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IOUs: Gold egg from Help I'm A Dragon x My-Name-Is-Inigo-Montoya for Agent_DaffodilI swear I'm going to cry if they keep giving me Sun eggs ;~;Free to good home: Sanity. I clearly no longer have use for it, judging by the names of some of my dragons.>>Wishlist<<I'm Raptor, back from the dead after a two year hiatus.I show up here and there, but for the most part, I only reply to PMs, or very rarely in a trading post.WildClawCat.pngThough I don't actively talk with the group very much, I'm still a member of NDScience.

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    Right behind you.
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    Mods: My younger sister runs the scroll Eggshelter from my computer. I only own Wildclawcat.

    My mother, Reboninfire, uses her laptop to access her scroll.


    I'm not often on the forums, but you'll find me here and there.

    If you would like me to breed any of my dragons, please do not hesitate to ask =]

    Any dead eggs found on my scroll are failed Vampire bites. Almost all of them were CB commons or inbreds.



    I REFUSE to take Balloon or Spotted Greenwing eggs. If I end up with one on my scroll, it's bite-fodder.

    Other sites:
    Magistream: AFireInTheSnow
    Flight Rising: CrossedUnversed
    GPX+: Raptor Dragonchild