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    happy collector of bright pink and frilled dragons


Warning! There's a lot of viewbombing going on, especially if you're active on the inofficial DC discord.   Halloween_hatchling_zpsw9eqlkrr.png

Always looking for 3rd gen PB alt eggs (2nd gen alt parents, I'll take the chance to hatch them myself), 3rd gen prize checker offspring (gold prize with yellow- or gold-colored dragons, silver prize with silver- or white-colored dragons, bronze prize with red/brown copper or brown-colored dragon) and 3rd gen checkers from spriter's alts (4th gen okay if regular sprites are involved).


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    IOU trades in progress:

    IOU trades with other members
    snowfl => sent me one 2015 CB Halloween hatchie

    COMMON COURTESY: If I PM you, I expect a reply. Even if it's a simple "no thanks" or "not interested", I expect the courtesy of getting an answer, just as I answer all my PMs. (Of course, after everything is said and done, a PM exchange can and will run dry eventually - that's something I know, understand and expect.) People who do not reply will be greylisted on my private greylist, repeated failure to reply will result in a PM block. Of course, I also understand that there's something called 'real life', and that it sometimes seriously interferes with constantly checking your inbox. As people say, life happens.

    FREE BREEDING: I will breed pretty much anything I have on request. There are only a few exceptions.

    GIFTING/TRADING: I'm usually open to trades, especially for holiday mates or bloodswaps. I own a couple of low-gen prizes, which I breed almost weekly. Since I have offspring from all of them, I tend to gift the eggs via the trading hub, asking for a dummy egg. Since these eggs are pretty desireable, I tend to get multiple offers, sometimes within a single minute. While it may take me a couple of minutes to actually accept an offer, I always take the first offer (as promised in my trades), no matter how tempting a later offer may be. I'm sorry if you offered a dummy or even a valuable egg on my trade and I accepted something else, but if that happens, someone else was faster. If you really want an egg like that, feel free to contact me via the forums for the next breeding.

    WISHLIST: Various holiday CHECKER mates.
    3rd gen ELECTRIC from VAL '09
    3rd gen SUMMER from VAL '09
    5th/6th gen DAYDREAM from VAL '09
    any gen RED from VAL '09

    5th gen BLACK from YULE
    any gen WHITE from YULE
    any gen GOLD from SNOW ANGEL (full gold wings preferred)

    4th gen SHADOW WALKER x RIBBON DANCER checkers.

    4th gen GREEN COPPER from ROSEBUD

    3rd gen HARVEST from HEARTSEEKER