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Sierra Rose Mist,

I grew up two nights ago with Bright Crest. I'm a breath-takingly beautiful Sunsong. Speaking of us, I tried to tell him that I liked him, but he wasn't paying attention. He was too busy talking to Clouded☻ I still love him, though♥

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10th day, 4th month, 2010th year



Three days ago, I matured into an adult. I suppose many days have passed since my mistress, Bo, submitted a journal entry from the Bo Clan here. Currently I have no name, but I am a male nebula wyvern. Tonight, I will have 2,374 copies of different stars on my purple-tinted wings and dark body. I know because while I am writing, I am forming the reflections on my skin. I know that the female unnamed nebula wyvern, whom I am in love with, will be forming one less star copy then I. Yes, I did mention that I do love Her. She is beautiful, but She seems to not be very interested in me. I tried to mate with Her right before the vampires were going off to sleep, but She stuck Her shin up and sauntered away. I am very disappointed; I adore Her dearly, but She has no interest in me!


Oh; I see Bo strolling up to me. She just asked me if I would like a name. Of course! She is currently thinking as I continue to write. Wait....she has just decided that my name will be Bo's Orion, after the constellation of a hunter. I approve. I adore the name almost as much as I do Her. Her, being the unnamed nebula female. I wonder what I should do about my love for Her, and the fact that She does not love me back...yet. Perhaps I could get one of the StrongMagic users to cast a love spell upon Her....but I could not do that to Her. I just couldn't! That would be a terrible crime; for a male to cast a spell upon a female that forces Her to love him. I just don't know what to do.


I am very uncertain if my love will ever come around...


Until next time,

Bo's Orion ; male nebula


4th month, 10th day, 2010th year



Greetings! This is the first entry I will bestow upon my journal! I am an unnamed female nebula wyvern. I just matured two days ago, and my mistress, Bo, is still pondering a name for me. Wait...Bo just inquired to me if the name 'Bo's Hydra', after the constellation of the female water snake, would suit my fancy. I love it so! Almost as much as Orion, the newly-named male nebula wyvern, loves me. He attempted to seduce me to mate with him very early this morning, but I was not interested. I think if I were to engage in a loving relationship with him, all he would do is caress me about how beautiful I am. I mean, I am not trying to gloat, but my gorgeous blue-tinted wings seem to capture many males' interest. Speaking of my wings, tonight I will be forming 2,373 star copies on my body, three more than last night. I know that Orion will be forming one more than I will.


I am trying to get used to having large, adult wings instead of the tinier hatchling wings I used only a day or so ago. When I was a small hatchling without wings, it felt even odder. I know that Orion felt that weirdness for only a day, while Bo was on a hiatus for a week, when he grew his wings still having 6 days to live. Orion matured a day before I did, three days ago, and I grew wings shortly after he matured, then I matured the next day. I wonder why Orion loves me. I wonder if he is writing about me in his diary (even though he probably calls it a journal), or if he knows I am writing about him. I wonder if I will ever produce eggs with him, or love him, or...I wonder so many things...


All this wondering has made me rather drowsy, and I think I am going to go take a minuscule nap. Good day, diary!



Bo's Hydra ; female nebula

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Dear Journal,



Today was my second week in this world. It's definitely an eventful place (even more so when you're a vampire like me!) and that just makes it better. Well, anyway, today I had my first taste of blood. Yes, it's a bit late, but I hadn't been able to catch anything sooner, and the adult dragons of my clan insisted that I hunt myself. Speaking of adults, one of them, Tawni, an autumn dragon, seems to dislike me quite a bit. I'm not totally sure why, but I think it's because I'm a vampire dragon, and somehow that disgusts her or something. Ok, now I'm just rambling, I'll stop now. Today, Rosebreast, a bright-breasted wyvern, brought an odd white-spotted yellow egg to the clan's cave. I was curious, and no one was looking, so... I kicked it. It was heavy, and that made it quite a bit of fun to kick, so I had myself a little game of kick-the-egg, until that bully Tawni saw me. She gave me a sound scolding, and then cuffed me hard over the head. My head still hurts. Oh no, here she comes... time to run...



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Elisa, Silver, and Valdrix sat on the edge of the cliff. Elisa twirled a daisy in one hand, holding a small, white egg in the other, Silver glanced off into the sunset, and Valdrix was taking an uneasy glance at the hatchlings every now and then. Elisa noticed this.


“ Valdrix,” she said softly, “ You can trust Te’ijal and Gyendal. And besides, they can only bite eggs.”


" He's just paranoid. Ignore him." Silver said.


“ I don’t know if I can trust them.” growled Valdrix, “ Considering what they did to poor Harpy.”


Elisa glared. “ Valdrix, that was an accident. And besides, Valmor and Valmortia are entertaining them. And Allegro and Soprano are taking care of the hatchlings.


Valdrix looked. Two pink dragons, the adoptive brother and sister pair, were chatting up a storm with the vampires. The vampires were grinning, both of them, as they tore apart a chunk of meat and devoured it, while listening to the other two. And two white dragons, mates, were playing with the small hatchlings. Silver nodded in approval at the nest, but cringed at the vampires.


“ And…” Elisa continued, “ The vampires can’t bite right now. And, just in case something does happen, I have the only egg right here.” she held up the small, white egg.


