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purple hatchling




i poked my head out of the shell for the first time, it was cold put of my egg and i didn`t want to hatch anymore. I opened my eyes and found another hatchling staring at me and another. a frill and a white dragon hatchling i later found them out to be. Then a human walked in with a huge black dragon whom she called black shadow the human came over and picked me up such a cute purple dragon she said. she placed my back in the nest she stroked the backes of the other to hatchlings how are you she asked them. I found the humans name to be nicky, i liked her she seemed nice.

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Dear Journal,


Yesterday the caves only stripe, Z'azareth, and only silver, Korvis, annonced that they had mated and were expecting an egg! And today Z'azareth laid a white striped egg! We were all hoping for a silver, but due to the lack of either breed in the cave, the stripe egg has been warmly welcomed. Korvis is thrilled to finaly have a mate, and to be expecting his first child.


We know that whatever gender this egg hatches out as, it will be garenteed a mate, as both of it's parents are held with high regard in the cave.


My Sister's Bluna Son Arvin was contacted by a group called the Bluna Priests, and recruted to be one of them. He says the priests represent a line of comunication between all caves without conflict, and they are here to teach about harmony and the Dragon Gods. He has gone away for a few days, and said that when he returns he will be requesting a temple be made for him to live in, and for us to give thanks to the Gods.


I will write again soon.


-Taieya Yule

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Dear diary:


My Neotropical son has finally grown up. I was starting to get tired of his questions.


Aquila Solaris is, once again, ladying it over me because she's had another egg. A Nebula, this time. She was crowing something about me not being able to produce my own breed. What cheek! I'm fairly certain that my next egg will be a Hellfire!


Beyond This Illusion





I felt sure there was going to be a murder today. Aquila Solaris and Beyond This Illusion really do not get on. If they keep sniping at each other, I might be forced to banish one of them. And that's something I don't want to do.


I'm not the leader, nor do I want to be, but I do keep an eye on the daily goings on in the cave. The behavior of the others interests, and amuses, me at times.

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POV of my beloved mint, watermelon burrower, the leader of my dragons and my first dragon ever!


Watching over this restless group(and seemingly endless list) of dragons requires much more work than i had expected! i remain in the same spot as always, watching my clan grow and being sure they are cared for properly. when the clan's first whiptail, an abandoned hatchie named Sky Fudge, died, i was devastated, as was his adopted mother, Rubber Float. she does so love youngsters, and i often put her in charge while i am off on my numerous duties.


When young Sky Fudge died...he had gendered male only hours before his death. I had watched him as he progressed slowly, feeling a pang of sorrow drop into my stomach each time the hatchlings went out to play and he was left behind, limping and looking more miserable than ever. actually, he hadn't gendered at all yet! the other hatchlings called him a genderless freak.


poor Rubber Float loved him with a fiery passion, that of a mother's, of course. But i could not help but notice how moody she had been when he reached the point at which he had about nine hours left. we all knew what would happen. but none of us dared to say it out loud. we kept those horrible thoughts locked away for fear of destroying Rubber Float.


And at only a few hours left, he gendered. There was hope yet! Light finally emerged from the end of this dark tunnel, a nightmare unlike those before. all the dragons in the clan had grown up easily and healthily, with days to spare!


this was early in the clan's time, when we had not even heard of ER's. Emergency rooms were unknown to us, but if we had been told of them, Sky fudge might have survived. Rubber Float emerged alongside the light, a pathway of brightness, a trickle of hope. and then we awoke the next day, and he was dead, his place on the scroll having been replaced with a tombstone.


when we were finally rid of this horrid remind,er i vowed to keep a more alert watch on the hatchlings growth. since that depressing day, we have had no deaths. but although the sight of the tiny tombstone was gone, my memories of that day have not left.




I am back, and with some joyous news! Our only White dragon, a beauty indeed named Soul Angel, who has a special place in my heart, produced her second egg.


Her first one was with....


