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I'm afraid... I cannot sense my mama outside... where is she? Where is papa?

I cannot smell my kin; I am afraid to hatch... but there is a large crack in my shell... should I go out...?

I long for fresh air... long for it, even though none of it has ever reached me...

Wait... I hear someone... someone... a friend...

Should I? Yes... I shall. When the time comes, I will search for this friend. She is very, very close...


A young silver egg/hatchling sat on the edge of the makeshift nest. Elisa stroked the egg, crooning softly to it.

" Elisa," murmered Valdrix (using telepathy), " Perhaps you should give up... go to sleep."

" But Valdy," said Elisa, " It already has a huge crack in it! I can't go to sleep now!"

The cheese dragon sighed. " Ah, well. I tried."

Elisa laughed. " Oh you silly, don't worry about me! Worry about yourself, being a huge, edible chunk of cheese!"

Valdrix's face composed into something that looked like a smile. " Don't try to eat me; I taste terrible."

Elisa made a face, but jumped when she heard a loud crack. The egg had spit into three pieces, and a glowing baby dragon sat there, looking confused.

" Valdrix..." Elisa whispered, " I... I think it hatched!"



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Dear journal,


Angela and I have been hiding in the back of the cave for the past few days. Angela got our journals, so we could right again, but...


So, several of the eggs and hatchlings grew up. Our friend named the pink Private Prinny, the abyss Yuan Ka-Fai, the bluna Solus Undine, and the sunset Arche Klaine. But what's worrying is this one hatchling.


Her egg was a strange cold black egg with bloodred markings that smelled dead. The half-elf insisted that it was alive, and so we let her care for it. It hatched into a pathetic little thing that lay still as if dead. Our friend left a bowl of water by it. Angela and I crept over about sunset to bury it, when it inched over, drank the water, and fell still again. We backed off.


Time passed, and she grew her wings and started to become more active, though she sticks to the shadows. Her name is Lucia Blackwell, and she has a strange accent. Everyone else likes her, but Angela and I remembered how the seemingly-dead dragon had been so unnerving. We've been hiding in a side corridor. It can only be opened from the inside, and the entrance to get in to open it is just small enough that Angela could squeeze her way in. It's open to the top, and I've been hunting for both of us. I shudder to think of what will happen when Lucia grows up. Our half-elf friend seems to like Lucia, though she's rather wary. I don't blame her. I just hope that our friend can keep Lucia in line.


Scared of a hatchling and not ashamed to admit it,


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Dear Journal,


This is my first official entry. The sun shines down into my part of the cave, and the air is sweet and clear. It feels so... so free...


The voice I heard belonged to a fleshy (a human). She feeds me scraps of meat and a few bright things she calls 'carrots'. There is a dragon that is made out of cheese that always sits by her. * giggle *. He says I should not eat him, for he tastes nasty. I have decided not to take the risk of having sour cheese between my jaws. I'd rather have to... er... nevermind.


The fleshy (Elisa) caught another split egg. She seem impatient for the eggs to hatch. I see many other hatchlings here, and wonder how she keeps track of all of us. She tells me that only two of us hatchlings--me and the striped hatchling--will ever grow up. She says that she captured, raises, and freezes the others because she feels sorry for them, and they will help her catch a vampire egg. I don't see how they will help her get a vampire egg, and besides, I don't trust the vampires. To think they could have bitten me when I was an egg, and taken me away from my parents!


Speaking of my parents, kind Elisa explains that another kind-hearted fleshy (Kadoatie) gave me to her in return for a striped hatchy. I sometimes catch glimpses of the red striped dragon, but have not had the courage to speak to her. She seems to have no name.


I was sick from something for a few hours, but got beter quickly becuse I was hidden in a cloud of fog. smile.gif The fog was purdy--er, I mean pretty. tongue.gif


The white striped hatchling that I have befriended had not gendered, either. I guess I will call him a he. As an egg, I was influenced by a pink to become a girl, but Elisa's brother stabbed the poor pink, square in the heart. I wonder if this will effect my gender...?


Valdrix, the cheese dragon, is sort of like a father to me. My mama was a black dragon, and my papa was a silver dragon, like me. But I never knew my papa, only his scent... same for mama... but Valdrix is very kind. I have vowed to not eat him, even if starvation threatens my life. Valdrix is like a papa.


I want to make a friend outside of my corner of the cave, however. I want to meet more dragons; different blood.


