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Give your dragon a journal!

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Dear Diary,


There hasnt been any "new dragon" sightings yet but I believe there will! It's a beautiful day outside and that new white egg hatched and grew wings.


She's a girl and her name is "Legendary Eyes." Master named her that because her eyes are a pale shade of blue.


I REALLY HATE to admit it but she's a great to compete against when it comes to wrestling. No matter how many times I tried beating her, she always won. Grrrr!


Other then that there was a great surprise yesterday and today. There are two Bluna's in the cave that bred last week and they produced an egg.


It hatched yesterday and Master is treating it with care while the parents watch. Both the parents and Master taught the little young dragon to swim.


Bluna's must learn to swim at a early age, that way they get better and better when there older. Today's great news is that there's a silver egg in the cave!


A silver Father and a stripe Mother bred and they produce a silver egg! It's one of the most beautiful eggs I have ever seen!


Master loves Silver's and Golds so she's defiantly keeping this one. I bet the parents are very proud.


I can't wait until it hatches and the rest of the hatchlings to grow up.


~Miss Frozen Ice




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17th day, 3rd moon, 2010th year




It has been nearly a week since any dragon in the clan has written in their journals; we are all so busy trying to find out if it was really a group from the Flashes or Shadows who stole our red egg. Well, good news has come out of this rather dreary occasion: Bo found another red egg, that has already hatched in the time that has passed, along with the guardian egg, and Drift and Hail's white egg. We are all very glad that we retrieved a new red egg; we need some more warmth in our clan!


Speaking of warmth, it seems as though the flower-bloom season is approaching, and rapidly! Buds and sprouts are shooting up in all the nooks and crannies of the frozen mountain earth! Bo came to our mountains from her human learning environment and told us that her and her human acquaintances went outside to play. She said it was very nice outside in the area around where her abode is, too. Even though it is still a little chillier here than what Bo described the weather where she resides is, it is still much warmer than a few days ago! It is warmer than what Bo said was "sixty degrees Fahrenheit"!


Well, other than the rather long visit from Bo today, she hasn't been visiting us much. Before she came today, she hadn't arrived at our mountains in days! Oh well. She has probably just been having a plethora of work from her learning environment. Ah, well, it is time to engage in slumber. Goodnight, journal.


So long,

Bo's Shadow Warrior; black male; leader of the Bo Clan


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Okay, so these aren't exactly journals. One's a letter though, so it's in first person, and the other is a sort of dictated journal entry. I'm hoping they're close enough to actual journal entries to count.


Letter from Elciar of Dragontown to Kyti Fallingleaf


The following was delivered to me by a rather nervous scribe – Jerome, I think his name was. Disgraceful that I don’t know – he’s been one of the Pygmy Couriers’ staunchest supporters since Isalba first proposed the idea – but never mind.


He laid a scroll down on my counter with shaking hands and began to tell the most incredible story of how he’d been approached by a vampire dragon the other night and asked to make a transcript of the vampire’s thoughts. Clearly a trick of some kind, or else Zytengabar needs to improve security – imagine a vampire dragon wanting the services of a scribe. The vampire dragon had even brought payment – a neatly exsanguinated rabbit. I must admit I’m at a loss, though, to explain the very real vampire egg Xywin found outside his shop this morning.


I still suspect one of our adolescent magis of having concocted some elaborate prank, and am sending an express letter to Ahuo by Zephyrus Courier – between herself and Ursegarm, they should be able to flush out the culprit.


If my instincts are wrong and this is no prank, and we indeed have a civilized vampire dragon lurking in our midst, I’m also sending a request to the Goldenmage Assembly to send us a magi scribe, to spare poor Jerome’s nerves should a repeat occurrence happen. They generally have more than they know what to do with – all the dragons who fail to meet the rigorous standards of training yet who are reluctant to just leave generally learn to levitate a quill to earn their keep.


