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    Sleeping under my rock.
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    I am not currently active, but I get email notifications.

    I will breed any of my dragons at request, but that kinda depends on whether or not you can catch me in time.

    I don't intend on changing any of my dragon names, and I work hard to not lose them. However, I'm always open to trades, if you have something I like.

    For my personal armies:

    -2nd gen Pebble male x female pink (Either breed)
    -2nd gen Pebble female x male red (Either breed)
    -2nd gen Pebble male x female gold (Either breed)
    -2nd gen female silver x Pebble male (Either breed)
    -2nd gen metals (or more specifically)
    Female Silver x Thunder;
    Female Silver x Spring;
    Female Silver x Sunsong;
    Female Silver x Sweetling;
    PB Silver
    Female Silver x White
    Male Silver x Gray
    Male Silver x Waterhorse
    Male Silver x Trihorn
    Male Silver x Vine
    Frill x Female Gold
    Turpentine x Female Gold
    Pebble x Female Gold
    !!(Priority)!! Male Gold x Walker
    PB Gold
    Male Gold x Red
    Female Verdigis x male Silver
    -Highly Inbred Water Walkers (The more inbred, the better)
    -Any hatchling