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Naming, after parents.

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I love it when people carry on the naming theme! I don't have specific suffixes but I tend to create patterns here and there. I usually do carry on suffixes as well, or incorporate the parent's name once in a while if I like it. All my CB Blacks have the word Nox in their name, and quite a few of their AP released offsprings to do!

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Super-late reply here, but this is one of mine! FYI, Vanesse-Firin is my code for "pretty deadline." I'm glad you like the name! I name after parents all the time and it's good to know that people notice it and appreciate it =)


Some of my frozen hatchies have odd names because of this, like Johnny Be Cool and Cookie Wizard. But some of my favorite and most creative names come from it, like Pocket Full of Silvery Light (named after her grandparents) , Noro Lim Asfaloth, and Camelot By Moonlight (also named after his grandparents).

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Probably judgemental, but after renaming all neotropicals 6 times after the offspring followed the pattern, you'd think they get it finally.

Don't abandon or trade your dragons then, and only give them to people who you can trust to not name their dragons after yours. I can tell you that if a breeder renamed their dragons, even up to six times, it would still never occur to me that they didn't like me naming my dragons after their parents. I would just assume that the breeder had an RP that changed, or decided on a new naming scheme, or something like that, that necessitated the change in names.


I like in when people name their dragons after mine, and try to do likewise if the breeder has a scheme going (although I try to do it different enough so that I don't 'take' any names that they are planning on using)



Example http://dragcave.net/lineage/PPxGq The parents are minor characters in Steven Brust's Dragaeran series, one of my favorite fantasy series, and probably the breeder's as well. Mind, Aleira is not Rollander's daughter in the series (that would be Morrollan) but since it gendered female that's the name I chose. The III at the end indicates generation and makes it easy for the breeder to use the Aleira e'Keiron name.


Example of someone naming their dragons after mine: http://dragcave.net/progeny/AS01m Neither of the named progeny are mine, but the names fit their parent's xd.png

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Ima start a theme. I got a mate for a future generation already... I don't want it to be messy though. I already got a pair.

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I would never notice if someone changed my dragon's parent's name's, I'd just think I didn't remember right. (Yes, my memory is that bad!) I think it's kinda cool if someone continues the naming scheme, it shows that they care about your offspring. Of course, most of the time I don't recognise any patterns because I do not know of what you are speaking. I would hope that if you totally hated a name you would write a pm and ask gently for them to change it. (Not that they are under any obligation to, but they might be nice enough to humour you.)

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I've been trying to get a green egg from a pair of green dragons for quite some time now, and all they've been giving me is geodes. I abandoned a few, and the other day when I checked their offspring, I saw this geode.


What's funny is the translations.


The father (my dragon) is named Waph Tobor Haiyear, which means "Live Life Loud" (named after lyrics from a song.)

The mother (also mine) is named Ulnot Di Wer Edar, or "Cry of the Earth"


The offspring's name translates as "Cry Life"



I love it when people who don't have any idea that I name my dragons in Draconic try to mix the parents' names. It never makes sense.

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I've been amusing myself naming this part of a project after parents. As you can see, I especially had fun when I got a baby from "DOUBLE RAINBOW TIEM". xd.png The other part is all named after parents (or their descriptions) too, but not as humorously.

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This lumina is the offspring of my CB pair that I named You Can't Always and Get What You Want. biggrin.gif

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I really love name of this this one, thanks, Stromboli.

Warning: Two of the names contain minor spoiler from the anime Shingeki no Kyojin wink.gif

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Because of the naming scheme that I've had for years, which is just PG plus a random, 1 word name, it's a little bit harder to name after parents. But when I feel creative I try to combine the parent's names, most recently with little Chobrae and Zaphia.


I've had a couple of dragons named after mine, which makes me super happy! Since the PG stands for Pokegirl I'd rather people not use that, though I figure it's pretty obvious because my user is on the dragons' pages (even if they did I wouldn't care much). Other than that, name my dragons' offspring after their parents all you want! It's really quite an honor biggrin.gif The only one that I can remember being named after one of mine is Rosewing Zilar.

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Well, I'd just spent a while trying to pick out all the things I've named after their parents (turns out it's a huge list because I do this all the time when I pick up non-CBs), and then my browser decided to reload the page for... reasons I have yet to understand.


Ah well. laugh.gif


Here's a list of things that've been named after my dragons, though, as far as I can tell (note to self: Notepad doesn't spontaneously reload, use it more). <3


Shahrivrath x Verdigris Gazelle:

-> Vrathdigris

-> Shahria


Davinath x Dalgaia:

-> Dalvaraia

-> Daliath Nobian

---> Daliant

-> Diallia


Kotanechiku x Flamencar:

-> Flamenchiku

---> Flamedjnoi

---> Flamenoi

---> Djnchiku

-> Nechiku


Chandarmaneth x Tanso:

-> Chandartanso

-> Somaneth


Moshirechiku x Yanardagar:

-> Yanardagar Azhrei


Silvain Iridium x Hzataalar Iridum:

-> Silveriridium


Cygnus Iridum x Llanqha:

-> Iridium Aru'ak

-> Charma Iridium


Rayen Iridium x Patinan:

-> Platino Iri


Fuchsia Berry x Stardust Iridium:

-> Fuchsia Iridium

-> Shimmering Fuchsia


Tonoxin x Ayrana:

-> Toxigenesis

-> Tonorana


Whispered Echo x Ferbanee:

-> Ghostly Echo


For Forty Days x Snow Iridescence:

-> Xae's Daylight Iridescence IV

-> Iridescent Charioteer

-> Four Milliseconds Later

-> Golden Iridescence

-> And Forty Nights

-> Sacrifice Iridescence

-> And Forty Snows


Sugar Iridescence x Snow Iridescence:

-> 2 Pistachio Iridescence


Ivory Iridescence x Cirrus Iridescence:

-> Emerald Iridescence


Andenhorn x Natternholz:

-> Andenholz

-> Natalie Andenholz

-> Vipernest (very clever <3)

-> Natternhorn


Niurur x Kananmuna:

-> Nimuno


Obsidianthorn x A'eevoree:

-> Avoridian


Tar Iridescence x Basalt Iridescence:

-> Emerald Iridescence 3EG PB WBG


Nayak x Ariqa:

-> Nayariqua - Hot Water


Cypress Aru'ak x Lemevethogal:

-> Eucalyptus Aru'ak

-> Aspen Aru'ak

-> 5G Aru'ak Moon's Turpen Lin


Deucalion's Curse x Seagrass:

-> Deucalion Durelen

-> Graygrass

-> Curse of the Seven Seas

-> Fog's Curse

-> Curse of the Sea

-> Zhavanna's Curse


Sigillen x Silverswell:

-> Siglah


Tmppr x dRTTY:

-> Dirty Temper Twofis


*super happy about all of them!* biggrin.gif

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I have a CB pair whose offsprings' lineages look like this. I was quite giddy to find that someone named one of them "Let Me Admire You" and another "My Parents Scare Me". biggrin.gif

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I really love name the of this this one, thanks, Stromboli.

Warning: Two of the names contain minor spoiler from the anime Shingeki no Kyojin wink.gif

Glad you like it. biggrin.gif I was trolling the AP for CB commons that day, and almost threw this guy back before I saw the parents' names. Couldn't help myself after that.


ETA: Now I've gotta search for any of my babies...


I couldn't resist  xd.png



Oh my gosh, I saw that one last time I bred my Crimsons, and I love that little guy. biggrin.gif

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