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    Albany, Australia
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    Curled Alt Black S1[] S2[]
    Sitting Alt Black S1[] S2[]
    Black Capped Teimarr m[] f[] S1[] S2m[] S2f[]
    Black Tea f[] S1[] S2[]
    Blacktip f[] m[] S1[] S2[]
    Bleeding Moon f[] m[] S1[] S2[]
    Blusang Linwurm f[] m[] S1[] S2f[] S2m[]
    Bright Breasted Wyvern S1[] S2m[]
    Brimstone S1[] S2[]
    Canopy S1[] S2m[]
    Coastal Waverunner S1[] S2[]
    Crimson Flame Pygmy S1[] S2[]
    Dark Myst Pygmy S1[] S2f[] S2m[]
    Day Glory S1[] S2[]
    Daydream S1[]
    Deep Sea S1[] S2[]
    Purple Dorsal S1[] S2[]
    Red Dorsal S1[] S2[]
    Duotone f[] m[] S1[] S2f[] S2m[]
    Electric S1[] S2[]
    Ember S2[]
    Flamingo Wyvern S1[] S2f[] S2m[]
    Gilded Bloodscale f[] m[] S1[] S2f[] S2m[]
    Gold-Horned Tangar S1[] S2[]
    Grey S1[] S2[]
    Green/Pebble S2[]
    Guardian S1[] S2[]
    Harvest S1[] S2[]
    Hellfire Wyvern S1[] S2f[] S2m[]
    Horse S1[]
    Imperial Fleshcrown f[] m[] S1[] S2[]
    Lumina S1[] S2[]
    Magi S1[]
    Mint S1[]
    Misfit Pygmy S1[] S2[]
    Moonstone S2[]
    Nebula S1[] S2(blue[] purple[] red[] green[])
    Neotropical S1[]
    Night Glory S1[] S2[]
    Nilia Pygmy S1[] S2[]
    Nocturne S1[] S2[]
    Ochredrake S1[] S2[]
    Olive S1[] S2[]
    Pillow S1[] S2[]
    Purple S1[] S2[]
    Pygmy S1[]
    Red-Finned Tidal f[] m[] S1[] S2f[] S2m[]
    Purple Ridgewing S1[] S2f[]
    Tan Ridgewing S1[] S2f[] S2m[]
    Royal Blue S1[] S2f[] S2m[]
    Royal Crimson S1[] S2[]
    Seawyrm Pygmy S1[] S2[]
    Seragamma Wyvern f[] m[] S1[] S2f[] S2m[]
    Skywing S1[] S2[]
    Speckle-throated m[] S1[] S2f[] S2m[]
    Spitfire S1[] S2[]
    Spotted Greenwing S1[] S2[]
    Stone S1[]
    White Stripe S1[] S2[]
    Blue Stripe f[] S1[] S2[]
    Red Stripe S1[] S2[]
    Green Stripe f[] m[] S2[]
    Black Stripe S1[] S2[]
    Sunrise S2[]
    Sunset S1[] S2[]
    Sunsong S1[] S2[]
    Sunstone S1[] S2[]
    Swallowtail S1[] S2[]
    Terrae S2f[] S2m[]
    Tri-horn Wyvern S1[] S2[]
    Tsunami Wyvern S1[] S2[]
    Turpentine S1[] S2[]
    Blue Two-headed Lyndwyrm f[] m[] S1[] S2[]
    Green Two-headed Lyndwyrm f[] m[] S1[] S2[]
    Water S1[] S2f[] S2m[]
    Waterwalker S1[] S2[]
    Waterhorse S2[]
    Whiptail S2[]
    White S1[]
    Yellow Crowned f[] m[] S1[] S2[]
    Geode S1[]
    Hellhorse f[] m[] S1[] S2f[] S2m[]
    Shallow Water S1[] S2f[] S2m[]
    Soulpeace f[] S1[] S2f[] S2m[]
    Ultraviolet S1[] S2f[] S2m[]
    Alt Vine f[] S1[] S2[]
    Ice S1[] S2[]
    Magma S1[] S2[]
    Thunder S1[] S2[]
    Orange Copper f[] m[] S1[] S2f[] S2m[]
    Brown Copper f[] m[] S1[] S2f[] S2m[]
    Green Copper f[] m[] S1[] S2f[] S2m[]
    Gold S1[] S2f[] S2m[]
    Golden Wyvern S1[] S2f[] S2m[]
    Silver S1[] S2f[] S2m[]
    Gold Tinsel S1[] S2[]
    Silver Tinsel S1[] S2[]
    Bronze Tinsel S1[] S2[]
    Gold Shimmerscale f[] m[] S1[] S2[]
    Silver Shimmerscale f[] m[] S1[] S2[]
    Bronze Shimmerscale f[] m[] S1[] S2[]
    Cheese adult[] S1[] S2[]
    Neglected f[] m[] u[] S1[] S2[]
    Paper adult[] S1[] S2[]
    Vampire S1[] S2f[] S2m[]
    Pumpkin S1[]
    Black Marrow S1[]
    Shadow Walker S1[]
    Chicken adult[] S1[] S2[]
    Blue Dino adult[] S1[] S2[]
    Green Dino adult[] S1[] S2[]
    Purple Dino adult[] S1[] S2[]
    Red Dino adult[] S1[] S2[]
    Yellow Dino adult[] S1[] S2[]

    Low gen Thuweds
    Low Gen Dorkfaces
    Low Gen Tinsels
    Low Gen Metals
    Low Gen descendants of Spriters Alts

    Low time eggs/hatchies for freezing: I'd prefer messy/inbreds for freezing, to lower the temptation to keep them as adults.

    Described Dragons of mine

    Rooreth Firenits, Alexis Veda, Sylexion Maru, Echo Monsoon, Gildarex Fog, Puku Thuma, Nurrowin Moonglow, Uzarah Malflame, Dewfrost Intenta-Dorkface, Sumire Sufaurn, Larkspur Oskana, Delvoth Stronghunt, Narani Moonglow, Peroth Maru, Sheldon Lee-Cooper, Preeth Deschain, Abubakar Garai, Fenuku Chenzira, Masa Oota, Ernest Yellowstone, Virtue Vinbred, Ryuu Stormfront, Amery Telnet, Lucas Naive, Iruma Takahashi, Ah and Un D'Hippo, Emphemeral Oasis, Autumna Pride, Meara Summer, Zumbaimn Zen, Zip Dustclaw, Toasty Bluule, Talith Maru, Valero Aegis

    Cynrik and Vasska Inquisitor, Loki Eventide, Diana Intenta-Dorkface, Faranath Noon, Letta Oasis, Galbraith Stronghunt-Dorkface, Z'aurei Ieuzes, Lolth Eventide, Prishon Oasis, Donsainga Hoofang, Valan Crystal, Oreo and Ryuuno Twomind, Hallow Illuminais, Jevash Sirenstar, Guther Triggerhappy, Stormfrost Intenta-Dorkface, Flashfrost Intenta-Dorkface, Raburesu Love-Is-Dead, Joy Brightstripe