I wandered outside the nest once, and saw a forest full of untamed dragons. I wonder if the hatchlings there like to play stone, paper, silver (rock, paper, scissors)? Ah, well, tommorrow I go see.



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Dear Journal,

yes. It has been a long time. A long time since i have written in you. Maybe it because I'm busy? Well, whatever.


So, a lot has happened since I last wrote in you, let alone picked you up. The two new Electric dragons finally bred and egg. It was their breed ( obviously). not only that, but the new Canopy Dragons bred too. they also got an egg. I'm sort of happy and I'm sort of not. they got to keep their eggs. Qualeo, my owner, has never let me keep my eggs.


Anyways, the new Vampire bit an egg a long time ago. It changed, but was thrown out by Vexina. She hates vampires and doesn't want another one in the cave. One day i am going to challenge Vexina. she has no right to act like the boss of the cave!



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Dear Journal.


A couple of days ago two of our vampires bited eggs. First, Bloody Shirley bited an Electric egg, and Play was going to give it away to a friend, but before her friend catch it, Acko Scrawl get mad of some reason and fly away with it so somebody else tooked it. I feel sorry for Play´s friend, but I kind of happy that he did it. I dont like vampires either, exept Sir Bite ofcourse. He was an New Pink before, like me, but Bloody Shirley was so stupid and bite him. Oh I wish that Sir Bite wasnt a vampire, I love him so much.


Anyway, Play let her newest vampire, Countess Required Blood, bite to. It became a vampire, and first Acko was going to fly away with that egg to, but Berli stopped him. He dont like Acko, because he want to be the leader of the Black Dragons, which Berli is.


So that egg stayed, but Play kept that egg. She thought that she would let the new vampire bite again, and maybe give away that egg to her friend. I hope she does, I dont want more vampires here.



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January 26, 2010;

The last thing I can remember after that I hatched is that I found myself in the darkness. Many eggs surrounded me, and I thought I saw some hatchlings too. I saw how dragons came and looked at us, they took others, but none took me.

I started to feel lonely; I watched the cracks in one egg that a black male laid down a bit from me. Suddenly, a strange dragon with red eyes appeared and lifted me up. He took me to a cave where many other dragons were. I can’t even name how many they were; I can’t count that high. He let go of me and unsure I watched around the cave.

Where am I…? Who and what am I...? the mysterious thoughts flew around in my little head while I searched after the answers in a group of eggs that laid beside me.

Then I saw the two big green eyes that watched me. They belonged to a black female dragon. Her eyes had a friendly look when I watched deep inside of them.

“I found her among the other eggs in the abandoned area.” the one that spoke was the dragon that had brought me here.

“I guessed so, since I haven’t seen any of you in the clan bite any eggs lately.” the black female said with soft voice. “And you want me to take care of her now for you; won’t you Pasech?”

Slowly I turned around and looked at the dragon that stood close to me.

“I’ll help you, since it’s a vampire.” he said and watched me as I rose up.

“You will help me?” she said and laughed. “That’s nonsense Pasech! You can’t even take care of yourself quite well, my dear.”

I didn’t want to hear thus two argue, so I walked slowly away from them.

“Where’re you going sweetie?” the black female said and followed me deeper inside of the cave.

Some of the adults smiled at me when they saw me. After a while something pushed me hard in my left side. I fell helpless to the ground. I was scared and tried to hide under the black female.

“Who’s that Nelivani? Where did you find her?” I didn’t dare look who it was that spoke.

“I don’t know who she is, but she’s our newest member of the family. So be nice and don’t push anyone again if they don’t know you’re there, Home.” the black female said and I felt how she pushed me somewhere.

Scared I opened one eye and then I found myself staring into another black dragons’ face. But she was also young, just like me. Oh well, she was a bit older though.

“Hi, they named me I’m home again, but everyone calls me Home. Do you have a name?” she said gently and smiled.

“Home, we haven’t named her yet, and I think Pasech want to name her since he was the one that found her.” the black female said.

“Did Pasech find her? Gosh, are you sure he didn’t bite an egg and then hide it from us?” the young dragon said and stared at the black female she called Nelivani. “I’m sure he did so… He’s evil!”

“I trust his word, and you should do it too young lady.” Nelivani said with soft voice.

“E-eaxedy…” I whispered. “I’m Eaxedy… But what am I?”

