can tell me exactly what time you got them. I'd use them for Neglected Experiments.

    For my own notes:
    Prizes sent to shadesofchaos (x2), linda3.0, synditrix, MizuJakkaru, Labyrinthian,