I hope you find this record of interest, even if the authenticity is rather dubious. If nothing else, it should be great material for that draconic folklore treatise you keep threatening to write.


Yours respectfully,


Dragon's Treasure Magic Shop




Being a Record of Information Relayed to the Scribe Jerome by the Vampire Dragon Janbek the Wise


As I was out wandering this night, being between weyrs, I came across a vampire dragon carrying an egg. She was not Kezelgra, my first-turned and evil incarnate, loath as I am to use that last phrase. Upon spying me, she hissed, the egg dropping unheeded, and fled. The egg – so precious, so fragile – was unmarked, unturned, and I hesitated briefly, pondering my next action. The egg was guardian, and no dragons dwelt nearby, save Zytengabar’s group – sheer suicide for one such as I to venture near.


The egg, cooling fast, would not survive a search for foster parents. My only option, then, was to bite – my venom was sufficient, and better a swift death or long vampire life than a slow, chilly ebbing of vitality. I sat on the ground, positioning the egg between both forepaws for best biting, pondered its fragile beauty, delicately positioned jaws near the tip, and bit most gently. The egg cooled, growing darker, the punctures quickly healing – another vampire child born of my venom.


I could not raise the egg, I knew – hard enough, weyrless, to care for myself – and so I brought it to this town. Dragontown is well-known for fostering all – perhaps even a lost vampire egg could here find a home. I leave now, trusting my child will be cared for. Your payment is well-earned, good scribe. I thank you.

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Dear Journal,

My, how our clan has grown since my last entry! We are now over fifty strong and still counting! Besides that, many of us have found mates, including me. We have a wonderful, handsome son after so long, so much pain and worry that things would go wrong with my mate...but everything worked out in the end. I'm also very proud of the rate at which the clan is growing. Even in my wildest dreams I never thought it would grow to this size! It's a wonderful time to be here, with spring just around the corner, and the snow melting, giving way to budding flowers and warm sunlight. However, we have heard from some of the other clans that there are Vampire Dragons about. If we find one of their eggs, we will have to take great care to train it and teach it when and when not to bite. But so far, things have been fairly quiet...I must say I am thankful for the respite.


Zaratha ((Whiptail)) (First dragon of Riversong's Clan)

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Today was pretty exciting. Me and my mom(Flowersblossom) went out hunting, and I caught a huge buck! I was pretty happy. Mom thinks I did a great job, but I think it was just luck. The buck was pretty slow, and I guess it was pretty stupid, too. Anyways, on the way back to the clan, we met with one of the loners, Frostss. He's actually pretty nice, for a loner. We started talking, and he told us that there's a groupe of wolfs in our teretory! Wolfs! Now i'm worried that something bad will happen to the eggs and hatchlings. Me and mom rushed home, and mom told dad (He's the leader, and his name's Moon after sun set's). Dad told the hatchling's to stay in the farthest corner of the cave. We also took the eggs there, too. I stayed with the eggs, and one of the hatchlings, a mint dragon named Sweetbreath, started to cry. It was hard to get her to stop, and when we did, it was already sun down. I just woke up, so I desided to wright in the journal. I hope I get to sleep soon. Good night.


Pinkflowers journal, entrie 1.

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Dear Diary


This is Vgbe. Recently I got picked up by this strange lady, who insists on calling me "D'aww". She's rather annoying and I'd like to get rid of her.

I've been talking to the Mints, and it seems like they have a plan. However, it also seems like she's onto their plan as she's calls them things like "Killa of death" and "Evil frog". It seems like she might actually be amused by their plans to destroy her.

Today I got caught by the Vampires. They claim to be the "special forces" in charge and say I was found to be disturbing the peace. Since when do Vampires know about peace?






Deary Diary


Today Totalitarian and I were discussing the difference in taste between the sun dragons when we interrupted by one of those frills.

She was wandering around, mumbling, as they often do, about some kind of heist.

We apprehended her and immediately she told us everything about her plans as well as the mints' plans.