Yes, me.


failed breeding attempts occurred, and i was never able to pass on my genes. but the two of us produced an egg! and better yet, a mint like myself! her name is Watermelon Angel, she takes on the names of both her parents! I beam with pride when i see my daughter.


so now, her mother has produced another child, a while after Watermelon Angel was born.


and you know how sky fudge was a whiptail?


we have another whiptail, who actually made it to adulthood and his name is blazing acer.

he and Soul Angel produced a whiptail! i cannot believe it.


you know what else i cannot believe? how much my clan has grown! take a peek at our scroll to see. it is growing ever so rapidly!

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Dear Journal:


It is I again; Cardinal. I dare confess that I have not written much these past months. But so many things have happened in the valley as a result of the discoveries of so many new eggs from the Cave. Plus there has been discussion throughout the clans of decisions to give over the leadership of the clans to the females next in line...just in case something were to happen to the Matrons. For example, I suppose leadership of Clan Fire will go to my older sister, Roja.


It makes me wonder how human society is outside of our walls. Is theirs matrilineal as well? I shall have to ask the Caretaker. Heh, the curiosity that abounds from my nieces and nephews, and great-nieces and great-nephews down my brother White's line seems to be rubbing off on me. I love those children dearly, as if they were my own.


As a male, I worry not about maintaining my clan's line. I help in maintaining other lines...and to a lesser extent, spread romance. My son Diabor seems to share my mindset...Ophelia of Pearlescence has laid a new egg, and word is that it is his. Ha, not surprising. In fact, the valley itself seems to have gone through an egg boom, for at least the purpose of helping to maintain the clans or build new ones.


I have just come back from incubating a new egg that I had sired, myself...the mother is, of all dragons, Samrielle of Amaranth...the Black dragon of alternate colorings that is the daughter of the great and mighty Ebonclaw (I wonder if I will rouse his ire for that. He imposes such strict standards on his children to keep the lineages strong).


Samrielle has intrigued me for ages. She is mute, and rarely communicates. But I can sense her emotions very well, and of all the gentle females, it is her that I think the most about. She keeps that egg so closely to her, and dotes on it with care, too. Could it possibly be that my wandering days could be coming to an end?


Heh, not unimaginable, but we shall see. I know that my second son, Bandi, really wishes for me to visit his mother quite often (the Magma dragoness is strong indeed, but temperamental).


As for other news, I seriously think those new wyvernesque dragons are...strange. They have proven themselves to have more dangerous tendencies than usual, especially the one that seems to breathe the fell fires of the underworld. If we are not more careful in our research of these species, I fear that the end of the valley could be nigh. It is already in danger from the nearby growing vampire clan.


If I find out that their eggs come from our home, so help me, I will destroy them if I have to.


Anyway, I suppose I should take my leave. I have set aside today to spend time with my offspring. Mayhaps my choice will be made for me later.


Yours faithfully,


Cardinal of Fire.

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Dear Journal,


it is I, Midnyte Gem


Tis said that although i am nothing but a common and so nothing special, i hold a strange beauty that no other has been found to have before my time. simpler to say, am i special? am i different?


for not only am i one of the oldest here, but the most experienced hunter, and while i appear graceful, flowing smooth like a river, tis true, i can be as rapid as the waves when they meet the rocks, sloshing around them and crashing into their jagged surface.


i am unpredictable, they say, and no male has found me quite as lovely as some, like Soul Angel. lucky girl, she has two children, from my count, at least. and i do not make the boys swoon like Amnythest crown and her Purple daughter do. they are more beautiful then i can even dream of being.


i know i'm unlike the others, tis obvious to say the least. but i'm still just a lady at heart, and even further down you shall find i'm just a young girl, lost in the thick forest of boys, and the girls whom they love. and i am not one of those girls.


so i'll say it. i'll say it and let everyone know what lurks in my mind. my question will burst from me if i do not...


will i ever have an egg or two? will i ever be beautiful? will i ever please my owner in producing an egg?


will i ever find love?


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Just caught Beyond This Illusion and Aquila Solaris having a row. Beyond was shrieking something about how Aquila must have put a curse on her.


Once I managed to calm them down, and that took a good half an hour, I found out what was wrong.


Turns out that Beyond's second egg is another Neotropical.


Huh. Beyond should be happy that she has two children, even if they aren't like her. I have yet to find a mate who'll even go near me!



Dear diary:


...I don't care what the others are saying. That Nebula cursed me somehow.