“Welcome, Eaxedy, welcome to the clan.” the voice came from the female dragon that came closer from deeper within the cave. “You’re a vampire my girl. Daughter of the night, just like me.”

I stared at the female dragon that spoke. She was like a replica of me, though, she was larger, older, and seems to be surer of herself than what I am.

Now I know what I am... A vampire… The vampire Eaxedy… Daughter of the night…





Maybe not much of a jornal, it's more like a short story from one day in her life... She want to be a better writer... o;


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Dear journal:


Somebody really ought to tell Mort that he isn't a Purple. We awoke this morning to find that all the eggs and hatchlings has vanished. After trying, and failing to get everyone calmed, I ventured into the lair of the Vampire dragons. And, just as I suspected, Mort was curled up around the eggs and hatchlings. I couldn't help noticing that the other four were sleeping further back.


This isn't the first time he's done this, either. It's started to become a frequent thing.


~~Dancing Arya~~

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Dear Journal,


The forest is dark and peaceful--everything is quiet... but everyone is also very rude. There are also some very strange things here... there is a dragon I once saw in my cave. I can only wonder why he is here.


I'm sitting on a patch of 'dragon's moss', writing with a small stock covered in berry juice. I will inform you that one of the split eggs has a crack in it. Elisa neary squealed in delight when she saw this. I asked Valdrix why she does this--he says she is hyperventilating (in a good way).


I see gold hatchlings nearby; they look like they haven't been cared for as well as I: their scales are worn down, they're thin as sticks, and their glow is somewhat dull. 'Tis a shame they have no master or mistress to feed and groom them; they look a sight!


Uh oh... got to go! I see a red wild dragon approaching!




" Hey, Valdrix,' asked Elisa, " Where is Silver? I missed her during feeding time."

" How should I know?" Valdrix growled. " She's young--bound to run off. She mentioned something about a forest, though; that's all I've got."

Elisa paled. " V-V-Valdrix... what if she wandered into the wilderness? The wild dragons might take her..."

" Good point." said Valdrix. " I'll go see if Red knows."

" Hang on a sec, Valdy," said Elisa. " If you decide to go to the wilderness... find Atsurayo. Tell him... tell him I'm sorry for letting him go. He deserves an apology-- and it'll help me sleep if I know he's accepted it; if he's alright..."

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January 30th, 2010


Dear Journal,


Well, just as we expected, the vampire egg has hatched. All of the guardians, including the mother of this poor egg, is keeping a sharp eye out on it. We all are waiting for it to gender, because right now it's just.... Dead looking. It doesn't move, and we don't even know if it's alive. Half of us want to just abandon it, but our master thinks otherwise.


We're wondering what's going on with this. Why is this vampire so special to our master? I'll keep you updated with information about the vampire soon.


~ Keisha Jericho, the Guardian of the Cave

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Dear Journal,


Elisa was panicking because she could not find any of us, not even Valdrix. We could hear her screaming from where we were; "WHERE ARE THEY?!?! WHERE ARE MY BABIES?!?!". When she finally found us, she was screaming and sobbing, and wailing about unexpected maintenance. I have no idea what she meant by this, but it was probably not good.


A new egg found its way to our nest; it feels cold to the touch, and it smell rotten, but Elisa says that it is alive. When I asked Valdrix, he told me what it really was: a Vampire egg. He says they do not breed, but instead they infect eggs through a bite, sometimes killing the egg. I don't trust it. Neither does Valdrix. He says that it is a killer waiting to be born. Meh, maybe this one is different, though.


Elisa sure got mad at me for wandering off to the wilderness, though. She says I could have died!!! *yawn*. Well, it's time to go to sleep, and time for the nocturnal dragons and the daydream dragons to have their fun.




" I just don't get it, Valdrix!" Elisa stared into the fire, her eyes reflecting the flames. " How could you attack him? You grew up with him!"

"I...I...I had to. He was a threat to my life. He's gone; he no longer respects any of us."

" Atsurayo? Gone?" Elisa cried. " I raised him since he was an egg! I know him better than anyone else!"

" He hates you." Valdrix's black eyes filled with sorrow and disgust. " I know I grew up with him, but now I must end him. And if you shall not help me, I will find others!"

" Valdrix!" Elisa cried, " What are you saying! NO!"

But Valdrix had left, into the darkness of the night.

" VALDRIX!!!" Elisa shook, then ran over to the nest. With one arm, she stroked young Silver, and with the other she grasped the vampire egg.

