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My Scroll Lineages, Breeding Requests, IOUs, Shimmer/Tinsel, Wishlist 

Will sell my soul for any variation of the code "BK201". 

I accept IOUs.

"We are smoking dreamers."

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    There may be some mistakes in my posts since I am not a native speaker. I am sorry for any mistakes I make!

    Many thanks to Idwoodcock for the 2nd gen Gold!!

    I will gladly breed my dragons if you need something, just ask^^. I generally make exceptions during holiday times where I'll mainly look for trades for my 2nd gen Holiday dragons.
    I reserve the right to refuse breeding requests in certain cases.
    I won't breed dragons that are involved in on-going lineage projects.
    Please note that my Aegis dragon "Violent Spirit of Christmas" will stay enraged as long as DC exists whereas "Benign Spirit of Christmas Eve" will never be enraged.

    If my inbox is full you can always send me a mail (vanhohenheim77@gmail.com).

    Check the link in my signature to see the most recent IOU and Breeding lists.