If she even looks at me in the wrong way again, I'll kill her.


Beyond This Illusion.

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Skipped Sky and Amanda's since it's kind of hard to write when you have two heads, I'd imagine.... So I've posted Malevolent's. How he managed to hold the quill pen I don't know.


Night, Early Spring

Springan has informed me that 'vampir' means Vampire. So I named the Vampire Malevolent Vampir.

I am the one who bought his egg into the cave. Though those Springs grew up and are being awfully flirty with Springan, Slaw, and Gendre, I have whom I call M.V. (I am now known as M.S.; M.V. for Vampir fits.)

Drat, though; the Dark Green egg hatched so I cannot make M.V. turn it. I plan to create an army of Vampires who follow my commands. Though M.V. is not quite willing to follow my commands, he still yields. He feeds on the blood of Wilderness dragons so he seems evil none. At night he often converses with Winter. It keeps me awake. I am able to hear them speak, so I know what they speak of.

I wanted to cave hunt again, but I have been made to swear not to get any more eggs. Perhaps it is because the Spring females have not gotten names yet. Springan is tiring his mind trying to think of names. I say we name them freely. His language is beginning to sicken me. I presume he enjoys it.


I find it unfair. Sky and Amanda returned to the cave with a Two Headed egg and the rest of the cave was cheering and congratulating them on their find while there I laid, wanting to cave hunt.

And here came Springan, with another Spring egg! I trotted over to M.V.

"Bite it," I command in a whisper. He nods. M.V. pushed the crowd aside. He swiped the Spring egg into his claws.

"What are you doing?" cried the first female.

"You're a monster! He's going to bite it!" wailed the second.

"Oh, no, you won't!" exclaimed the third, but before she could grab it M.V. sank his fangs into it. The egg split. Everyone gasped or held their breath as the egg cracked in two. The embryo tumbled out and fell on the ground with a thud, dead.

"Iow monstre!" shrieked Springan. I believe it means "you monster".

"Friends, do not be alarmed," I called, stepping forward. I shrugged at M.V., signaling to the dissapointed-looking dragon that it was okay.

"Not be alarmed?!" Gendre shouted. "How could we not be alarmed?! An innocent embryo just died!"

"Biting eggs to him is as simple as mating to you," I pointed out. "Can you not forgive him? He is a Vampire and therefore unable to breed. Biting eggs is the only way he can. Can he help being hatched Vampire? Could you" - I turned to Gendre - "help being hatched male? It is destiny, it is fate, that determines our path in life and what we are.

"Vampires have no choice," I went on, and realized happily that the fury in the eyes of many was starting to die down... except for Slaw. He stared at the dead egg and embryo. I could tell his slow mind was trying to process what had just happened. "They must bite eggs. There is always a chance that it will die. Merely we were unlucky. Let us forgive M.V. for his actions. We should be thankful the egg was not hatched and then died, for losing one we know is worse than losing one we don't."

The crowd nodded. Slaw gasped. "You killed it!" he exclaimed.

Think-witted fool. We stared at him. Then all but M.V. and I walked away sadly to bury the eggshell and embryo.

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POV of Soul Angel.


Most beautiful? Luckiest? Most stunning?


They say these things about me, but how can they be true? So I've produced two healthy eggs, so WHAT? A handful of other females in the clan have, too. But the owner abandoned theirs...yet she kept mine.

She says it's because I produced a second Mint for the clan, so she kept it. i also produced a second Whiptail, and, of course, she kept it. Though she does never say it, there are rumors that I am her favorite...?


The leader, so modest, shy but sweet, and brave at the same time, has continued to intrigue me. i find myself following him, unaware of the glazed sparkle in my eyes. True...I love him.


About the luck thing...

So i've produced eggs. So? SO???

I am very UNlucky, to say the least. I have failed to produce a single White, so i make my mates happy but not myself.


POV of Shaky Bubble


I tried to breed with Walking on Lilypads, but she won't even go near me! it seemed liek the perfect mate at the time, but she told me it wasn't meant to be. I am....a failure.

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Dear Journal


Oh I'm so exited! After a such of long time, my little baby will soon hatch! I talked to Djale, and he told me that he thinks it will hatch in two or three hours. Soon, I'm really going to be a mom.

