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Looking for common holiday mates? Want to breed your holiday commons for others? Then you need to visit the SROGG! image.png.673f96ff8edd2cfa69d168ec9492e673.png

Currently Hunting: In-Cave - New releases, Golds (always); In the AP - messy S1 Black & S2 Male Hellhorse hatchies for freezing. Breeding requests - See profile. Trading - IOUs considered.

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    --->You want a breeding or trade:
    >I will breed CB *commons* and *common* lineages that I have mates for upon request. I do not have CB Holly or Prize dragons.

    >I will breed rares for a trade offer. What *I* count as rare: CB Silvers, CB Golds, CB Holidays, GoNs, and Prize dragons 4th gen and under are rare, and I would like a reasonable trade offer for such requests. For commons from holidays, if you reference the SROGG, I'll take a direct request without a trade offer.

    >PM me if you are not sure what would be a "reasonable" trade offer - I am easier than you think. Examples of what I might request or you might offer me:
    Commons from Holidays
    2gs from common x common
    A messy-lined hatchling for freezing
    A CB hatchling of a common
    An offspring from a "Stardust"-named dragon
    Hatching a nebula or gemshard for the right color

    > IOU trade: I will consider IOUs. That means I do not automatically accept them, but I will think about it if you want to offer me one. I will PM you an answer in a reasonable amount of time.

    >Re-Breeding: If a common egg I bred you refuses, mis-genders, or mis-colors, I will happily re-breed upon PM request no matter how many times it takes and as long as you PM me for each attempt with a lineage link to what I bred to remind me of the pair. So, it is up to you to send me PM breeding reminders, but I do not mind receiving lots of PM requests to get you what you need. You are not annoying me. ^_^

    >What I sent you failed: You can do whatever you like with a previous breeding that has failed in some way. If you asked for a rare, you'll have to make another trade offer.

    ------> Eggs should be picked up promptly. If you ask for a breeding or if we are in an IOU trade, and you do not pick up the egg in 24 hours from the time of my PM, I'll consider the trade fulfilled or I will not breed freely for you again. If you tell me up-front why a 24-hour timeline is not enough for you, I will negotiate a longer hold time. <-------

    Basically, feel free to ask me about something, and I will see what I can do for you.


    ***Current Wishlist:
    2g Holly from Male Gaia Xenowyrm (Jungle) x Female Holly. Mate for: https://dragcave.net/lineage/8IQM7

    I've never chased a 2g Holly seriously before.....

    Need commons, don't have a list yet

    Need commons, don't have a list yet

    Need commons, don't have a list yet


    ------> English is not your first language:
    I am happy to work with non-English speakers as long as they continue to try to communicate in English and not give up. It can sometimes take multiple PMs to work something out that is clear and fair to both sides.

    If any part of this profile is confusing to you, please let me know and I will try to make it more understandable.