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Willing to accept IOUs for CB guardian hatchies on certain trades.

892/1024 needed CB guardians collected.

Wishlist: CB guardian hatchies or CB guardians with fun codes, dragon codes containing "ytak", 2nd gen guardian from CB guardian (m) X CB bronze shimmer (f)

Dare to dream list: 2nd gen Shimmers and guardians from shimmers and tinsels, two guardians from Nakase's shadow walkers (shadow walker M X guardian F)

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    I do consider IOUs especially offers consisting of CB guardian hatchlings for something. :) And I'm willing to breed most of my dragons and give you the egg with no strings attached, especially if you need a dragon for a project. Except for my golds and silvers. They're stingy. >.>

    Codes wanted: https://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=141749&st=0&#entry6949052