Like I said before, I'm hoping for a son. A beautiful son. I am sure he is going to be just like his father.

But in all of this happiness I am so mad at Siendras. She laughed at me when she saw that I had give birth to a Mint, and not a Nebula like myself. But so what? I love my little baby. I dont care what kind of breed or gender it is, its my baby and I will always love it.

But I can't help it that I hope for a Nebula someday. Ofcourse I will love them if they are Mints to, but still.. I really want a Nebula son, or daughter. And yeah, about that.. Play has told me that Im never ever going to have a daughter. She wants every child of mine to be a son. I'm a bit sad about that, and when I told Play that I really want a daughter some day she smiled and said that she is going to think about it. Sometimes I can't help to think that I was a wild dragon. In the Wilderness, you don't have to do just what your master ask you, you can be yourself. I asked Baldr if he would fly away with me to the Wilderness if I wanted that to, but he wasn't sure. He don't want to leave his parents, and because Mints cant fly I would have to carry all of them, and I'm not that strong. So I guess I have to stay here, because I dont want to leave Baldr or my child. I love them to much.


5E Full Circle of Nebulae, Female Nebula.

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Dear Journal,


the worry has become such a huge burden now...my child has not even gendered and has hardly any days left. i do hope the owner will be kind enough to enter her in an ER, poor thing!

she/he is my CHILD! i hope she/he makes it... sad.gif


a very worrisome Crashing Waves of Hawaii




the hatchling was just entered into an ER. now all i can do is hope

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I have not written in forever.

I am sorry.

We had to move, and it was difficult. Along the way, Catty had a few cats she called her friends help us out. They've moved in with us, and I like them. They're nice, funny, and friendly, except for 1.

The 1 mean one is named Sky. Her fur is midnight black, but it oddly glitters and turns crimson in the sunlight; that's what freaks me out the most. She has deep, salnted copper eyes.

The one Catty hangs out with most is named Sarry. She has beautiful white fur and beautiful, pale green eyes.

The largest is Laurple, which is an odd yet epic name. She has blue fur and light brown eyes.

We're almost to our new home...




Good news.

We have found a forest.

There were already dragons living there. They had mean eyes, sharp teeth, rough voices... and they wanted us dead. However, it was only a few mints, a male purple, a red, and 2 blacks. Rawr I'm a pair of pants and I DO NOT SPARKLE GO AWAY took care of them quite quickly, however.

We've made a nest.

However, the enviroment is cold, so it's very well insulated.

The eggs are in a nest lined with the soft, warm, fluffy feathers of an Audubon's shearwater, a golden eagle, a clapper rail, a sandhill crane, and an eastern screech-owl. Surrounding that is moss so soft I just want to lay in a nest of it for eternity. The outer shell is made up of clay and something we found along the way called "barbed wire".

My nest? It's made up of the moss.

Meanwhile, sorta close but sorta far away, there's a beach that melds into a rocky shore. So, for dinner, I ate a fiddler crab and a small fish. Yes, I had a very small dinner, but it tasted good.

However, Silverstream has fallen ill, so I had to get her food. I brought back a moose and a seal. She said it was delicious.

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not another torn paper

Guess who's journal I'm in Shadow Darias???




well back to sifting through pap- oh look, another from Shadow Durza....why do I keep getting these?


Well my hunch was right, that hatchling was a vampire....now the cave is freaking out. The two vampires my caretaker has have met and they seem to be planning something.


Dear Journal

Well I found a piece of dried bark in this cave...it'll have to do.


The cave has recently had another run in with a vampire hatchling which a few Guardians tried to get rid of. That didn't work...so now everyone is freaking out since it grew up.


What bothers me though is paper dragons are overlooked even for matters as hard as these. Hopefully though my caretaker won't grab anymore smelly eggs or let the two vampires bite any more...otherwise I'm sure she'd be tackled and locked away in a room some of- well most of, the dragons are making.