Esmeraldo, who had been listening, almost snorted flames when he saw the egg.


“ You call THAT an egg?” he laughed. “ It’s so SMALL.”


“ Shut up, Ez,” Elisa snarled, “ Or I’ll kill you right now.”


And at that, Esmeraldo fell silent, and it was Valdrix and Silver’s turn to laugh…




Dear Diary,


The snow is beginning to clear, and a beautiful fog is coming.

The spring hatchling is so fun to play with, but its parents are so protective of it. My mommy and daddy abandoned me. The other hatchling never moves, and it’s really ugly. I hope I don’t have to sleep next to it.

It’s funny. Last night, I got a gash on my side, but was able to heal it. And Elisa says she has a surprise. I luv suprises!!!


Well, bye!


~The White Hatchling




Dear Diary,


Today I escaped from mommy and daddy to play with the white hatchling. It’s the only playmate in the cave that I REALLY want to play with. The frozens are too grown up, and the vampire is really ugly and stupid. I hate the vampire. I hope it drowns in the mud pit.

There are two new eggs in the “nest”. One is a white egg, and the other is a small egg, three times smaller than the other one. But Elisa coos and cuddles over it. I think we should fry it for breakfast.




~The Spring Hatchling




Dear Diary,


Everyone hates me. They say I’m small, weak, ugly, and dumb. But I’m not! I have talent they could have never dreamed of!


* smirks *


Well, I guess if they hate me so much, I’ll just wait ‘till they grow up, then I’ll do them a favor by biting their eggs. A few eggs—it doesn’t matter.


Oh, no! Here come those other hatchlings!


~The Vampire that Nobody Likes

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Had to skip Aquatic Lights's entry since he lives underwater. Moving on to Springan Feberis. Note that he speaks a foreign language that's made up of Latin and European roots as words, but I translated his entry best I could. He's really a quirky fellow, but this vague translation makes him seem really formal... unless he was purposesly writing in a more formal language. Who knows; his next entry might make him seem like a complete dummy.


Between afternoon and evening, early Spring

Sometimes I am rather sickened by the nerves of humans, but I suppose they will never learn. Today an Albino hatchling and a strange blue egg were "rescued" by Malevolent. Everyone praises him for "saving those in need"; truthfully we need a break from his cocky antics. He's up to something, but I fear I can't quite figure it out.

Gendre and Geong matured today, and the Sun egg hatched. Winter is quite upset at the fact the hatchling is not a Sunset Dragon, and I cannot blame her; the hatchling is awake starting at dawn - when she sleeps - and it falls asleep when Winter wakes, at evening. I do hope they continue to be friends, but currently I do not see how it could be possible.

Here is what I find quite absurd: unless I am asleep when they get taken here, Pygmy eggs keep appearing out of the blue at the entrance to our cave. I believe there may be a human around who does this. As long as it does not attempt a raid, I shall be content. Eggs and hatchlings always keep the cave lively. I would like some peace for once, though, at least a day with only adults....


Hmm... I'm starting to be recognized....

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Elisa grinned, proudly showing her new eggs to Valdrix.

" ... And this one is a silver I managed to keep, and here's the pink I was telling you about... oh, such sweet parents!"

Valdrix rolled his eyes, and stretched out his magic/blue cheese/swiss cheese wings. " Elisa," he said, " I'm going out for a fly with Ez and Silver. Care to come?"

Elisa grinned even wider. " Of course. I think I'll bring Vampire with me; it needs some fresh air."

" You're going to carry THAT THING around?" Valdrix said, his voice layered with suprise.

" No, Valdrix," Elisa smiled, " YOU'RE going to carry around THAT THING."...




Dear Diary,


There are three new eggs in the nest. Elisa still coos over the small white one, but she smiles whenever she sees the glowy one. Hmph.

Today I stole some bacon from the vampire. Elisa had a hissy fit. She has a lot (two words, not one) of those. Valdrix, a cheese dragon that Elisa's had FOREVER, says that she has only had them since she lost Harpy. I wonder who Harpy is... oh, well. I'll find out soon enough.

I had to apologize to the vampire today, and therefore had to spend some time with it. It isn't that bad, I guess...


~The White Dragon




Dear Diary,


Today I fear I can't write, for I am feeling a bit off, and I don-


* the page ends here *




Dear Diary,


The white hatchling and I are becoming tolerant of eachother. Elisa had gone out for a moonlit ride, along with Esmeraldo, Valdrix, and Silver, so we are all alone, for now, while the rest of the males hunt for meat, and the females nap in the gardens and practice flying. All except for the Sweetling--he just sleeps like there is no tomorrow.




~The vampire that a few people like

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Flight of the Leetlewing's entry coming your way. Wow, he writes tiny....


Early morning, early Spring

Sunny, Tinne and I were playin' a little game of catch today.

That Albino's got herself a gender now. Pygmy egg's got a hole. We keep on gettin' blamed for bringin' the Pygmy eggs here, but we're lookin' for a girl to love and these eggs keep hatchin' male.

Yeah, and that egg sittin' in a shallow puddle... this mornin', it was real cold, and I think it's gonna die. Suddenly, all at once, a huge crack that split it in half appeared, an' now it's not so cold. I dunno what's goin' on wit' it, but all I can say is that it'd bettah not die.

Yestahday mornin' I heard a loud boomin' and a huge shakin' goin' on in the Wilderness cave. The three of us Pygmies sped over to see what's happenin' over there, and we were kind o' shocked to see that there weren't nearly as many dragons in that cave as there was the other day.

Yikes, the water-sittin' egg's got a hole in it now! A big ol' hole! We took a peek inside and saw - just behold - a glimpse o' a lil' Water hatchling. That 'xplains why that puddle 'round it ain't 'vaporatin' much.

Mandy won't quit gossipin' 'bout somethin' and it kept us up all night. Poor Sky. She's gotta listen to that yappin' whether she likes it or not. Supossedly them Wilderness dragons fought some big flippin' battle an' now they lost their magic. Serves 'em right for fightin'.

I can't believe it! While I was writin', that Water hatched! Came spillin' right outta its shell! Looks like it's suffocatin'... 'kay, now it's bein' rushed away. The three of us Pygmies have got to follow.

And into the water it goes! Same giant lake that Light and Water're in! Vanished under the water... now thar it splashes! Seems mighty happy in the water.

Lights's surfaced and Water's surfaced. "You gonna take care of it?" I ask them, and they say, "Yep, you can count on us."

Now I can't seem to get the vision of numbers dancin' on their backs outta my head.

I hafta pick this thing up again. That Albino dragon was startin' to act kind of dull, as if dyin'. And then - bim, bam, boom - she grew up. It don't make no sense to me, 'cause dragons take a while to grow, but that's the way life rolls 'parently. I just wish that Pygmy egg would grow up as quickly!


Am I the only one who imagines him to have a Southern-U.S. accent? Like a cowboy?


Had to edit his entry because the Water dragon hatched while he was talking. Edited parts are in orange.


Had to edit once again thanks to another occurence. New edits are in red.

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Dear Journal,


It has been a quiet few days. Currently have a male Daydream hatchling, and hree ungendered hatchlings, a pebble, a magi and a white. We also have a Magi egg and a Vampire egg. There is also a stunning egg that changes color in the light that nobody has ever see before. We are all exited to see what it will hatch into!


Our Mistress Zephyr has been singing out loud a lot over the last few days to. and only ever one of two songs. One she calls "Vanilla Twilight", and the other "Today was a Fairytale". The hatchlings all seem to love it when she sings to them.


The newest Sun Dragon, Lunabeth Sunstride, dose not seem to want anything to do her pearants and the children of the sun queen, just like Algieth - Lupinus, who defied the sun queen by taking a red as a mate insted of a sun or seasonal. I wonder if the Sun Queen is loosing her grip?


I must go, I can here my sister coming, and she is yelling something about a new egg.


-Taieya Yule


Dear Blood Book,


My coven is slowly growing. My Dearest Daughter Riannon's egg was discovered by the breathers, and the tossed it from the cavern in disgust. I have bitten again, and my second egg hatched into my Son Blaine. He matured yesterday, and he bit. My daughter also bit, but again her egg was discovered by the breathers. My son had more luck though. We now have an egg in the nest, and just like I did with Blaine and Riannon, Blaine is not leaving his child's side. The egg was originally a red egg, so we are expecting the resulting fledgeling to be hot headed and powerful. We have had to hunt further away since the prey have started birthing. The breathers do not allow the prey's young to be eaten for fears that the population will go down to much. I do see their point, but it is difficult when you can only hunt after dark.


I will update you soon


--Krispin the Elder

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Dear diary:


Humph. My first egg is a Neotropical. Of course, my mate is extremely proud. From all the noise he was making, you'd have thought that he'd laid it himself!


...I wanted it to be a Hellfire, like me. I've been told that I may produce them in the future, but that doesn't really help. Even so, I refuse to put it in the communal nest. You never know what kind of bugs those hatchlings might have. No, I shall hatch this, and any subsequent eggs, by myself. I don't need any help.


The one good thing about this is that Aquila Solaris just about exploded with jealously when she heard. Heh. At least my first egg is still alive, instead of being killed by a failed Vampire bite.


She'd been lording (ladying?) it over me anyway, just because she'd bred her first egg before me.


Beyond This Illusion





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An entry of Neon Swoop's:


Late afternoon/evening, early Spring

The Sunset hatchling grew up yesterday. Despite their breed differences, Winter and Sunset (Sunne Settan's translated name is "sun set") still get along well in the little time they spend together. Lacus also grew up.

Well, there have been some interesting things going on with the Pygmies lately. Flight, Tiny (which is what "tinne" means), and Sunny used to be like a trio. They were best friends and always did stuff together.

Then along came the new Pygmy hatchling. His personality is a mix between Flight's and Tiny's, and he's come into the trio. Sunny was kind of upset about this because he wanted there to be only three males, but he tolerated it.

Yesterday morning, Sunny returned from a solo flight around the forest with cuts and bruises. We gasped when we saw his condition.

Sunny pointed a shaking claw at the newcomer, who was close to maturing but had no name. "H-He did this!" Sunny yelled, voice quivering. His blue eyes were wild with fear, his wings torn.

"What?!?!?" shouted the newcomer. "I never did such a thing!"

"Sunny, you sure ya didn't mistake him for a Wild dragon?" Flight asked with his southern accent.

