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    Please don't use my avatar without asking me or the artist. It was drawn by GoldenGriffiness, AKA wideeyedwanderer.

    I'm just your friendly neighbourhood socially awkward girl. xD I'm sixteen, live in the US, and when I'm slacking off my writing or other online responsibilities (read: about 6/7 days of the week) I play video games. And that is me in a nutshell. No really, I'm the most boring person on the planet. xD

    spryo 4 lyfe dawg <333333
    I was born on Valentine's Day. O_o
    The Youtube channels I'm addicted to in the order I thought of them: GameGrumps, Pewdiepie, Markiplier, Yamimash, jacksfilms, TheScatsbury, PeanutButterGamer, Caddicarus, SomeOrdinaryGamers, CinemaSins, Two Best Friends Play, Mariovehrer
    I use a mix of British and American spelling, because the former looks way better sometimes and sometimes it's just weird. xD
    My two favourite game soundtracks are the credits theme from A New Beginning and Link and Zelda's Duet + Malladus Final Battle from Spirit Tracks. xD
    I use xD after everything. xD
    I play the piano. Sort of. I can't read sheet music so I have to memorize everything which causes me to forget the last song I learned, which kind of makes it difficult... xD Also my hands are too small so I'm trying to play 3+ notes on one hand and like MY FINGERS CAN'T GET IN THAT POSITION IN LESS THAN A SECOND. .-.
    My favourite anime is Clannad. (After Story really but Clannad is necessary to the story if a bit slow. xD)
    My phobias are having to start a conversation, using stairs/being near unfenced ledges/basically heights, and roaches. And spiders. ._.
    And finally, Shadow the frigging Hedgehog is the most undervalued character in any franchise ever. Just sayin'.

    I should go do something important instead of writing ten million unnecessary facts about me that no one cares about. xD


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