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Halloween 2012 plans and such

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I was wondering, how slow is the cave during halloween?

It's pretty laggy, almost all the active people are on grabbing eggs. I remember one year, when we only had one cave, that TJ set up several rows of eggs because of the demand. You keep at it though, you will get the eggs you want.

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Trying to make plans for IOUs and swaps.

I have made a trade fo a 2nd gen Marrow x Red, and 2nd gen PB SW Hatchie already, and I am gifting a PB Marrow to a friend.


All I need now are IOUs for:

(1) 2nd gen Male PB Pumpkin

(2) 3rd gen PB Pumpkins

(2) 3rd gen PB Marrows

(1) 2nd gen Marrow x ?

(3) 2nd gen PB Shadow Walkers

(9) 2012 Hatchie IOUs


I have 18 pairs of holidays and scroll ready to trade so numbers match, all I have to do is find people willing to trade and swap.


I'm hoping to catch 7 new eggs on my own, and make 1 adult Zombie.


Grabbing IOUs is the utmost important thing to make the timeline fit when halloween breeding comes.

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Hoping to come across some nice 2nd gen pumpkins; preferably purebred. My main focus after the new release will be zombies. After much failure over the years I finally ended up with a hatchie last year. Hope to finally get an adult....which reminds me.. I need to locate my last year's zombie fodder on my scroll. Plan on letting a few hatchies run out of time and try to revive them so I can use my kill slots for my adults.


I like the idea of a vampire spree after I lock with new eggs. I do believe my vamps will join in on the AP clearing fun.

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Getting ready my zombie fodder. I need male adult and three hatchies.

Getting a mate for my lowly silver.

Getting as many 2012 Halloweens as I can. My cousin who isn't interested in lineages has already offered to give me all Halloweens he catches except for 1. I'm helping him to get his silver trophy. Also hoping that I will manage to get some trades down.

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Greedy as I am, I'm going to keep all of my bred black marrow eggs. The shadow walkers, I might keep one or two but probably will trade some away. And I don't care for pumpkins so I'll probably just chuck mine to the AP or trade. How many new dragons I grab depends on whether I like the egg or not, but the minimum for me will probably be 4 adults, two of each gender.


This year, I'm hoping for two female zombies. One will be named Illia, who's a character of mine and has to be the daughter of two specific dragons, so I'm not really counting on her. The other should be CB and I have the name "Bacterial Contamination" reserved for her. And lots of hatchlings.


I'll schedule my zombie attempts better this year. I'm going to use the method of killing my dragons on maybe 5 PM 14 days before Halloween, getting online before their tombstones disappear on the 31st, revive them, and then I'll have five more kill slots to try by 5 PM. Not sure if it's going to work, but I've read it somewhere here and it sounds logical to me.


I hope the event is as cool as last year. That was tons of fun. smile.gif

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Well, there are two things for me this Halloween - plans and hopes.


Plans: Breeding my two CB marrows (to flamingos again). The two eggs I can keep are already spoken for...

Breed my two 2nd gen marrows (from flamingo parents) to flamingos of the same kind of lineage, creating two 3rd gen checkers and keep them. cool.gif

Breeding my 6 Shadow walkers to something cool - probably golden wyvern for myself, two snow angels for person X and two sweetlings for person Y.

Participate in and complete the coming Halloween Event (like Haunted House, Trick or Treat...)

Hopes: Catching a pumpkin or two or three, preferably with good lineages. (Fourth Halloween is the charm... biggrin.gif)

Probably catching some more marrows or shadow walkers.

Getting 7 of the new dragons for myself.

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- Breed Shadowwalkers to Ices and keep one of each clutch

- Breed Marrows and/or catch some from the AP

- Breed 3rd gen PB Pumpkin to keep and the rest for the AP

- Get male adult zombie (and maybe soemthing special as well)

- catch seven new Halloweens

- Do event, if an event is happening

- Collect IOUs for Halloween hatchlings

- Have fun!


That's about it, and probably similar to what many other players will be up to.

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Hoping to get my hands on some 2nd Gen Halloween, mainly Black Marrows and Shadow Walkers.


Also raising two dragons for possible zombifying.

