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If you are interested in doing prize swaps, check my profile!1392945622_siggprizes.png.4035bb97d831509eeebe1cf9f0904201.png


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    Have: CB Male Gold Shimmer

    Will breed Shimmerkins for 2G Venturis from male Gold Shimmer.

    Will breed Shimmer with any CB holiday, in exchange for offspring of any of the pairings below:
    2G from Bronze Shimmer x Starsinger (mate for dragcave.net/lineage/VE3G3)
    2G from Gold Shimmer x Solstice (solstice offspring should be pink)
    2G from Gold Shimmer x Rosebud

    PM if you are interested! I will answer as soon as I see your message, though I sometimes go a few days or weeks without checking the forum (especially outside of holiday events), so I appreciate your patience. 🐥