"It was him! It was him!" Sunny repeated, running around wildly. "He did this to me!"

"Sorry to contradict ya, but he wasn't out none this mornin'," contradicted Tiny.

Sunny shook his head quickly in horror. "No! No no no! It was he! The cursed vermin!"

"Why don't you get some rest and I'll tend to those wounds?" offered River.

Sunny shook his head wildly. He started running around again. I swear he's gone mad. The rest of us had to run over and hold him down as River flew off to get some healing supplies. I feel bad for Moonlight and Twilight. They missed the whole incident.

That night, Flight and Tiny had a long talk with Sunny in private, but today's sun rose we found Sunny gone. All the Pygmies flew off in search of him, and it turns out Sunny's a part of the Wilderness now. He acted like he didn't even know them, according to Flight. It's sad.

In other news, three Spring eggs were welcomed into the cave today. Also managed to be caught was another thing that I presume is an egg, but it's rock solid and stinks. Malevolent bought them all. Why'd be grab the stinky one?

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Dear Journal


The little Neotropical hatchie is ready to grow up now, but he doesn't understands that. I can't help to think that the Neo's don't belong with us. I mean, they can't talk and they are like.. animals. Well, atleast he is going to live with the other two Neo's in the cave, I wouldn't stand if he had to live with us untill some more of his breed join the cave.

We also has three new vampires. One who hatched a long time ago, but it seems like it never gender, and two eggs. One of the eggs is caught by Berli when he was out for a patrol, and the other one Sir Bite.. bite. I still thinks that is a funny name, but if he new I think so he, and Nayoro his girlfriend, would be so mad at me.

Anyway, we have two other eggs two. An Albino and a Daydream. The Daydream is about to hatch, but the Albino is newly caught so its going to take a while for it to hatch.


I think that is all the news for now. I really have to go, because the vampires is going to say hello to the hatchie now, and I really don't want to meet them. I think its awful to bite eggs, I can't help it.


Bye for now,

Aayda, Female Sunset.

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It's Foille's turn to have her entry posted.


Gee, thanks a lot, Sunne!

That Sunset dragon urks me. I don't like her at all. She's discovered this human thing called a spear just outside the cave and threw it at me, thinking I'm a hawk! She apologized so much when I got shot down but I ignored her. Some hawk I am! I've never seen a hawk with such vibrant feathers!

So now I'm stuck in the cave and I don't like it one bit. I prefer flying freely more than anything else in the world, and I can't do it. I'm stuck in this cramped place. I'm claustrophobic! Get me outta here! I can hardly stretch my wings!

Nights haven't been much better. The stentch of that... thing, which I presume is an egg, kept me awake all night last night. River growled at me when I refused to wake up this morning, but I can't help it.

Just let my wing heal so I can take to the skies again. I envy Sunny. He's free.

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Dear diary:


It seems that my egg is soon to hatch. Maybe in a few more hours. Then there'll be one more noisy hatchling demanding to be fed. Oh, joy.


Yes, I know it'll be my first hatchling, but that doesn't mean I have to go all soppy and soft over it.


It'll be a fruit eater as well, just like the father. Urg, fruit! Give me meat anytime.


I'm going off to hunt. Thinking of meat has made me hungry.


Beyond This Illusion





...Uh oh. This isn't good. Beyond This Illusion just took herself off hunting, so I thought I'd check on the egg. I've been doing that, ever since she told the others that she wasn't putting it in the communal nest. Well, somebody has to.


Anyway, I just went to check, and...well, the egg had clearly been moved.


Instead of being in the nest, it was lying on the ground next to it. Almost as if someone had started to carry it off, but were disturbed by my approach.


I made sure that the egg was okay, then put it back in the nest. Just hope that she doesn't notice anything amiss...

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Dear Journal,


My mate and I have successfully bred out first egg. And what a gorgeous egg at that! All the female dragons were jealous! It has now hatched into a hatchling, after careful checking on it every so often. The gender of the hatchling is unknown so far, and shows only faint speckles on them. I am so proud. Cometblaze is as well. He is a very quiet dragon, but I like that about him. What worries me though, is that my master keeps picking up my child and glancing around, as if looking for someone to come. I wonder when he/she grow up. Soon, I hope.


On a happier note, I've noticed my unnamed Sunsong friend taking an intrest in the canopy dragon Shinnor. She is always trying to preform her arial dancing skill when he is around. Shinnor is the artist of my cave, so she thinks she can impress him. My friend is also trying to impress him by decorating her nest with flowers and colorful objects. He is, I belive, taking an intrest in her. His first personal "painting" was for her, a lovely one made of purple and golden yellow swirls made by mixing certaing flowers and berries together maxing a colored paste wich he smears on the wall of a cave or a large stone. She hasn't noticed the small green smudge at the top, the color of a canopy dragon.


Cometblaze brought back some food, so goodbye for now,


Moonrise Starlight

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Dear Journal


I am so worried. My friend, Play, has told me that Im going to leave the hatchery in about three hours. Three hours! I'm going to meet all vampire dragons, and Shirley is going to give me a name. She have told me that our parents who bite us normally gives us names, but none in this cave has bite me. So when an outsiders is going to live with them, Shirley name them. I think it is sad that I'm never ever going to meet my real biter.

You see, Sauce told me that when a vampire bite an egg their blood cells is mixed up with the hatchling inside the egg. When, the biter is the eggs half biological parent. So, in that way I am adopted. Sauce told me that that isn't anything to be sad about, many vampires is adopted, but I still would want too new who my real parents is. I know one of my real parents, my grand grand mother Ixionidae. She is a Silver. She was with me the day I hatched, and she told me that she is proud to be my grand-grand mother. I love her, and I wish that she lived here, but she doesn't. She lives with another friend, another master.

She told me that I am like her. That I am ethereal too, that I'm going too be different too the other ones. I knew something was going on, because since I hatch I have seen pictures, pictures of a place or people I never seeing before. I wish I knew why I can see this, and I wish I knew what the pictures means..


Unnamed, Female Vampire.

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Drunk on Blood - Male Vampyr.


I can feel the itch in my fangs once more. That time of month is drawing near. I can bite tomorrow. Sira says she'll bring me a wild egg so that none of the other dragons will be upset if I accidentally kill an egg. I haven't killed one yet, but the other dragons have thrown away two of my fresh bites.


She Who Must Not Be Hatched protected my last one; she, Letal and You Bring Out The Worst In Me all protected my last bite from the other dragons. I can still recall that day, too. It was a month ago, and ShineFire and Salamyne had just bred. The egg was supposed to be Gold, they were hoping for a gold daughter, but she was white.


Sira crept over to me, holding the newborn egg. It was cleaner than a newborn's scales, glimmering faintly in the pale light of the moon. The Werecat's feline ears were flat against her head as she lay the egg in front of me.


"They'll be furious with me," she murmured softly, "But please... Will you turn this egg, 'Blood?"


I nuzzled her cheek gently and nodded, looking down at the egg. I cradled it between my clawed paws, careful not to scratch or crush it. My fangs sank in, injecting the venom that would hopefully sire a new Vampyr.


The egg didn't crack.


Sira smiled and hugged me around the neck just as the scent of the egg began to waft up towards us. It smelled dead, like she said mine had before hatching.


The scent reached the others, too.


King of the Night Sky walked over, his tail lashing in anger. Salamyne and ShineFire were following him.


"WHAT," the black male spat at me, eyes glowing, "is THAT?"


"I bit an egg," I replied calmly. Sira moved between my front paws, her silver tail twitching nervously. She and 'King never got along, and twice he had tried to hurt her.


"No, you bit Salamyne's egg. Not an egg. You bit someone else's egg and turned it into.. Into one of you things!"


That stung, and I growled, pushing the egg towards Sira, who picked it up and stayed where she was, safe between my paws.


"Yes, I bit it. Weren't you two hoping for a Gold, anyway? Not a poor little common White. I heard you talking about abandoning the little thing," I muttered, glaring at ShineFire. She snarled in return.


"You turned her into an abomination!" she spat, fanning her wings. By now, all the dragons presently in the cave had noticed something was up, and many had wandered over.


"Turned who into an abomination?" Arivine asked quietly, watching us all carefully.


"My egg!" ShineFire wailed, the sound grating on my ears. "My precious egg!"


"There will be other eggs, ShineFire!" Sira yelled over the painful sound, ears flat against her head.


Several dragons started yelling, all trying to be heard over the others. I growled and nudged Sira, who clambered onto my back, clutching the newly turned egg in her hands. I started to slip away when a weight slammed into my side. It was King of the Night Sky again, and I didn't have enough time to brace myself before he slammed into me again. Sira and the egg went flying, the girl hitting the cave wall, though she protected the egg. The scent of blood filled the air, and she flinched and held her now bleeding skull.


I roared as some of the other dragons, ones that obviously felt the way 'King did, approached Sira. Guardian Skye snarled and moved in front of them, and much to my surprise, so did She Who Must Not Be Hatched, You Bring Out The Worst In Me, Letal to Forbidden Dorkface... And so many more... I was surprised this many would stick up for that egg... or maybe they were trying to protect Sira.


Skye growled as Arivine moved towards her, raising her paw to claw him if he moved closer. 'Worst wrapped his tail around Sira, shielding her from view with his body. Letal told 'King that if he took another step towards me she'd flay him.


"This egg has as much a right to survive as any of us do, Vampyr or otherwise!" She Who Must Not Be Hatched called out, standing next to Guardian Skye.


'No, it doesn't," ShineFire growled, eyes blazing.


"It's your egg!" Letal spat back.


"Not anymore.. That thing over there turned it into a monster!"


I flinched and looked away at that. I didn't turn it into a monster... I bit it to give it a chance...


"Yeah! They're not like us, Sira, so why do you keep him around!? He's a monster! They're all monsters, and you've condemned that egg to be one of them!" someone called out.


"No..." Sira muttered softly, and 'Worst shushed her.


"They have as much right to live as we do, RaduAlleineWenig," a soft voice said from somewhere by my paws. I looked down to see the entire Mint clan, even the frozen hatchlings. The speaker was Kiko Nerwyn, her small head held high.


"Yes, they do," Mirik Evanson piped up.


"No, they bite and kill our eggs!" Radu snarled back.


"No, Radu. They bite because they cannot breed. Biting is the only way they can. I'd happily let Drunk on Blood bite some of my eggs, and I'd just as happily take care of 'em." Kiko replied. Several dragons murmured agreement. "It's as natural to them as mating is to you, so why don't you hush up and go back to your skulking?"


