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Please be patient with me, my dad has cancer so I don't have much time to play nowadays. PM me if I make a mistake on something.My Scroll || My Tinsel & Shimmer List || Regular Metal Breeding DoubleGoldstar5.pngNeg.gifHC2aMqD.gif

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    DC Birthday: Jul 04, 2008

    Please note: I will hold a egg for 24 hours after I send you the link - if you don't take it I will give it to the next person in line. If I haven't heard back from you about it after 2 days I will consider you inactive and remove you from the dragons IOU list. Also, for trades, if I send you a PM and you read it and not answer I am taking that as a pretext to look for another trade.

    ~Holiday Breeding~
    3rd gen Holly x Purple Stairstep
    3rd gen Holly x Black Stairstep

    Curled Alts
    Shimmer Swaps
    HUGE list was moved here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/pub?key=0AmCFp5usXQ48dG9nQUc3aU4xMGsxeWlTZVI4R3M0Q3c&output=html