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Halloween Dragon Names

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I named my last two Marrows Daecraban (shadow crow in Elvish) and Delheryn (Horror lady in Elvish). I'm liking this Elf naming thing I've got going on. I think I may stick with it tongue.gif

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Mine were named:

Males: This is Halloween and Something Wicked

Females: Faintly Macabre and Sinner's Blood

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Broadcloak's Undead Servant

Death of Aurora



Golden Hubbard

Golden Butternut

Golden Delicata



Eurynome the Bone Breaker

Dzoavitz the Bone Crusher

Ziz the Bone Smasher

Rusalka the Bone Grinder


...I'm hoping I might get another male and he'd probably be 'the Bone Cracker'

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I named my male Oryx Marrowbane. Most of my dragons have a first and last name smile.gif My two pumpkins are named PumpkinPieAndCoolWhip and Fruit of the Harvest. Tho I'm not sure if pumpkin is technically a fruit or veggie D:

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Named the rest of my marrows n__n








(frozen) Hellcat who I thought was female and turned out to be male..

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Male Marrows:

Khymal of Darkness

Core of Darkness

Eater of Darkness


Female Marrows:

Malignant Darkness

Insidious Darkness

[Don't have yet]


Pumpkin Male: Jumpin' Jack Smala Dark

Pumpkin Female: Cucurbita Pepita Dark

Pumpkin S2 Male: Little Jack Dark

Pumpkin S2 Female: Moschata Dark

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HallowedRage. That's my only Marrow. I FFAed/traded the others.


The other's VeggieLizard, she's been there since last year. biggrin.gif

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My Marrows are Ancient Ori (male), Shan Ma'lan (male), Ipek Aru (female), and my dearest: Curses- Foiled Again (female), to match the cheesy comic book villain description I gave her.


And my first ever Pumpkins are named after their parents -- Hedgeling Khrysantinos (male) and Kitouku (female).


@SolarCat: You have a black marrow with "goth" as the code? xd.png That is made of win, right there.

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Finally have all of them named!


Bone Grim

Bone Wraith


Lady Ishtar

Lord Namtar


I'm hoping they will give me beautiful PB babies next year. ^.^


And Callie Maggotbone will hopefully breed with a White or a Daydream.

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I named three of my four...






I'm having trouble with the fourth one, though. Considering her code, I want to pick a name that fits. Any suggestions?



You, miss, have Lady Luck with you. That, or Sir Skillz. Sir Mad Skillz.


My last one is pending on gendering before I name it.

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Named my 4 marrows:







I gave the name Hatredy to the male. I adore that name and that sprite, so he's now my favorite dragon on my scroll.

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Sckul, Kalsollum for two males and Silldidan for a female.

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My male Marrow is Vulturan, my female is Khadavra because Cadavra and Cadavera were both already taken. I should have tried Abra Cadavra -- that does not seem to be taken. laugh.gif

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So far I've named 1 male "The Horror of Halloween" and 1 female "Darkest Midnight Gem"


I still haven't figured out what to name the other two

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I named my one and only Marrow Jack Jester. And yes, I named her that knowing she was a girl. It's a reference to a song I like, called Roll the Bones, it's also a nickname I myself have been given (and I'm a girl too), and then there's Jack Skellington. It seemed to be the best fitting one for her out the names I had thought up. Plus, at least one Halloween dragon on my scroll needs to be named Jack.

I'm still deciding on a name for my Pumpkin.

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My male and female, following my established theme of holiday dragons having "royal" or gentry-ish names (i.e., Queen Eve and King Yule, Sir Cupid and Lady Psyche, etc., etc.) are Count Skull and Countess Bone. X3


They also have an adopted "son" named Brittlebone, which I liked, ha ha.



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Finally figured out my last two so now my dragon names are as followed:



The Horror of Halloween

Bloody Wings the Bone Eater



Bloody Marry of All Hallow (I forgot the s at the end of Hallows)

Darkest Midnight Gem



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The male Marrow is Silas Sleer.


...I... kinda read The Graveyard Book recently, and I loved Silas. And he needed a last name, so the Sleer was chosen.


And my female Pumpkin is Ceres Demeter. Ceres and Demeter being the Roman and Greek goddesses of the harvest.

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Halloween Deatheather is their shared name. The girl is named HD Mask, the boy HD Dark Mark.

The girl is now mated with the harvest Ron Pumpkin Pie.


I also have Halloween Tom Riddle's Eyes, the vampire, Halloween at Hogwarts and Happy Halloween Sweetheart, my pretty Pumpkin girls, Immortal Octavianus Augustus, the zombie, and Cuor di Palloncino, son of Betty Ripsom, my Every Flavoured baby.

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Male:- Chester Potimarron


Marrows. Both male:-


Jag Voltaro


Jeb Voltaro


Naming these guys was fun. And true to form they all ended up male.


Bring on the pinks to restore balance.




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Named my Pumpkin Flarn


But my two Bone's I havent the slightest idea what to name them sad.gif Nor their Ember mates.

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