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scroll / wishlist in profile / --> GMT+1 = cavetime+6, usually online during DC time's afternoonIOU friendly. I take breeding requests for most of my dragons.shoko.pngfiregem.pngValkemarian_Tales_quark_back-idle.gifpersonal lineage projects

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    My husband occasionally plays DC, we have the same ip most of the time. My mum also plays, we only have the same ip once in a while when I'm at her house.

    I do take breeding requests, and I breed most of my dragons for free or for a couple of common hatchies.
    Please keep an egg slot free when you ask me for an egg, or state in your pm when you will have room to accept the egg.

    I usually don't hold eggs longer than 24 h.

    Yay, scroll complete, I have at least one male and one female of each breedable dragon! Thanks a lot to daba555 and Tecca, who are truly awesome and helped me a lot with cb rares :)

    will always trade for:
    cb gold
    cb silver

    have to work on that myself:
    # neglected (f, genderless)
    # zombies

    freezing list
    currently working on those marked with *
    # xenowyrm astrapi (alpine) (s1)
    # valentine '15 heartstealer (s2, s1)
    # neglected (f, u)
    # lunar herald blue (f)
    # halloween '15 Caligene (m, f, s1)
    # christmas '14 Mistletoe (s2, s1)

    for lineage stuff:
    high priority:
    nothing needed at the moment!

    medium - low priority:
    # 2nd gen geodes pb from stone (no priority at the moment, hatchies are welcome)

    Lineages I currently work on:
    # gold-horned tangar x sunstone checker (5th gen, goal is 6th gen, need to do more breeding to get there)
    # pb magi with frill starters (breeding project "discontinued damsels", currently paused)
    # even-gen geode pb from stone (6th gen, goal is 7th but currently paused)

    Lineages I worked on in the past:
    Currently considered as finished:
    # moonstone x royal blue checker (6th gen)
    # pb hellfire (6th gen)
    # even-gen red with male marrow x female red starters (6th gen)
    # moonstone x ice checker (5th gen)

    Thanks to everyone who helped me with lineages!

    list of needed mates
    I especially need help with those marked with *
    Help with metals is also greatly appreciated, I'll breed forever if I try to get those myself with the few cb metals I have >.<
    I'll breed whatever I can in return!

    2nd gen commons from holiday:
    blue nebula from purple nebula x black marrow for INkKA
    black from marrow father for NCTJo
    golden wyvern from marrow mother for HkjZO
    black from marrow mother for eMRMn
    bluesang from marrow father for Xiufj

    white from shadowwalker father for avpPL
    moonstone from shadowwalker mother for hagdk
    purple from female shadowwalker for lWrJb

    male white from Rosebud for n87Wq
    male white from Rosebud for jLlej

    2nd gen rares from commons (needs an update!):
    male thunder from mint for DMaUn

    male silver from moonstone for gTB4d
    female silver from mint for t75hG
    female silver from grey for bdXWj
    female silver or silver prize (haha, like that will happen) from Terra for ORsKT
    female silver from autumn for SLFuG
    female silver from black tea father for za5x5

    male gold from turpentine for R5S34
    male gold from thunder for 1DeiO
    male gold from red nebula for jQ7TG
    female gold from royal crimson for FH5jq
    female gold from royal blue for 2DOxK
    female gold from pink for Uynkn
    male gold from golden wyvern for WdHTr
    female gold from black father for bS7ZK
    male gold from black mother for Trrgn
    male gold from black mother for MmwEA

    other 2nd gen mates:
    female winter from silver for h9aFM
    female golden wyvern from green nebula x GW for 7hPOw
    female pink from old pink x purple for b9b2n
    female black from ice father for V6Erc
    spring from male pink for oLoam
    royal blue from pink male for f5GA2
    male magma from sunstone for zenby
    male ice from sunsong for eM3NB
    male ice from sunset for ImTkI
    male ice from blue nebula for fXkE
    male turpentine from gold father (inverse checker!) for EZuhs
    female green copper from black father for XgfgM

    3rd or higher gen mates needed:
    4th gen ember from male ember x marrow checker for blvun
    mirrored 4th gen marrow x sunstone & ember for jPfSQ
    3rd gen vine from vine x ribbon dancer checker for IyLqI

    3rd gen tan ridgewing from tan ridgewing x pink checker for ysQP4
    4th gen stone from male mint x stone checker for qzrRN
    3rd gen pb thunder for txTr7
    3rd gen male ice from male ice x moonstone checker for XX9Dl
    3rd gen male hellfire from hellfire x GW checker for YBYYt
    3rd gen ember x nebula checker for nuqKc (red in 1st gen, blue in 2nd)

    3rd or higher gen rares needed:
    --> gladly trading for 2nd gens to build those myself!

    3rd gen silver from male silver x striped checker for PGEtD
    3rd gen silver from male silver x royal blue checker for 7pfdB
    3rd gen silver from male silver x red checker for mNBF0
    3rd gen silver from male red x silver checker for ESWpT
    3rd gen silver from male silver x mint checker for NAOkc
    3rd gen male silver from silver x flamingo checker for Y3qUD
    3rd gen male silver from silver x black checker for pJH7A
    3rd gen female silver from balloon x silver checker for L40iQ
    4th gen silver from male silver x tsunami checker for ixSMp
    4th gen silver from male sunsong x silver checker for NcoLf

    3rd gen gold from male striped x gold checker for xpDmb
    3rd gen gold from male gold x skywing checker for g6OUu
    3rd gen gold from male gold x royal blue checker for 3a3hr
    3rd gen gold from male gold x tan ridgewing checker for rmY06
    3rd gen gold from male gold x red checker for kB9Nh

    holiday mates needed:
    3rd gen Val '09 from checker with white for 5n5A4

    3rd gen sweetling from sweetling x pink checker for 9DJMS
    3rd gen sweetling from sweetling x pillow checker for pqSaD
    3rd gen sweetling from sweetling x mint checker for WHJQ2

    2nd gen rosebud from red for QiHku
    2nd gen rosebud from black marrow for thWtM
    3rd gen rosebud from royal blue x rosebud checker for rbfUi

    2nd gen marrow from magma for qqbTM
    2nd gen marrow from female magi for PzeiK
    2nd gen marrow from female magi for 1qJIa
    2nd gen marrow from male magi for q8G29
    2nd gen marrow from male shadowwalker for 8JmCk
    3rd gen male black marrow x ridgewing checker with tan starters and all purple ridgewings in higher gens for GBhr0

    2nd gen shadowwalker from female purple ridgewing for XabKV (alternating checker!)
    2nd gen shadowwalker from female magi for 1jkpO
    2nd gen shadowwalker from male lumina for IXONY
    2nd gen female shadowwalker from grey for 1hmIn
    2nd gen male shadowwalker from vine for VVBFN
    2nd gen mal shadowwalker from black for GDASH
    3rd gen shadowwalker from male shadowwalker x grey checker for QVlTO

    2nd gen cavern lurker from black tea mom (inverse checker!) for h9KqM

    2nd gen yulebuck from winter for qoIdB
    2nd gen snow angel from autumn for ek7Cd
    2nd gen ribbon dancer from sunset for raDF7

    open IOU's/ breeding requests:
    I owe:

    People owe me:

    If I owe you an egg and you can't find it in my IOU list, pm me and remind me of it :)