Her eyes glittered with unspent tears, and she looked at the entrance to the cave, where Valdrix had just exited. " Somehow, I'll make things right."

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Dear Journal,


Ms. Eryes went on a long ride into a big village she called Portland today, looking for a special book but couldn't get it. The book seller had it listed in stock but it wasn't there like she had hoped and this book was very important to her. She had to be put on a waiting list for this book. Ms. Eryes calls herself a bookwork, she loves to read books a lot.


Well we also have some new nest siblings. Even though Lona has grown up she seems kind of annoyed that Ms. Eryes brings in all these other dragons to keep. I think it's because the electric egg Ms. Eryes brought back last night shocked her when she put her face too close to it. There is another split egg, which is a second generation from what Ms. Eryes mentioned. Now she's thinking about getting another leaf egg for me to grow up with, hopefully as a mate. I would really like one some day.


Jambu Kermillian

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Dear journal-


We are all toast. Lucia grew up safely. She pretends to be polite enough to the adults, ignores our half-elf friend completely... and won't stop staring at us hatchlings like I watch a rabbit. She bit a freshly-brought-in nocturne egg, and it turned into an egg just like the one she came out of. Luckily, our half-elf friend is looking to trade it away, but Lucia can make more of her kind.






When I passed too close to Lucia earlier, she swatted me away. I would have broken a wing when I hit the wall, but thankfully Sabishii caught me and took me back to our hideout.


I can only pray that the vampire doesn't find it.


Terrified, sore, and hoping we swap that devil egg for a real dragon,

Angela Negai.

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Dear Journal


I dont think Boxroom loves me anymore. I know he thinks that Im pretty, but I dont think he loves me. We have only get one egg, one egg! He knows that I want more eggs, but he doesnt cares about it.


And its so cold in the cave, I want to go out. But its cold outside to. I want summer again, so I can lay in the sun and just relax.


From, the ice-cold Dorsal dragon,


Dorsal Pearl

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The Coven's revenge is harsh and swift. I convinced Kazutaka, Vergil's adopted brother, and one of Zaahir's clan to give up a hatchling from both families to trade for a Vampire hatchling, to try and appease the Coven. Genesis' aura seemed less dark when I led the little female to him, which he named Erica almost on sight. The other hatchling has yet to gender from what I've seen.


I have asked Genesis to stop this mindless revenge. He said he will consider it. I just hope Dante and Vergil don't start this up again once the two new vampires bite their own eggs. Otherwise this will never end.


I need to talk to the Oracles...


Shiro Saki




Book of Shadows,


With Winter, my powers grow. I have been peering into the future, and I have looked for the end of this war between the Devilslayers/Darkslayers and the Vampire Coven. I am not happy to say I see no end in sight. If Dante or Vergil choose to avenge their kin, I fear Shizune will get involved, whether it be on the side of her grandfather or Genesis, the Vampire she helped raise. My daughter sees a connection between the daughter of the Zombies and the Vampire Leader...


I hope I am wrong.


Fuyu no Hanabi

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February 1st, 2010


Dear Journal,


My master is extra happy today. She keeps on telling us about that today is the day she was born. Kind of like a hatchday for dragons, but I'm pretty sure it's different for some humans. She's been out all day, and came back with food they call cake. It didn't smell as good as it looked..


She also came back to that vampire hatchling gendered. I wasn't on duty at the time, so I didn't know when it happened. The other guardians of the cave noticed it was almost as nasty as the other vampires we raised. It's lingering around that speckled egg my master brought home the other day. Found it abandoned by a cave.


Luckily one of the white dragons in the cave took the speckled egg in, so she's caring for it like it was her own. We are getting a bad vibe from the vampire. It turned out to gender female, and our master named it a really odd name. Her name is Xuff0 Rahkxtu0 ke Mo. We don't know what language it is, but none of us understand it except for us..


I'll keep you updated about the vampire.. Maybe this time, like the other vampires, it won't bite an egg. Let's just hope for the best.


~Keisha Jericho, the Guardian of the cave

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I find less time to write in you. Sorry. I shall tell you a fact, my papernacked friend- I will be writing less often. Only when something comes up or I really need to pour out my feelings, I shall resort to you.


Anyway, I need someone to talk to. Let us keep this a secret... until I confirm my suspicions. In my very first entry, I mentioned that our race's senses are more advanced and such. Why did I mention this? Because I feel something... and it isn't good.