That was easy. A bit too easy, in fact. I think I may hold off on eating more frills until I find out if this coward trait can be passed through blood.


~Nefarious Darkling




Deer dariy


tis is Pi. i got chased by a ngelcted today. i usually chaise heem, buut today he turnd arund and allmost got me. i waz scraed. heez so BEEG.


~Pi Mango

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Dear Diary,


The Silver hatched and it's so shy! It doesn't want to play and it just sleeps all day and plays in the dirt...How fun...


Master just told me to stop complaining and look out for the new spring egg that was recently from breeding. Spring is finally here and Master is glad to have her first spring egg.


We also have a paper hatchling that is small and Master told me not to play with it only because it's so fragile. I could rip it or break it.


What am I gonna do? I only play with Leetle Ice Cube and he has tantrums when he doesn't win.


Maybe I can ask one of the frozen Automs to play with me or Strawberry Pop. She's probably going to talk about the growth cycle of a strawberry.


Don't ask, she's wicked obsessed with Strawberries. I must go now because the rain is coming soon and I need someone to play with!


~Miss Frozen Ice

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Dear journal.


For some reason, all of the Season females look different.




Whoever did this, I very much dislike them. But if I can ever be an 'ascended dragon', I won't be anorexic-looking anymore. I eagerly await this day.




Sabishii the Summer Dragon

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Today, big sister was trying to teach me to fish again. I really don't think it was going too well, I'm not made for swimming like she is. So I kept falling in and she had to pull me out. Still, I like spending time with her. She's nice to me, even if she does have a daughter now. Ymeri's sweet, and I approve of big sister's choice in mates. Although Aurio isn't very much into hunting like we are... Still, she never forgets her little sister. Even if I'm more like our sire than she is. Big brother was off flying, so we had plenty of time to fish. It was fun, and she said we could go again tomorrow.




It's so sweet the way Pak tries to fish. She'll never be as good as me or Mother, but she tries so hard. We went back to the pond today, and I honestly think she's getting better. After all, she only fell in about sixteen times. Her new wings are helping her balance, I think. Soon she'll be all grown up... but I'll never forget the sweet, enthusiastic hatchling she is now. Nekii didn't feel like coming along to fish today. Which is probably for the best, as he does seem to enjoy teasing our little sister. Pak's trying, though, and she knows that he can't do much better. So that's something... It's too bad Ymeri's so much older then Pak. I think they'd get along pretty well indeed.



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Dear Journal,


Finally after much anticipation Anahi and I had our first egg together. It seems that there are a lot of hatchlings around the cave too. Apparently Ms. Eryes missed the memo of the change in dragons because she has been away at her brother's for some time now. She came to the cave one day and most of the dragons had mysteriously changed, what caught her off guard were the black guardian dragons that usually guard the place when she's gone. She came in and froze in shock to see that most of the dragons had changed in appearance. Also the legendary trio dragons that everyone seem to love so much can summon a new dragon but now she needs a legendary electric one to complete that. I'm thinking that it's going to be a packed house soon when she gets back to her home. I hope these hatchlings will grow up soon because they are all driving me into a panic, even my little hatchling had exhibited some weird personality traits that I don't understand, always trying to fly to the sun for some reason or another. I'm sure when Ms. Eryes gets back to her home she'll be around more, I hope so, I sure do miss her when she isn't here.


Jambu Kermillian

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Hey, look at what I found under a rock this morning! It looks like a scroll with a bunch of black scribbles on it. I believe it's supposed to be a journal of Winter Evening's. Here's today's entry in it from what I could decipher:


Evening, early Spring

I don't know what this is for, but when I was looking for eggs the other day I realized a bunch of these things and a few feathers with black stuff at the tip. I saw a bunch of humans writing on these, and I can't help but wonder what they're writing. I'm just going to write for the sake of writing.

