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Leaving the forums for sheer ridiculousness... and a lot of other issues.

I actually had to find that taking a permanent step back is very, very good for my mental state, as the toxicity around here got to me quite badly eventually.

If you'd like to contact me, use my email melympe@yahoo.com. I don't check daily, but will get back to you eventually.

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    FREE BREEDING: I will breed pretty much anything I have on request. There are only a few exceptions. I'm a long-time player, so I have pretty much every breed in abundance - save for the rare ones.

    When I started playing DC, things were quite different. There was no background art - just a generic brown background. There was only one biome - it was called "the cave". If the AP contained more than 30 (or was it 36?) eggs, you couldn't hunt in the cave. There were no trophies and no badges. Teleport didn't exist. Neither did most other BSAs – the only ones we already had were Incubate, Influence and Earthquake. No, Vampires couldn't bite yet.

    Bright Pinks - now called Arias - were a female-only breed and retired. Purples were a female-only breed, too. We had only five dragon breeds with dimorphism - (new) Pinks, Water Horses, Splits, Silvers and Vampires, if you're wondering. But Neglecteds already had "trimorphism". Go figure. Spriters' Alts didn't exist. (Yule, Pumpkin and Val '09 got their SA years later.) We only had 4 kinds of Stripes – black Stripes were released way later. There were no wyverns, no lindwyrms and no wyrms in the cave. The Silvers were the only Eastern dragons, Skywings the only amphipteres. We had three kinds of wingless dragons (Vine/Dark Green, Water Horse and Dorsal), as well as two kinds of leviathans (Water/Light Blue and Deep Sea).

    There was only one kind of two-headed dragons (Splits), one kind of drake (Ochredrake) and one kind of Pygmy (Common Pygmy).

    Rare x rare and rare x holiday breeding was forbidden and a very rare glitch. Real hybrids didn't exist, the only breed-only breed was the Geode. Geodes could only breed true with other Geodes, Pebbles/Light Greens or Stones, and thus couldn't be bred with rare dragons, either.

    Scroll limits were brutal: You could only catch 4 eggs. A 5th egg could be bred before you were totally locked. You couldn't acquire hatchlings if you were egg-locked. You could not catch eggs if you had 4 or more hatchlings – but you could breed your own until you reached your total scroll limit of 9 growing things. Multi-clutches were possible for all breeds all the time, but happened rarely.

    There was something even worse than the scroll limits: Time of hatching and time of maturation were randomly set between 3 and 4 days left on the timer. Which usually meant that it took you 4 days to get to the next stage.