I was awakened last night. There was a vibration in the cave floor, I swear. I asked the other vampires about this, but they didn't understand a thing I was saying. Could I be hallucinating or something? I hope so. The next night, I was awakened again. No, I did not feel any vibrations any more. I just felt... awkward and the slightest bit scared. Instinct, perhaps? Not sure.


I hope I was just nervous. I really REALLY do.


~Vit Buveur, Leader of the Vampire Covens

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January 29, 2010;

Try to breathe slowly, don’t let anyone know you’re there yet, let them only see the shadows and nothing else. Stay focus for the devil’s sake!

I tried as hard as I could. Pasech’s words have drifted through my mind since I grew up. Even though I try my hardest to get stronger than what I am, everyone in the clan seems to hate me because they think I am too weak. Oh well, hate, maybe is too strong to describe what they think about me.

I am jealous of the pride and confides Home got and the easy way Nelivani is. But I am must jealous of the strength our clan leader, Curse, have. She never shows any weakness and seems to always know what to do…

I've had lain sad whole day deep within the cave, just to get away from everyone.

“Something’s bothering your mind, young one?” the old white dragon said suddenly.

I slowly rose my head and watched deep within his blue eyes, just as blue as the water the sea dragons live in.

“None of your business Sheo.” I said with low voice.

“Eaxedy, you should have learned by now that you’re a part of our family.” he said. “So you can’t say something like that, ever again. Understood?”

I didn’t answer, I even felt weak and helpless against the oldest dragon in the cave even though that he wasn’t a part of the vampire clan.

“Tell me, what’s wrong?” Sheo said gently

“I don’t like when they all are so disappointed at me…” I said in a whisper. “Its like they all are angry at me because I am not as strong as they’re…”

“Don’t be sad my dear child.” Sheo said. “One day, you might be stronger than all of them. Just wait and see.”

“I won’t… I’ll never… It’s impossible! I am too weak!” I cried after him when he walked away.

I never told anyone about the shame I felt nor ignored the fact that I’ll be known as the weak one in whole my life. It can’t be helped, that’s who I am.

But the things Sheo said that day is still drifting through my mind… Can I be true? The weakest will be the strongest…?

I am a vampire. I am the vampire Eaxedy, I am daughter of the night.



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Things have been moving through the shadows. Dark things, I see them against my eyelids when I try to grasp the fleeting illusion of sleep, watching, waiting... loathing. My scales itch and burn at the fear I unwillingly possess at these creatures, these demons even my eyes cannot see clearly. I can hear them too-- scratching at the walls of the caves, leafing through the pages of my books, hissing inside my skull.


I remember those noises, those feelings... All Hallow's Eve was when I last felt them. When my love was ripped from this life, and my parents transformed into monsterous beings, creatures devoid of life, of emotion, rotting, putrid puppets--- ...I shouldn't think of that. Dark thoughts such as those will only drag me into the Hells that await at the recesses of my shattered mind. Yes, I know I am insane, how could I not be seeing those monstrosities?


Cursed, Dante, my Grandsire, has declaired war on my only remaining friends. Genesis and his kin are kind to me, and I feel connected to them in ways I have not been since my soul still bathed itself in light. I despise him for this. Genesis and Yami no Uta can also see and hear the shadows that rob me of sleep. They say that they cannot tell me what they are, as even they do not know... How helpful. If Dante continues to try and hurt Genesis, I will step in to defend him. After all, we walk the same path, he and I...


I wonder if it is possible to become a vampire as an adult.


Shizune Dorkface,

Fallen Silver

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Dear Journal.


Today, I was outside. I just wanted to go outside the cave, Vehicles was getting on my nerves. He laughed at me all the time, and the worst that Nouve laughed to.. I cant help it, I really like her, but she doesnt like me.. anymore. She liked me before, we have a son together, Kyrocko. Kyrocko loves Heyajna, so he kind of understands me, but she love him to.


So, I fly outside. I one of the few how can fly out, Im one of the Weather-dragons, so I can fly outside almost any time I want.


I was so angry at Vehicles, so I made snow, very very much snow. I know Play is going to be mad. She loves snow, but not when its to much. "To much its never good", Play always says.


Maybe when its Valentine Im going to tell my feelings to Nouve again, maybe she still loves me.



Edited by Play

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(A journal entry from HeartClan)


Dear Journal,


Choco has encouraged me to start writing my adventures down as entries in this puny, little book. I know my friend has good intentions but she acts like my mother sometimes.


Anyways, I lead a clan of dragons known as HeartClan. We are a very small group at the moment since The War of the Red Sky destroyed many great Guardians.


I have just given Willow-Hatchling her full Guardian name: Willowstream. Her mother would be proud...


I have to go now. Our clan need to look for more recruits.




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Dear Journal,

Ms. Eryes is doing okay lately. She's actually come up with some interesting names for the hatchlings she got. Audra has a new sister named Kaida, who is also an electirc like her. The bluna Ms. Eryes got was named Aysu Dusk Thuwed, a weird name but apparently a Thuwed is an important dragon lineage like a Dorkface. I want another canopy dragon for a mate but until the hatchlings grow up Ms. Eryes won't be able to get more eggs. I think Lona is getting lonely too. That legendary eletric one has bonded well with Audra and Kaida, I think they want it to gender male too. Now the split egg that Ms. Eryes bred was influenced by Sir Eros to be male. I think that bunch of dragons will be happy for more males in its group.


Well that's it for now.


Jambu Kermillian

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The wards don't seem to affect me. None of the Coven knows why, either. I take it as a small blessing in an otherwise dark world, as that means I can grab an egg for the monthly biting and not get held up at the wards. Genesis does not seem to mind, and Yami no Uta chuckled when I told her, as if she knew something. That dame knows a lot of things I could never hope to know...


The small hatchling who is a cousin of mine has yet to gender. We are getting worried. It is an adorable, tiny thing, but is strong and hard-skinned already. Maybe because it was a Stone before being changed. I play with it when I the other Vampires are out hunting, and when they return, I go out with Genesis through the secret passage way.


I enjoy my time with him... We talk of many things, fools and kings... But something he said late last night is bothering me.


"The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love... And be loved in return." The waning moon, just now rising over the highest peak of the Eastern Border, cast Genesis' form in a silloette. But I could still sence his ruby gaze upon my silver hide, glaringly bright in the moonlight.


"From the way you speak... Have you ever loved, Genesis?" I could only just hear his dark chuckle, and he all but dissapeared as a cloud covered the moon. I didn't recall him being close enough to any of the female Vampires to constitute as love, or even a passing fling, and I had been an adult far before Genesis was even an egg.


"Yes, Disargeta, I have... But for who, I cannot say." The pet name, which I have never been able to figure out, made me cock my head. The Elder only used that name when he knew something obvious that I did not. I frowned, taking a step closer.


"And why not?" I demanded cooly in my best even tone.


"Well, dearest Shizune, I just don't feel the need. You'll figure it out in due time." His laughter, rare accept in the deepest of nights when the Coven hunted together, bounced off the rocks and was gone. When the moon came out from behind the clouds, I saw he was gone. Sighing, I was forced to go back to the Dungeon.


I still can't figure it out. Maybe Yami knows...


Shizune Dorkface

Fallen Silver

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dear journal


his adventure began with being born his name is Thundercloud he has yet to be born but he has 3 others they have yet to be born as well. Thundercloud grows in his egg being the first born Thundercloud is treated differnt then his siblings his owner hopes its a boy but he wouldn't care what gender.

the egg has a few cracks Thundercloud is nearing birth but he still has a long way to go. then there is the triplets Castform,Scar and Zilla. Zilla has 3 stripes on his shell Castform matches the weather and is closest to hatching and Scar got his name from a small accident that happened shortly after he arrived.

Castform may be the first to hatch but Thundercloud will always be first.

end for now

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February 2nd, 2010


Dear Journal,


I knew it. I just knew we should have left that vampire egg outside the cave to die. Xuff0 Rahkxtu0 ke Mo has grown up today, and almost right after she bit an egg our master had brought home. She killed the hatchling inside. The poor thing.


Xuff0 Rahkxtu0 ke Mo left the cave soon after. Most of us think she went with the other vampires who lurk around the cave. I've been keeping a sharp eye out for any of them, keeping an eye on the eggs in the cave too. Protecting them with whatever I have.


The magi dragoness is very upset. Not because her egg had been bitten and transformed into a vampire, but because when Xuff0 Rahkxtu0 ke Mo grew up, she killed an egg almost immediately. The yong lady Magi thought that Xuff0 Rahkxtu0 ke Mo would have some good in her and not try to make more of her kind.


Our master isn't happy about the recent death in the family, either. It's been the second egg since she had been in this cave that died, and she was trying to keep a clean record I presume. Hopefully we will be able to stop the next vampire attack, or at least make the decision to throw the egg out of the cave if one should get bitten.


The good news is, the newest addition to the family gendered female. Our master is pretty happy with that, considering we already have two male Blunas in our cave.


~Keisha Jericho, the Guardian of the cave

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February 3, 2010;

Dawn had almost arrived when Curse came to me after the night’s journey. She looked deep inside of my eyes, it felt like she searched through my soul.

“What have I done now?” I asked with low voice, unsure of what to do or how to react.

“I’m worried about you Eaxedy.” she said.

“About me? Why?” I asked, surprised to hear our clan leader tell me that.

“It feels like you ain’t taking us as your family.” she said and I saw the shame she felt. “I know we have been hard on you. But we only want what we think is best for you. And the only thing we know you have to change is you strength.”

“I take you as my family. I promise.” I said with soft voice. “It’s just that I can’t bare it anymore.”

“Forgive us.” she said and bowed. “Forgive me.”

I stared at her. The clan leader, bowed to me? It must be a dream. Yes, that’s the only logical solution of all this. The other clan members came into the cave when the first sunlight broke through the clouds outside. They all bowed, even proud Pasech.

Slowly I nodded, yes, it’s a dream. Never in life would Pasech bow to me.

Still something told me, deep inside of my mind that this wasn’t a dream. I felt how the tears tried to break through, but I blinked them away.

“Please, forgive us, young Eaxedy.” Curse said and watched deep inside of my eyes again.

They were truly sorry; I could see it in her eyes.

I am a vampire. I am the vampire Eaxedy, I am daughter of the night.






February 4, 2010;

“Oh, my dear Yodim…” I whispered when I saw him walk away with Christmas out in the sunlight. “Have I done something wrong my dear?”

I wanted to cry, but I didn’t. In silence I watched Yodim as he played with Christmas in the glittering snow. I didn’t bother to smile, why should I? I’ve as much right as anyone else to be sad.

“Grandma!” the happy voice from young Home woke me up. “Do you want to play with me, Midnight, Nikki, Saphir, Kycoo and Tenal? Pleaseee?”

I slowly watched down at Home who sat beside me with her friends. All of them watched at me with big eyes that sparkled with hope and enthusiasm.

“I’m sorry dear, I don’t feel so good, and I don’t want to be ill these days.” I said with soft voice.

“Okay…” Home said with sad voice. “Then we should try to find someone else! Come on guys!”

All of them ran away, but Midnight stayed. He watched me with sadness in his eyes.

“What’s wrong mama?” he asked.

“Nothing you have to bother with son.” I said and tried to smile. “Go and play with your friends now.”

“Midnight!” Home’s voice echoed through the cave.

He slowly rose up, still watching me.

“Don’t be sad mama” he said gently before he ran away too.

I watched out again and saw that some of the other young ones had joined Yodim and Christmas. All of them smiled happy to each other and laughed.

“I’m sure it’s nothing mama.” Nelivani said suddenly.

“I don’t know what to do…” I said and felt how the tears were near to break through. “I don’t even know what he’s thinking about me anymore, it have been weeks now since he said a word to me. It’s like he have found someone else that he -”

I couldn’t continue, instead I wiped away the few tears that had broke through.

“Oh, mama.” Nelivani said with her sweet soft voice. “I can talk with papa for you. I don’t want you two to be apart, you’re meant to be together.”

“No, don’t bother you with it dear.” I said. “Please don’t make me seem weak to him, if there’re anyone else in his life that’s better than me…”

“None is a better mother than what you’re, so don’t say such a thing,” Nelivani said. “But then I suggest you should talk with Valentine, if anyone knows what to do, it’s she.”

I didn’t answer, instead I watched away from both Yodim and Nelivani.

“Please mama, talk with Valentine as soon as possible!” Nelivani begged. “I don’t want you and papa so far away from each other! You still love papa and I’m sure he still loves you too!”

I wished I could be as sure as my daughter, but when Yodim passed us without even look at me. I wasn’t strong enough to believe it. I closed my eyes so I that wouldn’t cry again.

Why do you put me through this Yodim? Please, don’t make me believe our love meant nothing to you!



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