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    Don't be careful, be immortal!
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"Treason [in anarchy] is to say: Give me command of your life and I will protect you."

I accept IOUs on my trades; toss me a PM to work one out. ❤️

~Part of the League of Impatient Cave Cleaners~

My sig is self-made and cc-by-nc-sa.

Need something from me? If I'm online at all, I'm here (the OOC channel for my freeform IRC RPG). Just ask for "Neike".

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    While I only rarely post these days, I react to PMs. Give it a try! :) I'm usually prompt.

    // FOGGING: I rarely fog things, but when I do it's typically sunsets/sunrises, or stuff that's mildly over-fed when I'm exploring stat limits, or to delay hatching. I may also hide shinies when not at keyboard and trading them, but this is very rare (mostly because I don't tend to catch shinies). \\
    // EGGSHELLS / TOMBSTONES: All vampire bites or zombie attempts. If I manage to kill something in another way, I'll note it here. \\

    If I'm online at all, you can find me on irc.darkmyst.org, #dataclaw. Ask for Dread (or Neike). (If you do this, please wait a few minutes! I have IRC open all the time and by proxy I page back to it at intervals, I don't watch it constantly. I promise I'm not ignoring you. <3)

    ~~== who I am ==~~

    If you'd like to know who you'll be dealing with if you're interacting with me, I have a little Dragon-Cave-specific write-up here:


    Hopefully that'll give you a rough idea. :)

    ~~== iou's ==~~

    See http://draco.thorngale.net/dump/compilation/iou-history

    ~~== trade policy / wishlist ==~~

    You can see my trade policy (which also contains my wishlist) here: