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    I'm not going to trade offspring from the Arcana alts for anything except neat codes and (for now) 2G prizes from breeds I sprited. So don't ask, thanks :) Also, if I find out you've been stalking the alts to see when they're bred and harassing ANYONE with an altkin, you'll be immediately blacklisted from all trading with me.

    If you DO have a really nice code though, let me know because I may be willing to work that out :3c

    Really nice here meaning perfect real-word codes, real name codes, really nice 4-letter codes, and fandom references that I understand.
    Note: I have a very strong preference for CB or pretty lineage codes. It has to be an extremely good code if the lineage is bad.

    I used to collect TCA and all-number codes but no longer do.

    2G Prizes/2G prizekin I'm interested in:
    -2G Arcana from gold Shimmer
    -2G silver Shimmer from Aeria Gloris
    -2G any prize from Stratos

    I don't go on the official or unofficial Discord. Anyone claiming to be me on these channels is an imposter, and am best reached by forum PM. If we already talk another way, you know how to reach me.

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