That had literally been the end of the argument. All the dragons that helped me and Sira before now helped the little egg. Shinefire ignored it permanently, but Salamyne warmed up to the egg once he got used to the fact that is was no longer his kind.


That lucky little egg became known as My Love Has Become An Affliction. She's a plucky little female, even though she is sad her first bite died. Kiko smiled and said she shouldn't worry; she'd get used to biting. Kiko even offered one of her next clutch, even if there was the risk of it dying.


I can't wait for my next bite, and this time, I'll let no-one come in between me and my fledgling.

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Dear Journal,


All the eggs that I wrote about last time have hatched, and most have grown up! The Newest members of our clan include Margery and Shar'mein, both female Magi's; Stormfrost, Dewfrost's white son; Eknath, a new breed called a Sunsong; Pagan, a Pebble ;and Khamul, the newest Vampire and son of Prince Blaine. My sister's egg also hatched, and it is not of her breed, nor her mates. Zephyr called it a Bluna, and it is the sweetest little thing! It has not gendered yet, but I am hoping for another neice.


The eggs in the nest at the moment include an electric with an impressive linage, a pygmy with a pumpkin mother, a pink egg with a very impressive linage, and a spring egg whos parents are the Autumn pair.


The non-sun mates of the Sun Dragons have all left their mates, saying it was more like prison that love. They have formed pairs among themselves, and as I said before, some have already laid eggs. The Sun Queen seems Horribly mad...


I must go, I will write again soon.


-Taieya Yule


Dear Blood Book,


I named my Grandson today, and gave him an egg to bite. I named him Khamul, after one of his Breather Ancestors. He has turned out just as we expected, Hot headed, quick to anger, brave and strong. One thing we did not anticipate was his know it all attitude. When we tried to give him advice on egg biting, he told us to leave him alone, and that he knew exactly what to do already. He killed his egg from carelessness. He has now been moping around, sulking about the fact that he will have to wait another 30 days till he can bite again. I think the next egg once of us bites will have to be a pebble or a Black, something strong that dose not have the bad characteristics of the red.


I must leave for hunting now, I will update you soon.


-Krispin the Elder


Dear Journal,


Ever since I grew up, I have not been able to take my eyes off her. She is the only Dragoness I see, and she must be the most beautiful Dragon in existence. Her name is Margery Enigma, and she is a perfect Magi Dragon. She has the cutest muzzle, and her eyes glow like stars. I want her to be mine. Father says I should concentrate on my studies until I'm fully qualified, but how can I? Oh I wish she know how I felt...


-Stormfrost Dorkface, Son of Dewfrost Dorkface

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Foible's entry now. I ended up editing this, so part of his entry is in green.


Morning, early Spring

All of the eggs have holes in them now, but I can't quite seem to understand why hatchlings haven't tumbled out yet.

Prowler and I discovered something today. Only we know it. I don't know why, but we're not allowed to tell anyone.

We're like brothers, Prowler and I. We're supposed to be two of the strongest, most ferocious breeds of all, like Grass is. Grass is clumsy, and we're just... humble. We really are like brothers, in a way. I just wish Grass could leave his little hole for just a day; if he's out for even a quater of the day, he will suffer malnutrition. He's tried before and always fails.

Prowler and I usually hunt alone, thanks to that. We were out early this morning while everyone else was asleep so they'd wake up to food. We were talking about how strange it feels: the cave lacks hatchlings, and that's such a rarity. We've made Malevolent swear not to bring in any more eggs.

While we were outside, we heard something small moving around. Prowler nodded toward a tree. There was something - or someone - behind it. We looked back there to see a small human girl.

"Who are you?" I exclaimed in shock. Never had I seen a human so young, never had I seen a human this close up without it trying to attack.

She made a motion with her hands as if she was pulling her mouth to the side. "I'm Bluefeather. Only Winter knows about me; you can't tell anyone else!" she whispered.

"So... you're the one who keeps putting Pygmy eggs in the cave? You're the one who puts... all eggs in the cave that we didn't?" Prowler asked in shock.

Bluefeather nodded. "Again, don't tell anyone, because I just know Malevolent would stomp me to bits."

"Wait, how do you know about us?" I asked.

"I've been... spying on you guys, just making sure everything's going well over there," Bluefeather answered. "Speaking of which, you might want to be getting back soon."

"Why?" Prowler asked.

"Haven't you seen?" Bluefeather asked. "River and Grass have been expecting an egg for a while now. I believe it's due today."

"I've never noticed!" both of us dragons exclaimed in unison.

"I wonder if it'll be a Guardian or a Dark Green dragon...?" Prowler wondered aloud.

"Why don't you go back and check?" Bluefeather pointed out.

"We will, just as soon as we finish hunting," I replied. How could I not have noticed? I see River every day! Maybe it's because she spends most of her time with the eggs?

We soon returned. We managed to hunt down some kind of furry grey dog called a wolf. It's much bigger than a dog. By the time we got it back to the cave, there was a ton of excitement.

"River laid her first egg!" exclaimed Sky as soon as we returned.

"Want to come see?" Amanda asked.

"Sure!" I replied. Prowler gave the wolf to the two and we both hurried over to the nest.