Oh, yes, did I mention that I'm had trouble getting to sleep this morning? It was Misted River again. Ever since those four eggs have had cracks in them and that Pygmy what's-his-name found himself over here after getting terribly lost, she's been telling them the story of the human invasion again and again and again. I wanted to use the time to go out and do stuff, but the last time I dared venture out of the cave in the morning times the sun was blinding.

"Hey, River," I whispered, "could you keep it down over there? The only one you're really talking to is him."

"Yes, well, it never hurts to--"

"Besides," I added, "he's heard the story countless times."

Black Prowler suddenly walked into the cave with some prey: "wild" animals.

"Morning, everyone," he greeted. He turned to me. "What are you doing awake?"

"Trying to sleep," I answered, glaring at you-know-who.

"I'm telling stories to hatchlings," River protested.

I frowned. "Go off and tell them elsewhere," I growled, placing my head down and covering my ears.

It took me quite a while to fall asleep, and when I did I suddenly heard a loud cry.

"It's River!" Prowler exclaimed. "She's been hurt by a wild dragon!"

Despite my little spat, I couldn't let my friend get hurt... and yet when I stepped into the sunlight the noon rays seemed to burn my scales.

"I'll be out evening," I promised. I wanted to help her, I really did, but the light was just too much.

That was yesterday. I couldn't find them anywhere. As of now, all I can do is wait for them to return....


Looks like I missed a lot. She's sleeping... I don't want to bother her.... I've got to find my missing dragons!

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Daer Diary:


Purples can be males now? Weren't there male purples before? I'm only a hatchling--Idon't understand things like this!


This new clan seems nice anyway. Noisy, but nice.


Glitched Double Dorkface

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Dear Diary,


Sorry I haven't written in a while, I just wanted to wait until new stuff was going on at the cave. Master rescued a black hatchling that's really skittish.


Were not sure what happened at his/her old home but he/her doesn't want to play and Master told me not to play with him/her because its so shy.


We also have a black egg that was influenced so it's going to be female. Spring arrived a while ago and there's already a spring adult. He's Male.


There's another spring hatchling but we really don't get along. I think it's because I'm a winter and he/she's a spring. I'll just call it "it."


It's not very nice and says I'm "cold hearted." Whatever that means? I can't wait until "it" grows up so it can leave me alone.


I'm a frozen hatchling so I think that's one of the reasons why "it" hates me. Oh well...


~Miss Frozen Ice

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Wow--this cave is crowded! There were six of us just an hour ago, but the Bluna (One of them) grew up--now there's five, with one egg. Two of them are frills, and another bluna, and me, and something that I think is dead but the cavegirl won't throw away. She calls it a "vampire". Weird. So long as it doesn't bite me... I'm her favorite, though. She told me. Nyeah to that other Bluna, thinks he's so great with a name with an apostrophe in it--she likes him too, but I'M the best. Haha.


I'm kinda sad that I'm the only one of my kind here--but that's not so bad, I'm not alone. There's an Albino who's kinda grumpy, and there's a Vine (the cavegirl calls her 'CB', I don't know what that means, her name is weird with lots of clicks and stuff in it), and there's a Thunder and an Ice and a Magma and they're all female. Weird, all the lone dragons are female.


These Easter eggs are weird. They're reeeally pretty--and I'm gold, I know about pretty--but I don't hear anything inside, and they're not warm like the Sun egg. Are they alive? I don't really know... They don't look like real eggs. But they're pretty. I want to keep them, even if they don't hatch.


--Draco Aurus, gold hatchling

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Noon, early Spring

I'm so glad Winter Evening taught us how to use this thing. It's a good way to get my thoughts out of my head so I can focus on other things.

Yesterday I finally returned to the cave with River using me for support. It feels good to help a friend in need, given she needed leafs wrapped around her wounds, but what doesn't feel good is my back. River's had to lean against me the entire trip back, and my sides are killing me.

Something's up with Winter. She's taller, has three horns, has longer wings, and looks... shinier. On the way back, River and I saw Orion's Waterwalker. Now that I think of it, Water's tail got shorter. Hmm... wonder what's going on?