~Folds Paper


blink.gif oh shoot....they know about and want me locked away for letting vampire dragons bite eggs....oh shoot

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Dear Journal


Oh no, not another Storm egg in our cave. We already have problems with the four adult ones. Well, at least this one isn't a child of Valuap or Rahl. Djale has check the egg, and he told us that he found something very interesting in the eggs bloodline; Its a Dorkface.

When Djale first told us I thougt " Oh no, not ANOTHER Dorkface! They are so stupid.." But then Djale told us that this one is very special. He has very many Reds in his blood, and because of that this Storm is going to have the ability to shot fire. Not as strong as me or any other Red dragon, but enough to keep the eggs warm when the mothers have to eat or sleep. When I heard this, I was really happy. Because when I shot fire on the eggs, they grow up so fast in their eggs, and sometimes the mothers want to have a natural egg, not an incubate one. Now many of the dragon mothers life will get more easier. Many of them never leave their eggs because they are afraid that its going to die, but now this little Dork can keep them warm and safe. Well, lets hope he is a nice one.. I mean, fire ability or not, he is still a Storm..


Soled, Male Fire

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Dear Journal,


Somthing terrible has happened. A huge earthquake caused the ground to tare, and now out territory is useless. The grasslands and much of the forest was swallowed up by the ground, as was many of the prey animals. The Head Elder Sylexion is consulting with our Mistress and the other Elders, and we are sure we will have to leave. But with a clan our size, where could we go? And what of the Dragons that can not fly? My mate is a Deep Sea Dragon, and I will not leave him. And the hatchlings! How are we going to move them! The frozen hatchlings that have wings can fly, but even they are to weak to last the whole journey.


I must go, the Elders are coming from their meeting now


-Taieya Yule


Dear Journal,


I can hardly believe this has happened. I was born in this cave, and I believed I would never leave it, but we now must. The Geodes have told us that the cave has become unstable, and with no hunting grounds either, the clan is doomed.


We have decided to head south west in our serch for a new home. We will send our best scouts ahead to find good places to sleep and to find food, and some will be sent even further ahead to scout out a new cave. We will have the Geodes, Pebbles and Vines dig out a "river" for the water Dragons to swim in on the journey, and we will fill it back is as we go.


We have also decided that some of the larger Dragons will need to pull carts loaded with our clans possesions and with the hatchlings. They will also have to be loaded with the Nocturnes and Vampires during the Day, as neither can travel on their own in that time.


We are going to start building the carts and the "river" in a few hours, and we will have to be gone by two days time. We will begin the cave evacuation today, and have everyone camp in the hills till we leave. It is not safe here any longer.


Zephyr seems very upset, as she has put a lot of effort into this territory, and it is now all gone.



Cave Leader

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Dear Journal


Today I got the worst news that any Female dragon can get; Im infertile, which means that Im never ever going to have a baby.

When I heard this, it felt like my life is over. Its my job to get children, its my job to give Jump Then Fall or the new Spring egg a mate.

What am I going to do? How can I tell Pearl? He wants children as much as I want, and know he maybe have to wait untill Winter to get another mate. No. NO! I dont wanted this to happen. I dont want him to fall in love with somebody else. I want him to love me, only me. But how can anyone love me? I can't give him a son, so why would he stay with me? God, why did you create me like this, have I done something wrong?


Queen Sapphire, Female Winter

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Day 1.

Why do I feel so ...alone? Curled up here in my egg, I know that there is only space for me in here, but i do not sense anything else around me. Just ...nothing. Maby this is normal for unborn dragons like me, but it just don't seem right.


Day 2.

Still alone, but soon I will emerge from this egg and find out why I don't sense any living dragons here. Wait! What is that? A strange thing outside my egg! Hey! Why does it feel like I am lifted up? No! Don't turn me around like that! What's that sound? It's calming and disturbing at the same time. Put me down! Ah, finally, peace and quiet.


Day 3.

Almost there. Just a little more now. I managed to crate a huge hole in my egg, and soon ...freedom! I shake of the rests of my egg and look around me. Only a gray stone wall. But wait! What are those rests on the ground? Rests of dead eggs? And what is that big thing coming towards me? Big, two legs, and two things poking out from it's side. On the top it is a big round thing with holes in it. One hole, opens up, and I hear this sound again: "So you got out, eh? Been waiting a while now." From one of the things poking out it is something green, pleasant looking. I jump up and eat it. The big thing brings its other thing out an picks me up. It's warm here. I yawn, and fall asleep.