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I want more pumpkins, they're my absolute fave!! So, you can kill your dragons before Halloween and then try the revive for zombies on Halloween? HUH. By the way, one thing I haven't seen mentioned is that your best chance to revive is in the midnight hour.


I'm a Halloween baby, so I'm taking the day and maybe the ones following off. I plan on catching my quota of the Halloween dragon around midnight so I can do other stuff with my day. ~_^

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What I really need :


I missed the last two halloweens to my great regret. So I would LOVE to get one shadow walker and one black marrow. I'm thinking I'll trade the 2 2nd gen pumpkin eggs I'll breed for one 2nd gen egg of each. Fingers crossed someone wants to trade with me.

Otherwise, of course, as many of the new eggs as I can manage. Hopefully at least a pair.

And lastly I would love to participate in the event this time, I hope it's as much fun as the ones I missed.


What I hope I can get :


A pair of 2nd gen shadow walkers and a pair of 2nd gen black marrows if I'm lucky AP hunting. I hope it's as easy as last valentine's day, but somehow I doubt it.

Maybe an extra pumpkin ? I like them, they're cute.


I'm not interested in the zombies, and I have my fill of vampires. I suppose I could try and make vampires for trade fodder before halloween. I don't know. Do you think people will be interested in trading shadows or marrows for 2nd gen pumpkins ?

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I am preparing for more zombie fodder of course. With all my vampires I'd love to have more zombies. Hoping to capture a lot of new Halloween Eggs (if luck is there) and I will be up at midnight to try for them. I love all the Halloween Dragons from each year. Awesome.

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I'm super excited to get to breed my 2nd Gen Black Marrows this year. They are my absolute favorite dragon in the Cave! I don't know if I want to keep a third gen egg from one or two of them, or just gift them all. Decisions, decisions! I'm a little more ambivalent about breeding the Ghost Walkers. Can't decide if I want to do purebreds like I originally intended, or to breed them with a different type of dragon. Likely I'll decide last minute unless I end up giving someone an IOU for a Ghost Walker PB or otherwise.


I've also got to get some partners for a couple purebred female Black Marrows I got last year. I have an IOU for one ( wub.gif ) and I may just try my luck with catching a second as IOUs make me a bit nervous. Also hoping my husband will save me a 3rd gen egg from one of his pumpkin pairs. I didn't have enough room to get any last year and they are just so cute. I'm not sure he's gotten all the hints I've been dropping... xd.png

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Has anyone ever successfully gotten a Zombie by reviving a Vampire? I'm thinking of trying this since vamps have the kill action available and they could make for some interesting lineages! tongue.gif


Otherwise, I'll be breeding and releasing my past Halloween dragons, catching the new ones, and of course doing any event that TJ has planned for us this year. The anticipation and speculation is always part of the fun!

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I'm going to attempt to grab at least two of the new Halloween dragons and try to raise up some Zombies. xd.png Maybe this time, I will be more lucky in getting a zombie.


Oh, and do the event if there is one. ...and probably breed all my other Halloween dragons.

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Out of all the possible things I can breed I have:

3 PB second gen male pumpkins

4 PB second gen female pumpkins

1 PB third gen male pumpkin

1 PB third gen female pumpkin

1 second gen male pumpkin from female pygmy

2 second gen female pumpkins from male pygmy

1 second gen female pumpkin from female pygmy (misgendered)


3 CB marrow males

3 CB marrow females

1 PB male marrow

1 PB female marrow

2 second gen male marrows from female silvers

1 second gen male marrow from rosebud

1 second gen male glitch marrow from magi


7 CB male shadow walkers

6 CB female shadow walkers


I will be breeding and keeping the glitch marrow x magi (1 slot), both marrow x silver (and swapping one since they will be related)(3 slots), PB marrows (4 slots), all 3 PB pumpkins (7 slots) fourth gen PB pumpkin (8 slots). I also want to catch another second gen PB pumpkin and be able to freeze a pumpkin and a marrow his year (11 slots total). That leaves 3 more slots for the breeding week to go to whatever. I'll probably breed a second gen shadow walker to a magi and keep an egg from the marrow x rosebud pairing and keep a slot open for snagging low time eggs for incubating.