Along with the eggs was a single dark green one. River was lying next to the nest, looking tired but content.

"What do you think?" she asked.

"I think it's great," Prowler complimented. "Has Grass seen it yet?"

River shook her head. "I've been too tired to show him," she yawned.

"I'll take it over to him," I offered. River nodded in agreement, and I slowly picked up the egg, cradling it as I carried it over to Grass.

Grass's head was buried underneath the ground. He must have slept through the entire thing.

"Hey, Grass. Wake up," I said. "I have something to show you."

Grass poked his head out of the hole and gasped when he saw the egg. His face lit up with delight and I placed it gently near him. "Wow," he mumbled. "I'm a father."

"Yes you are," I answered. "It just got laid."

"Wow," repeated Grass. "Just plain... wow." He paused, smile wider than ever. "Take that back to River so it can get nice and warm again," he decided.

"Sure," I answered, picking it up again. "See you later."

"Wow," Grass murmurred dreamily as I walked away. "Soon I'll have my very own son or daughter."

"Did he like it?" River asked once I returned.

I nodded, placing the egg on the nest. "He really did," I promised.

Malevolent snorted as I walked past. "Another egg!" he brayed. "Why I thought we weren't going to nest any more."

"It's River's and Grass's," I pointed out. "It's like part of our family."

"Oh, yes, just like every single egg we get," Malevolent neighed, stamping his hoof. "Have it your ways."

"You had been abandoned, you know!" I called as he trotted away with dignity. Leave it to Malevolent to spoil the morning.

It's evening now, and the sun is only starting to set.

All three Springs hatched just now... along with that stinky egg. The egg that smelled hatched into some dull-colored hatchling that I think might be dead, but it's still breathing. River's made sure to take extra-good care of it so it doesn't actually die. Hopefully it won't. It would be such a shame... not to mention the fact it would mean there was no real addition to the cave today.

Edited by Bluefeather

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You Bring Out The Wosrt In Me - Male Bluna


Sira let Drunk on Blood bite another egg. The other dragons weren't happy, but luckily, none of them tried to get rid of the egg. Sira says she's giving it to someone who has no Vampyr dragons, which will probably make the others here calmer.


Aside from that, our other three eggs hatched a few moments ago. The little Black was first, and it was almost immediately given a name. Flames of Hypocrisy is excitable and rambunctious, but the poor thing is going to be frozen. It's inbred, and Sira freezes inbred hatchlings, since they'll never find a mate in this cave.


The second to hatch was the fog egg, and the little Storm dragon is followed constantly by a small thundercloud. It's quiet and much less loud than it's nestmate.


The third and final egg to hatch was the Mint. It's spending its time hiding behind the Storm, and they seem content to stay away from Flames'.

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Hm...never thought I'd find a journal from you...


Durza's Shadow's journal


April 14

Haaa, hey if you read this come find me!


Shadow Darias


April 15

Well that was odd. SD if you read this, I'm not finding you!!! Go away and stay out!!!!!


Today my caretaker decided to grab some eggs from the cave. I came with to see if she'd nab a black...no blacks. Does she hate us? It's bad enough most of us are frozen in our adolecent state...


Anyway, I watched the eggs as they began to hatch.


April 16

My caretaker took me along to search for eggs in a huge pile. She quickly found one that was odd and picked it up before anyone noticed, running off leaving me to follow the smell of the egg to get back. something is off about that egg. It seems and smells like the other egg she received a while back....


April 18

A guardian, ochredrake and skywing emerged from their shells. The skywing got a sign around it saying 'taken' which confused us both. The eggs that hatched were replaced with three new eggs, a skywing, orchedrake and horse egg.

The new eggs have cracks and holes in them already....that can't be good. The hatchlings are maturing though, will she freeze the ones without the taken sign? Poor taken hatchling, I really don't understand what she has planned for you. Whoa, it required fog...and so did the newer egg....why?


April 19

That odd smelling egg hatched....and the hatchling seems to have died...so why does my caretaker keep it? I found Shadow Darias today so since I found him he owed me right? Well I forced him to go poke the dead hatchling. When he did it twitched a bit before going still again....now it really does seem like that other egg my caretaker received a while ago. If this thing is like that other one then the whole cave is in trouble....


the page got torn after that, I suspect it was Shadow Darias...those two always are at it

Edited by Dragonhatchling

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Things have finally calmed down enough for me to write. My last entry stated that Vergil and Dante were waging a personal war on the Vampire Coven, and that has finally ended with a cease-fire. The vampires, lead by Genesis, of course, agreed to stop biting eggs unless asked to do so by Dragonic, and only for trading. The two Slayer brothers have agreed to stop attacking the Vampires.


There was a large drop in the middle of a rebuild of the Vampire's Den, so we were not able to get all of the eggs until now. We now have all four breeds. Sunsong, Bright-Breasted, Hellfire, and Nebula. The Nebula is but a hatchling still, and the Hellfire is just an egg. I believe Dragonic is going to have a female Pink enchant it to be female.


For the first time in months, Helio Hime produced a Gold. There was much celibration in the Gold Corps.