Ming Lei, my first dragon ever <3 (pink female)

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Dear Journal,


We have now all moved from the cave. We have made our camp in the hills. It is colder out here, but thank the gods this did not happen during winter. The Pebbles, Geodes and Vines have already started on the river, and some of the scouts, Alexis and Layeth, have already gone ahead to check our path is clear. We have five hatchlings at the moment, but 2 are close to maturing.


The Sun queen is ignoring all my orders. I think she is going to challenge me for leadership. She could not be stupid enough to do this during the move, for the rest of the clan would never trust her to get us to safety.


Until tomorrow.



Clan leader

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Dear Journal


Things in the cave has beeing upsidedown for a while now. Two eggs has died, one Spring and one Gold. Play was really sad about the Gold was her first one, but todays she got a really nice surprise.


Play has talking to a boy in a while, and after hours of talking they smiled and shaked hands. Then, Play was walking over to Primicia and ask her something. Primicia smiled and walked over to Ice. They talked for a while then they run into the woods.


Many many MANY months later they brought back a white egg. Play smiled so big that I thought her mouth would fall out. Play tooked the egg and gave it to the boy. Primicia smiled a bit, but I know she was sad to because that was her first egg.

Before the boy left he gave Play something to, a hatchling. And guess what it was? A Gold hatchling! It is so shiny, I cant stop looking at it!


So now Play is happy again, and Primicia has found her mate: Ice. First, they really didn't care about each other, but now they do like each other a lot. I think they are a couple.


I am glad that Play got that Gold, she was really upset over that somebody hurt her eggs so much that they where killed. And she was even more upset because she was sleeping when it happened.


And I am also happy because the Gold. He, or she, is really fun to play with. The Storm and the White hatchlings is really nice to, but they dont like to play as much as this one.


Well, now I have to go. It is time for my first hunt ever, I am so exited!


Unnamed, Black hatchling.

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Unknown date, unknown time

Gekkigami, Black Dragon


I went out walking today to relieve my old creaky bones. I grew bored of staying in my den along with my mate Tochigami and she had fallen asleep. I had no one to speak to, so I went outside.

I had thought that this walk was like any other walk, listening to the chitter chatter of birds and hearing the river roar by.

But what I had found on my commute changed by life forever.

A Vampire egg was nestled under a tree branch I passed by. Gray in color with bright red streaks decorating it, I was suprised in my find. I took it with my tail and brought it back to Tochigami. When she saw it, her blue eyes went wide. The Silver dragon was afraid of the egg, and she refused to come near it. I told her that something special the egg will bring. She snorted and shook her head. "That is the egg of a dark beast. Bring it back." she growled, her claws curling with nervousness. I explained that the egg, when it hatches, will be the new czar. She, along with the rest of my pack, regrets it.

I however, hoped for the best.


The egg hatched. I am very upset to find that the hatchling inside was dead. Although the rest of my pack were very happy. However, when night came and I was asleep, the hatchling prodded my pelt to wake me up. I saw it with my own eyes. Black with white and red markings, and blood red eyes, I mistaked the dragon for a demon. I was very happy that it was alive.


The hatchling grew up. Korobeiniki's Blood, it was named. It wasn't like the hatchling I knew. Leader, and powerful, I will not forget what I saw. He came across a earth egg that one of his dragons produced. We had been taking care of it ever since. But he did not nuzzle it. Insetad, he bent down and dug his teeth into the egg, and in front of my own eyes, it changed from green to the same dusky gray egg I found. "A monster!" the Earth Dragon snarled, shoving the egg into Korobeiniki's Blood's paws. "You are a monster! You killed my baby!"

I regret I had ever found him....


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Dear Journal


This week have been crazy! First of all, two Splits have moved in here. Play is hoping for that they are both males.


Second, we got two new hatchlings: One Black and one Gold. They both turned into females and they seem to like each other. They came here when they where really old, so now in only a week they have turned into adults.


