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My Scroll! I sign description comments as Storm.

Looking for PB EG Flamingos to bloodswap! I can match anything up to 7th gen. Also willing to breed other things in exchange.


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    Alright, this is kind of a long shot, but my absolute dream would be to find a double-Z coded CB Red Dorsal male. (Both "z"s at the beginning of the code, upper or lowercase.)

    Would also love MBTI/enneagram related codes, especially INTJ or 5w6 ones.

    PB EG Flamingos! I'm willing to bloodswap up to 7th gen.

    Any code that resembles "Storm" (sT0rm, 3Torm, etc.)
    Information about Flamingos:
    As of June 2017, I am able to breed purebred EG Flamingos of any generation up to 7th.
    Most flamingos from my scroll are named in this format:
    (code) - (####) - (mixed character I.D.)
    jm0xJ - 0225 - AP6E
    If you have a dragon with one of these in its lineage, it's related to my Flamingos.
    Otherwise, PM me? :)
    If I've left a comment on one of your descriptions, feel free to PM me if you have questions or feedback! I'm not on the forums often, so it may take me a while to get back to you, but I'd be glad to help proofread or edit descriptions. Otherwise, check out the Description Force thread - there's plenty of people there who can help, too.
    A few headcanons about scrolls and dragons:
    As far as I know, it hasn't been explained how different scrolls relate to one another. Different users have different ideas, as seen in descriptions - whether each scroll represents one giant, literal cave, or an area of land, or something else entirely; whether the scroll owner lives with the dragons, or raises them by hand, or is heard of only in legend.
    Here's how I deal with various things in my descriptions:

    - Scrolls:
    Each scroll is a distinct landscape - a massive area of land. Dragons on different scrolls interact only rarely.
    Each realm is referred to as a Cave, named such because the dome of the sky resembles the wall of an enormous cave.

    - Scroll Owners:
    Each Cave has a Keeper, a being that records the dragons that live in its Cave. I haven't described Keepers much in descriptions, as very few dragons are aware of their existence. Each Keeper has a Scroll, on which the dragons are listed. Dragons of a more theological nature might wonder if the keeper is a sort of deity, and whether their actions precede the recording or if the writing of the Keeper causes their actions. The things written on the scroll always reflect reality- whether or not those things were reality before they were written. (Keepers are pretty similar to the Marvel universe's Watchers.) http://dragcave.net/lineage/S3Ocz has a description of mine involving Scrolls, Keepers, and the reason some dragons have descriptions while others do not.