And finally, there is rumor that an infectious virus has been going around the Wild Frill dragons, making them infertile. If this spreads to the Tame dragons, then Zaahir... Zaahir's mate will no longer be able to breed with him. As the Leader of the Gold Corps, he has to have plenty of heirs. So if this happens... Zaahir will need to switch mates. I do hope this will not be the case.


Shiro Saki

Leader of the Valley of the Stars




Vergil and I have been getting along better since the war on the Vampires began... With it ending, I'm afraid he'll become cold towards me again. I know we're not really related, but... I just wish we could get along. Like we used to.


My granddaughter is with those filthy Vampires. I have no real mate. And without Verge by my side, I feel... Alone.


Dante Devilslayer

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Dear Journal,


There is a lot (two words, not one) if tention between the sun dragons. The Sun Queen has commanded that they can only breed amoung themselves now, and has demanded that the CB sun pair Faranth and Moonrise breed an egg that must be influcenced male, to be a mate for he. Faranth and Moonrise seem mortified about it, but they are loyal to the Sun Queen, and so have agreed to do it.


I am very worried about the Suns, the Queen is becoming more and more controling, and has even closed off their Chamber from the rest of the cave, and is refusing to share any of the kills made my the Suns.


-Taieya Yule


Dear Journal,


I told Margery how I felt, and she felt the same! We mated, and she just laid our first egg! It is white, just like me! I am going to be a father! Margery and I made a nest on the cliffside of our cave, so we have a very nice view of the ocean. I am worried what father will say when he finds out, for he wanted me to compleet my training before I got a mate, but I am so happy now...


I did tell my mistress Zephyr, who gave us her blessing, and is thrilled that there will be another white Dragon in the cave.


-Stormfrost Dorkface,

Soon to be a Father!!

Edited by Zephyr_Drake

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huh, why do papers keep showing up at my desk in the cave?


April 20

He won't know I took you little paper, I'll gently put you back later....why'd I write that


well I won't sign you



One last warning Shadow Darias, ONE LAST WARNING!


Anyway, my fears were made real yesterday, I couldn't find this until today though...


That odd egg my caretaker found has taken a liking to an older vampire we have sadly harbored since the egg was found. Every dragon now is restless knowing that one vampire can do damage enough here but two is unthinkable. We tried to send it away when my caretaker picked it from the huge pile but she guarded that egg every hour, not even one time did she leave it alone!


Night's Death King has been eagerly awaiting the arrival of another vampire and everyone else is trying to scare the hatchling away before they meet face-to-face....I hope they don't for my sake, I don't want to be next even though my caretaker says that outcome is impossible.


Not another one...


April 20


Hahaahaaha Durza's Shadow is such a pushover! Every time, every time, I get his journal and he gets mad. Such fun! Well I'll see if he can find me today 'cause I'm sure he's looking for me right now. He always does, ALWAYS! Even if I put a dot to end a sentence in his journal he chases me down until we wrestle which is even more fun.


But back to why I wrote on here today, a hatchling Durza's Shadow keeps talking about is bugging me...I knew it was a vampire when I touched it but I didn't tell anyone so they wouln't be scared. The adults though warned me not to go near it again, which I haven't. Why is the caretaker grabbing these foul beings anyway? does she want to turn the whole cave into beasts?



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Dear Journal


I have beeing so alone in the cave since I hatched. The only one who liked too talk too me was Bailus, but now days he doesn't talk to anyone.


Anyway, when Play saw that I was so sad she decided to give me a mate. Many males told me they would love to be my mate, but I'm already in love with Baldr. He is so beautiful and everybody loves him. Champi, his father, is very proud of him. I know he is very small, but when you are in love size or breed doesn't mather. I thought it was very embarrassing too tell Baldr by my own, so I told Champi first. He was so happy that I had fall in love with his son, and he followed me so we could tell Baldr together about my feelings. When I told him, all his face just light up. He smiled with a such big smile that I thought that his mouth would fall out! But ofcourse it didn't. Baldr told me that he would happily be my mate.

I told Play and she was also very happy. She told us that we had place for another egg in the cave, so we could breed any time when we felt ready for it. We just had to look at each other too know that we both where ready.

Now Baldr and I have a beautiful baby boy, at least we hope so. We really hope for an boy, and we pretty sure it is. Jerrimi and all the Pink dragons have checked the egg, and after all their test they are 99% sure we are going to have son. A son, my baby son. I already know what I'm going to name him..


5E Full Circle of Nebulae, Female Nebula.

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ElementalStorm's entry is next.


Late afternoon, early Spring

I've been awfully angry with the dragons in the cave lately and that's why I made a thunderstorm today. If they have the sense to come apologize they can feel free to.

The supposedly dead hatchling hatched... into a hideous black creature that is awake only at night. I can't believe it was even picked up! It is an utter disgrace to dragons!

Ignorare likes him, though. They're like brothers. Pah! The hatchling should hang around the Spring hatchlings (who have gendered female); they have far more sense than that crazy Frill.

I know I'm sounding like a snob. I always do when I'm hot-headed.

The main reason I'm angry is because Winter has been upset about the sunny days whereas Sunset wants more daytime brightness, claiming it's too dull. Well, they came to me for help because they believe I am controlling the weather! I know them but I live on a hilltop far away from their cave; I don't control the weather over there!

So I have sent a fierce storm over to them. That ought to teach them a lesson about respect. All of their cavemates must pay for their inpudence.

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