I think this is an entry of Black Prowler's. The writing fits his personality. (Normally I'd do an entry of Aqua Flash's next, but he wouldn't stand still long enough to write down a word.)

Edited by Bluefeather

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My-Name-Is-Inigo-Montoya; Female Sunset.


WildClawCat hasn't found any eggs around for a while. She wasn't either, before the new eggs were found, but why hasn't she found any now? I miss having hatchlings and eggs to look after. I haven't mated in awhile; none of the Clan have, which confuses me. Has Wild' told them not to? I know she keeps trying to find the new eggs to add to our Clan, and she's working the Trio dragons to death, poor things. I often go over to help and take care of them. Livin' With Me Musta Killed You and Living With you DID Kill Me are constantly arguing, and every time Side Of A Bullet tries to help, they snap at him. Let's All Get Demented hardly leaves her nest anymore thanks to them.




Something's up with WildClawCat; if she would just TELL us instead of constantly leaving the cave to look for new eggs! She claims she's seen the new sunshine eggs, but someone else keeps taking them. Why not go out when no human would be awake? Wouldn't that help?


I can't help but fear that she doesn't trust us.




Not only that, but several of us look different. I want to drown myself, but Wild' would be unhappy, as would my daughter. I guess I can't. Wild' seems to be treating the female Autumn and Spring dragons better than usual, along with Kirin Nika, our Alt Black female. She keeps hugging our male Sunrises, too... The little Werecat seems to like the way some of us look a lot more than she used to. she doesn't treat me differently, though.


Another thing that scares me is that she's had the Storm dragons fog perfectly healthy eggs with almost no chance of hatching until they are moments from death. She hisses at anyone who tries to nurture the eggs, and then she unfogs them and gets as much help for the egg as she can.


One of these unfortunate eggs turned a sickly green colour before dying. Another hatched normally, a Purple which was released. All others perish, and Wild', who tells us to call her Sira [i still call her WildClawCat anyway], then cleans out the dead shells.


What is UP with her recently?!

Edited by WildClawCat

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April Fools Lorentia - Female White Hatchie


April 1, 2010. Early morning.

Today I finally hatched. I was the only Hatchling in the small cave, but there were two cracked eggs next to me. A red one that floats in the air, and a bright pink one. A large, green frog was watching me, and when I hatched, it squealed loudly. I jumped. "Hi little dragon!" it said. "I'm EpicFroggy, and I rescued you. Someone abandoned you!" The frog jumped over to me and scooped me up in its spindly arms. "Ooh, we're gonna be great friends, you and me!"

April 1, 2010. Afternoon.

The two eggs next to me have hatched! I'm so happy to have two new playmates. The frog brought home a pretty blue egg with white stripes all over it, and two purple starry eggs.

April 2, 2010. Noon.

I grew my wings today! So did the other two hatchlings. EpicFroggy, and she makes sure we call her, gave all three of us strange names. I told her I'd rather just be called Lorentia, but she insists on adding the "April Fools" bit. I don't know why, frogs have strange customs.

April 3, 2010. Afternoon.

EpicFroggy brought home another egg, a light green one. I think the blue egg is going to hatch soon, it has a big hole in it. The other hatchies keep getting bigger, but not me. EpicFroggy says it's because I'm special.

April 4, 2010. Morning.

My friends all grew up today. I feel so left out because I'm still a hatchling. I even hatched before the others! So haven't I grown up yet? I have my wings! EpicFroggy is trying to make me feel better. It isn't working. The blue egg hatched, and EpicFroggy brought home another egg. She called it a 'Frill'. Wonder what that is?

April 4, 2010. Afternoon.

The pretty purple eggs both hatched; they're dark black, and so much fun to play with. There is a new egg in our cave. It smells funny. I'm jealous of my friends.

April 5, 2010. Morning.