And third, who is maybe the biggest thing who have happen: Sapphire have giving birth. I thought she where infertile, but I am very happy for her that I was wrong. She, and her mate Pearl, is so happy for the egg.


But, the biggest thing which have happen to me is the little White hatchling. Play's hoping that its going to be a female, and beeing my mate. My mate.. That sounds so weird. She, or maybe he.. we aren't sure, is so young. If it turns into a female, I don't know if I would accept her. Like I said, it is so very young..


Djale Frued, Male White

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At last! I have found a female who will look at me. We abandoned the egg, but I'm hopeful that we'll mate again.


I spoke with the Clan's first Gold today. Mor Ambar is still a hatchling, but she seems to be wise beyond her years. She'll soon grow up. Most of the males are already fighting over who'll be the first to mate with her.


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Dear Journal,


Our clan has been traveling for over a week now, but the scouts have found a place that we could make our own! They say it has a few wild dragons living in it, but it has plenty of prey, plenty of lakes and rives, it is beside the sea, and the cave system is HUGE! We will still need to walk another day or two before we reach it, but everyones sprits are back up!


On our journey, we have found and raised many eggs, including two now adult pinks, and many different green eggs. There is one hatchling though that we have never had before. Zephyr called it a Neotropical, and we found it in an abandoned greenhouse. It is not as smart as a normal hatchling, but it is still smarter than the Ochredrakes.


I will write again soon.



Clan leader

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An entry of Ignorare Drakon's is next.


Morning, Spring

Things have changed so much.... The three hatchlings we once had have grown up, but none have names at the moment.

I have been so tired lately. I'm not sure if it's just springtime allergies or something of that sort, but I think it may have been some prey. The other day MS and MV bought back quite a bit of prey, and I was unfortunate enough to eat a bad piece. I was hungry though.

I must say, out of all the dragons in the cave, I must be the most unfortunate. I can't say I pity myself too much, for I don't just wander and act like an in- in- well, whatever that word is. Invalid, perhaps?

There are three more eggs in the cave today: one from a Green Dragon - Foible is much pleased - the second has a brilliant radiance coming from it, dark and sparkling - none of us know how it got here or what it is - and the third is another Nocturne -- Moonlight and Twilight haven't gotten the chance to see it yet.


I've been so tired and sluggish and my stomach's upset. Of course the other dragons just ignore me... and the unnamed Frill. He's like a little brother to me, that dragon. I think I shall name him Geong Sib, which - according to Springan - means "younger sibling". He's not exactly a little brother, but he's like one in so many ways. Yes, I shall name him right now.

I do find it odd how neither of us are paid any attention to... except for Bluefeather. All of us have met her and I suspect it's that human girl, Bluefeather, who put the radiant egg in the cave today. MS doesn't seem happy that it's actually a human responsible for most of us being here....

Geong Sib - I'll call him GS, since there's a Geong Vinea whom will now be called GV - and I have asked Bluefeather why nobody pays attention to us. She said something about retiring, but that's all I caught. Strange.

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Dear Journal,


We have finally arrived in our new territory! It is just as scouts said it was, and we are all glad the we have made it!


We do have some bad news though. Our two frills, Frilliam and Frillissa have caught a nasty virus from the wild dragons. Let me explain. The two frills decided that they wanted to explore the new territory before we ridded it of wild dragons, and they ran into a group of wild frills, who were all sick and dyeing. They returned as quickly as possible to tell us, and Dewfrost had them quarantined, just in case they had caught something.


And the did catch something. I asked Zephyr about it, and she said that Tenders all over the world were handing in reports of a Virus that infected only frills, and that if left untreated, was deadly. I asked if there would be any lasting effects, and unfortunately the answer was yes. Even if the frill survived, they became partially sterile, like the holiday dragons, and could not reproduce their own breed, and could no longer breed together. The only difference is that holiday dragons have seasons where they can lay eggs of their own type, but frills won't even have that.


When I broke the News to Frilliam and Frillissa, they both cried. They had wanted children so bad, but now they could not breed together. Zephyr told them that if they wanted to have children of any breed, they must break apart their mating bond, and find new mates.


Frilliam and Frillissa have agreed to find new mates, so not all will be lost.


I will update you later on our progress into the territory.



Clan leader

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