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My Scroll! I sign description comments as Storm. Wishlist

I'm looking for PB EG Flamingos to bloodswap! I can match anything up to 8th gen. Also willing to breed other things in exchange.
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    Wishlist: (Full list linked in signature)
    Alright, this is kind of a long shot, but my absolute dream would be to find a double-Z coded CB Red Dorsal male. (Both "z"s at the beginning of the code, upper or lowercase.)

    PB EG Flamingos! I'm willing and able to bloodswap up to 8th gen.

    Any code that resembles "Storm" (sT0rm, 3Torm, etc.), "Astra" (4stra, A5tra....), "Jacks", "Texas", or "SFASU"

    Information about Flamingos:
    As of April 2021, I am able to breed purebred EG Flamingos of any generation up to and including 8th gen.
    Most flamingos from my scroll are named in this format:
    (code) - (####) - (mixed character I.D.)
    jm0xJ - 0225 - AP6E
    If you have a dragon with one of these in its lineage, it's related to my Flamingos.
    Otherwise, PM me? :)
    If I've left a comment on one of your descriptions, feel free to PM me if you have questions or feedback! I'm not on the forums often, so it may take me a while to get back to you, but I'd be glad to help proofread or edit descriptions. Otherwise, check out the Description Force thread - there's plenty of people there who can help, too.
    A few headcanons about scrolls and dragons:
    As far as I know, it hasn't been explained how different scrolls relate to one another. Different users have different ideas, as seen in descriptions - whether each scroll represents one giant, literal cave, or an area of land, or something else entirely; whether the scroll owner lives with the dragons, or raises them by hand, or is heard of only in legend.
    Here's how I deal with various things in my descriptions:

    - Scrolls:
    Each scroll is a distinct landscape - a massive area of land. Dragons on different scrolls interact only rarely.
    Each realm is referred to as a Cave, named such because the dome of the sky resembles the wall of an enormous cave.

    - Scroll Owners:
    Each Cave has a Keeper, a being that records the dragons that live in its Cave. I haven't described Keepers much in descriptions, as very few dragons are aware of their existence. Each Keeper has a Scroll, on which the dragons are listed. Dragons of a more theological nature might wonder if the keeper is a sort of deity, and whether their actions precede the recording or if the writing of the Keeper causes their actions. The things written on the scroll always reflect reality- whether or not those things were reality before they were written. (Keepers are pretty similar to the Marvel universe's Watchers.) http://dragcave.net/lineage/S3Ocz has a description of mine involving Scrolls, Keepers, and the reason some dragons have descriptions while others do not.