I still haven't grown up yet. I'm sad. EpicFroggy keeps picking me up and cuddling me. It makes me feel a little better.


Just so you know, Lorentia is frozen, in case you haven't noticed. I'm trying to make her not feel left out.

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From the cave of the Dust Clan Matron


Dear Diary:


What an eventful time it has been for the sanctuary! First, a bunch of new dragons have been discovered in the Great Cave...we believe them all to be different from the rest of us however.


But the thing that came as a surprise to me was the birth of my daughter Terra's third egg some time ago. A Purple, as predicted, but...it hatched male. I must say it came as a shock to everyone. No Purple has ever hatched male before. I imagine it was because one of the Pink males that share our lineage had come to visit and give his blessings. He must have influenced the egg. It's quite a phenomenon.


Well, it was still a blessing, to say the least. And as I write this, Sash has grown and fathered an egg of his own. Perhaps it will become another male Purple. I applaud it if so; variety is life here, and that it comes from within my own clan makes it all the more honorable.


I overheard a discussion by SilverStride and the other Elite Guardians, however...on the subject of "ascension". And it made everyone question the future of the sanctuary. If the oldest clan leaders were to die, who would take their places?


I suppose I would nominate Terra as my successor. As my oldest daughter, and the one with the most descendants, she would do well as a Matron to take care of the clan. Amethyst has already declined the idea, and Vae is still too young. Clan Dust is in good claws. But I do wonder about the others. SilverStride's children could rule together, I suppose.


It is too soon to think of such things, though. We shall live for quite a long while yet. Meanwhile, I suppose it is time for food.


Yours Truly:


Lilac Dust

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Ember Haze - Male Black Hatchling


I plan to run away.


Today, I knew my wings would grow in. I felt somewhat mature, like I knew everything. Annyzai, a beautiful (I admit) sunset is growing hers currently. We hatched only a day apart, so I though that I was in luck, too.


"Annyzai, aren't you excited to leave the nursery?" I asked her this morning. She turned kind of pale, and her eyes clouded a little.


"Ember...." she said with a long pause. "You won't be excited. You're not going."


My world fell apart and my head began to spin. Annyzai explained that since I was a black hatchling, and not an alt, I was useless for breeding, and therefor I would be frozen.


"You see," Annyzai said sadly, "Our clan wants strong, healthy and willful dragons. Not wimps and bad hunters."


I was about to angrily jump to my defense when blade, a strong silver male that was almost matured came over to Annyzai and I. "Annyzai, let's go. Coal brought some prey." He glanced at me, then led Annyzai out of the den.


That very day, the leaders of the clan froze me.


This is unfair.




Ember Haze




(Annyzai is pronounced ANN-EE-ZAY)

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Dear Journal


When I grow up the first thing I saw was him. Influence Embodied, one of the Captcha dragons. Very fast I fell in loved with him. He was so beautiful, so big and so strong. He was also so young, just like me. I knew that I wanted him to be my mate, and I couldn't keep it for myself. I telled Irene about my stong love for him, but she just laughed.


" What are you laughing about? " I said sadly.


She looked at me and smiled sadly.


" You see, dear, you are.. very special. You are one of the long lineage dragons, and also the inbreed ones. "


I thought about it in a long time, but I didn't know what she meant. What about that I have many dragons in my blood? And inbreed, what does that means? I asked Irene that.


" You see, inbreed is when you have the same dragons twice in your blood, Micaell is a big example. His mother is also his grandmother.


" But you know they didn't mean too do it, it just happened. They didn't think, Dezuzasiy didn't know that Sheom was her son!"


" That is not my point! The point is that your blood isn't clean, and Play doesn't breed unclean dragons. "


" So what do you say? Does'nt Play loves me? " I asked and a big teardrop dropped from my eye.


" No, ofcourse she loves you. It just that she doesn't want to breed more inbreed dragons. So my point is that.. she is not going to breed you and Embodied. "


Then I know what she meant. I was never going to have my own kids, never ever. And bigger than that: Embodied was going to be a father of somebody elses kids.


