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    Age and treachery will always overcome youth and skill!
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    My interests are wide, varied and often strange so instead of listing them I'll just temporarily make use of this space for my "wish list" but if you want to know more about my interest feel free to ask.

    I am a gifter much more so than a trader. Trading is just a bit too much like work for me. Besides, few things make me as happy as surprising someone with a randomly glomped egg that they are looking for. Any day that I can make someone "Squee" is considered a good day.

    I happily breed on request so if you see something that you need just let me know.

    When I do trade, I happily accept IOUs.

    Low-ish gen Shimmerscales to build a gifting army of glittery fun

    Big thanks to all of my friends out there who make this whole thing worthwhile and have helped me out along the way.

    2016 Valentine breeding...

    Infinis... Sweetling from falconiform.

    2nd gen Radiant Angel from Radiant Cupid x Glacier Jewels (hellfire)
    2nd gen Sweetling from Licorice Love x Starfire Drusy
    2nd gen Rosebud from Sugared Snow x Tequila Rose
    Dragonessdown needs gold mate for inbred tinsel pair.

    Labyrinthian ... 2nd gen silver tinsel from male GoN X tombstone (done)

    IOU...ZzelaBusya... female influenced Avatar of Creation hatchie (sent)

    bloodonmyfangs .... Sweetling from Snow Angel Val 2015 (done)

    tikigurl91 .... Sweetling from Silver Val 2015 (done)

    Areous .... RA from a black and an Arsani from a Red-finned Val 2015(done)

    Xasora ....RA from a gold Val 2015 (done)

    Draketeeth .. Heartseeker from a Spotted Green Wing Val 2015 (done)

    lorimmel ... Silvers from Sweetlings (Sent one from Bitter 1/4/15)

    NazDrag ...Shadow Walker offspring from Shrouded Dancer.. Halloween 2015

    miaou ... Cassare from Magical Christmas Snow (done)
    egg from Crestfallen Saint X Gifted Shadow Dancer (done)
    egg from Mistletoe alt (done)

    lluvia ....... 1st egg from Crestfallen Saint X Gifted Shadow Dancer (done)
    Non-Nocturne egg from Twuweds (done)

    MessengerDragon... egg from Crestfallen Saint X Goji Thuwed
    egg from Chuckles once he has a mate (done)

    Jazeki .. Egg from Chuckles X Goji (done)

    tjenni .... Egg from Chuckles X Goji (done)


    Evolette Cave Lurker from Rosebud ..Halloween 2014 (done)

    Evilminion .... Ribbon Dancer egg from Pingin Nollag X Legal Song 'n Dance ... Christmas 2014 (done)

    Wahya ... Tsunami from Licorice (sent)

    Sarcastra needs black egg from Bitter.

    Lineage swaps for Gaeltacht's offspring:

    dothefreddy (Royal Huntress line) (sent)
    Konsul --- completed
    LaHaine (Quantum Color line) (sent)
    Claire111 --completed
    Infinis (Layla X Balloon) (sent)
    Viar --- completed
    Naughtrish ---- completed
    Fiona BlueFire --- completed
    Psykotika ----completed
    Enchanted Jewel .....
    PS --gifted
    Pink (swap for Silver Diva baby) ---completed
    dark_kitsune (swap for Epsilon baby)
    Naughtrish ---- completed
    ebis13 ---completed
    Raphy -----completed
    Merenwen ---completed
    Lazurite ---completed
    Syp ----completed
    jaxsonmonroe ----completed
    Lazurite ... shimmer from Lucky (complete)
    missy_ ... shimmer (complete)
    Maladjust sunsong egg from Male Sunsong X Female Blusang (done, but needs extras for lineage plans)
    lescht ... silver shimmer (complete)
    Raphy Egg from Simon in exchange for Kusanagi egg (complete)
    panthera1 ...next egg from Simon (complete)
    Brightsplash 3rd egg from Simon (complete)
    redapple... egg from Simon
    redapple ... egg from Taliesin (complete)

    Psykotika .... 3rd gen gold from goldX frill pair (complete)
    .... egg from Geal (complete)
    ..... egg from Caleb

    jocosa.... 2nd from old pink X sweetling
    2nd from pink X sweetling
    PB reds

    Wanderer.... 2nd gen silver from female silver X marrow (filled)
    2nd gen marrow from Licorice love and Grave Consequence (filled)
    2nd gen marrow from Masque of the Red Death x Magical Christmas Snow (filled)
    2nd gen White from Sexy Bitter Chocolate x Light Creme de cacao (filled)