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Happy to discuss IOUs for Trades.Val12.pngVDay2013_13_zps3560fa3e.pngVal14_14.png10pq91g.gifqsmro4.jpg347gxmu.jpg11bu2r5.jpg

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    If I don't answer a PM it is likely because I've not seen it yet. I have a very active 4 year old and a 4 month old baby to keep up with and they takes up much of my time. :)

    ~Wishlist~ (Prefer named parents for bred eggs)

    Tan Ridgewing

    CB Hatchlings: Tsunami, Spitfire(female), Swallowtail, Gray, Sunsong, Flamingo, Daydream, Brimstone, Horse, Nebula, Spotted Greenwing, Green, Stone, Moonstone, Hellfire(male), Whiptail(female), Sunstone, Balloon, Albino, Neotropical, Waterwalker.

    2nd Generation:
    Bleeding Moon from Cavern Lurker(female - parents names must be either fabulous OR halloween themed...or both)
    Avatar of Change from Radiant Angel x Guardian of Nature
    Stone from Stone(male) x Black Marrow
    Red Dorsal from Black Marrow(male) x Red Dorsal
    Blusang from Blusang(male) x Black Marrow
    Magma from Magma(male) x Black Marrow
    Alt Vine from Vine(male) x Stone

    Checker Lineages:
    3rd Gen Pink from Sweetlings
    3rd Gen White(male) x Ghost Walker
    3rd Gen Blusang from Blusang(male) x Ghost Walker Checker
    Any with Female Black Marrows
    Any with Heartseekers

    1-2 months out from Halloween I would like to see about trading for some IOUs of several Halloween lineages.
    1)2nd Gen Cavern Lurker from Bleeding Moon(male. And the names will need to be absolutely fabulous or Halloween themed)
    2)3rd Gen Cavern Lurker from Bleeding Moon(male) checker(And again - fabulous names or Halloween themed)
    4) 2nd Gen Black Marrow from Black Marrow(male) x TriHorn(female)
    5) 2nd Gen Black Marrow from Stripe(male) x Black Marrow(female)
    6) 2nd Gen Black Marrow from Blusang(male) x Black Marrow (female)
    7) 3rd Gen Black Marrow from Marrow (male) x Purple Ridgewing Checker (w/ Tan RW grandmothers would be amazing but not required)
    8) Black Marrow from White(male) x Black Marrow Checker lineage 3rd or 4th Generation

    Metal Wishes:
    Prefer Even Gen, Spiral, or Stairstep
    Any Gold or Silver x non-holiday
    Silver or Gold x Heartseeker

    Shimmer/Tinsel Wishes-
    Stairstep or Spiral
    Would really love:
    Silver Shimmer x Female Swallowtails
    Gold Shimmer x Magi
    Silver Tinsel x Pebble (Spiral)