" But.. who is his mate then? I dont see anyone that Dezuzasiy would accept for her son. "


" He doesn't have any mate yet, but Play has catch two very nice eggs of our breed, and she hopes for that Embodied is going to like one of them. "


I looked at the little eggs, so small.. How could they ever become big and beautiful, so beautiful that Embodied would love them? And why wasn't I one of them...

Magentaliaq, Albino.

Edited by Play

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April 8 2010

Two eggs were killed by earthquake. I think I'm a girl.

Sierra Rose Mist

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(Have to skip Grass Tangle's and Aqua Flash's: Aqua's always running around and Grass's arms are basically always underground. I'll skip to Misted River.)


Dawn, Early Spring

Winter Evening's taught the whole brigade how to use these things, and I must admit that they're most interesting. I really ought to be defending the egg and hatchlings, though.... They're alseep, though, so I suppose this isn't bad.

I managed to figure out the genders of the hatchlings today: the Spring and Pygmy ones are males, and the Nocturne hatchling's a female. Malevolent keeps tasing Moonlight Flier about how the two will be mates in the future, but he's obviously wrong: their ages differ greatly. Ever since that Horse dragon grew up he's been acting like a superior pest. Every night I see him sneaking out of the cave, and I can't surpress the feeling that he's hiding something out there.

I'm trying to convince myself he's searching for eggs and hatchlings that were abandomed, though. Just now he bought back the egg of either a Sunset or Sunrise dragon. I never thought Winter to be the motherly type, but once she saw that Sun egg she was drawn to it like a magnet and she's been keeping it warm since. I suppose it's because they're both the same breed at the moment... we'll have to wait until the egg actually hatches to see what kind it is, though.

Also bought back was a Dark Green hatchling, and guess who's making jokes again about mates? Malevolent. I think he picks up dragons of the same breeds as us on purpose, just to tick us off. I'm trying not to show that it's working, and instead I let myself get all worked up because someone had the heart to abandon a hatchling.

I think I know the reason, though. The other day I saw something curled up inside a little hole in the ground, and lo and behold, it was a Dark Green dragon with smooth scales and the vines growing out of its back. I've heard humans say those other versions are called Alts. Must be why Grass Tangle and this little guy were abandoned as hatchlings: they weren't Alts.

I find it cruel, but whatever they want to do they can do. At least we're here to take them in.

Edited by Bluefeather

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Dear Journal,


It has been a while since I have written, we have all been so busy! Foe one, Spring has arrived! This is my first spring, and I am so glad that it is finally here! I have spent many hours gliding over the blossoming meadows and through the sweet clouds.


One of my new jobs has been to monitor the growth of the prey herds young, and to keep them safe from wild dragons. My sisters and I are enjoying this job, and we are proud that we have not lost any of the fawns and calves to wild dragons yet. It is very important that none of the prey mothers and young are killed at this time of the year, as if we loose to many mothers, then there will be less young born next spring, and if we loose to many of the young, then when it comes time that we can harvest them, there will not be enough to eat during winter, and then that spring there will again be not enough young born.


So since we have to avoid eating fresh meat, most of our clan are eating the last of the frozen meat from last autumn's "mass Kill" and the last of the carcasses found during winter. Soon we will have good food again, as the Cisco and Shad fish will be migrating up-stream in the coming weeks, and Trout, Carp and Herring fish will also be abundant soon.


My Mistress Zephyr has asked me to show the young Wyvren Vritra around our territory. She is one of a new breed, a Hellfire Wyvern. She seems nice enough, although she hates being told what to do, and she refuses to listen to ANY male dragon except the elders. She says that they are just whiney little pests who just want to mate with her, and that she would much rather spend her time with civilized females such as myself, who she can talk to without having to yell at (because whenever she tales to an u-mated male he spends the whole time all 'ga ga; over her). Come to think of it... even my mate Weroth offered to sink a dozen ships and cause a tidal wave to impress me (I politely declined both offerers), and grows under his breath every time another male speaks to me...