EDIT: Done so far-

glitch marrow, PB marrow, marrow x silver (x1), and 2 freezers (5 total)


To do-

3 PB pumpkins

1 second gen catch

1 4th gen pumpkin

1 shadow walker

1 marrow

(scratch the second silver x marrow)


I have 6 extra hatchlings lined up for this year's release, whatever it will be. I'm not going to be making zombies this year because I was completely discouraged by my complete failure last year.

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I'm wondering if they will have a Jack-O-Lantern looking egg.



All I need is enough eggs to freeze all the hatchies and one Black Marrow to be an adult female (I'll be locked and'll need to pick up one more egg afterwards, but I should be fine).


Honestly, I'm not sure what to do about the new dragons. I want CB adults and lineaged hatchlings, but I also don't want to wait another year to get the sprites. I might just catch the hatchies to freeze this year, then next year catch some more and release the others.


I'm hoping there'll be another event similar to the haunted house this year. Maybe the haunted woods? Or... I just got an idea. xd.png


What if there was a flash game kind of like Slender but instead of Slender there's a faceless White Dragon? It would make sense, actually. Since they're magical, they could start teleporting around. But instead of a flashlight, you have a torch, and instead of batteries it would burn out after a while. And maybe instead of notes there could be journals (like, field journals documenting Slendragon) you can read after you collect them all. And then you get a trophy of the faceless White holding and reading a book. Yeah, that's probably a terrible idea and it's not going to happen anyway. xd.png


Aaaanyway, also got all my mates for the Halloweens planned out and I'm going to breed them on Halloween and drop them. Yay. xd.png


Not trying for Zombies. I just don't want to risk a tombstone when I've never had a dead anything on my scroll before, and I'd like to keep it that way.

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I am going to try for more zombies, and then try to find someone to give my 2g earlier halloween dragon eggs to. Last year I just FFA'd them.


This year I want to try for adult zombies as I only have hatchie ones. xd.png

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I'm hoping to find a female Marrow to mate with my Sweetiling, from Alt Sweet X Marrow. I also hope to get tons of hatchiefodder, as well as a 2nd gen White from a Zombie.

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I'm hoping to get at least 4 Shadow Walkers, 4 Pumpkins, 3 Black Marrows, and 4 of the new release. It's not very likely. I hope there is no lag like the lag when the Black Marrows were released. And I'm going to need to raise some zombie fodder as my only undead is a frozen hatchie.

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Well, other than trying to find good mates for my marrows and pumpkins and shadow walkers, I'm just going to wing it. Hope for the best. I want at least 6 of the new release too.


I have been successful in getting one of my marrows a silver mate though. biggrin.gif

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Well, I'm planning on keeping an egg from each of my shadow walkers (but I could set a time that I'm breeding them and people could haunt the AP for autoabandoned eggs) and I'm going to breed myself a PB 3rd gen (and look for another one so it'll have a mate for the next year).

I have an IOU for the one PB 2nd gen marrow I can breed but my other marrow (which I plan to breed to a red again) and my pumpkins are free. smile.gif So, I'll take a request to gift the remaining dragon eggs.


My plans for the new eggs? Catch 7 and trade for an 8th. smile.gif

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Hoping they don't have a haunted house type thing, couldn't get all of the items = no badge. ._. I didn't like running around for the stuff, either. ;_;.

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Planning on breeding all my older halloweens. I plan to keep 2-3 Marrows, depening on if I can get hold of another 2nd gen thats unrelated to my CB's and their sons. I might keep 1 Pumpkin, mebey. I'll keep at least 1 Shadow walker, if not 2. Any empty spaces, I'll see what I can grab.

I've promised 1 Pumpkin, 1 Marrow, and 1 Shadow walker to a friend, so I'll need to make sure she gets the ones she wants. Then incubate, and make sure they hatch asap, and mebey even get another coupple before the new eggs start dropping...

Then, as every year, grab as many of them as possible while they drop : D


So yeah, by the end of the holiday, Im hoping to have a total of at least 5-7 marrows, 4-5 pumpkins, 7-8 shadow walkers, and 7 (if I can) of the new ones.


And Im gathering zombie fodder now, I need an adult male, adult female, and S2 male. Fingers crossed that I get a better result that the last two years (1 zombie and at least 1 permently dead each year.)

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