I am a bit worried about the sun dragons. Many of them have been sneaking off to "Privet Meetings" and refusing to do what the Elders tell them to do... I even saw the Sun Queen's daughter, Luna, with a pair of wild males! She is surely not thinking of leaving is she??


Well, I must go now, I will write again soon.


-Taieya Yule

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Dear Journal


Oh my, I am so busy! Now its spring, and its my job to give birth of some Spring eggs, and I think I finally have found my perfect mate. It is Pearl. He is so nice and he really likes me to. I am so happy. But the thing is that he doesn't want any children right now, and that makes me sad. I want a child, now. And I think its a good time of the year to get one. But he doesn't want to and I don't know what to do. If we not get any eggs Jump Then Fall will not have any mate for the Summer! And we can't let that happen, she is our only Spring dragon and Play really wants us to get many children. Im going to talk to Pearl next week and see if he wants a child then, because we have to get a child pretty soon; The Summer is here in only a few months!


But enough of this. I must tell you about the new eggs and hatchlings in our familly! Yesterday Play's friend gave her a very big Stone egg. We all think it is a male because it looks like a male very much, but we are not sure.

We have also got a nice White egg here. It has a very bloodline and we hopes for a good magician. The vamps and the whites have started a big war, so we really hopes for a good magician who doesn't like to fight.

Play has also got another Stone egg. Its very big and heavy, the smallest dragons have a big problem to move it. I havn't try but Im sure its very heavy!

I have also seeing very many Frill eggs in our home. We have no idea why, is something going to happen with them? The Frill dragons is worried.


Thats was all for today, I will write in you another day.

Queen Sapphire, Female Winter.

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Skipped Albino Stargazer's entry (she's blind) and Orion Waterwalker's' (she has fins, no good for holding a quill pen). Moving on to Moonlight Flier.


Night, early Spring

Finally, a patch of ground where moonlight is bright enough to write on.

The hatchlings in the cave got names today: I named Twilight Flier, the Nocturne hatchling (hey, she's like my little sister; have to have names in common), and Springan Feberis named the other two. He just can't speak in our language, but he pointed to the hatchlings and said their names: the Pygmy's name is Tine Sunne, the Spring's name is Gendre Faillir, and the Vine's name is Geong Vinea.

I had to get into my guardian stance after that. A tiny ray of sunlight peeked over the hills, struck my scales, and I was frozen. I kind of find it odd how moonlight doesn't affect me at all. Weird.

Sky kept me updated on the daytime happenings once the sun set. A little while after I was frozen, Winter went out to hunt and returned with a Sun egg. She's been like a mother to it now, apparently sitting on it all day. Hey, I suppose it gives River a break.

And then this afternoon, another Pygmy egg was picked up by Flight and Sunny. They said it was going to be a playmate for Tine, but with the hatchling almost grown and that egg showing no cracks, I think they're going to have to get another egg.

I must say, though; with all of these eggs and hatchlings coming into the cave, poor River hasn't gotten much of a break. Her wounds are healing quite well, but she still could use some rest... though she doesn't like to rest healthy or otherwise.

Malevolent is up to something. Only Springan knows the truth because I believe malevolent means evil. I'm sharing the suspicions of many of us: Malevolent is, again, up to something. When he goes out at night I watch him. He's not always trying to find new eggs at the cave; he's talking with the humans. I tried to ask him what he's up to, and he admitted that he's up to something but wouldn't say what that something is. For all I care, he had better not be planning another attack. River's hardly healed completely, and to bring more humans... yikes.

Speaking of River, she's been trying and trying to become a mother with Grass but nothing's working. She's been writing furiously in her own journal and I get the feeling she's letting out her frustrations in that way.

Have to wrap up this entry. Sun's going to rise soon.

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