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Halloween Dragon Names

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Marrows: Thirteenth Hour (female) and Paradise Lost (male).

Pumpkins: Candlewick (female) and October's Afterglow (male).

Ghosts (yet unhatched): I Breathe Disaster, Ever After (for Marianas Trench's new album), Fata Morgana, Heathcliff and possibly Ophelia. Only the first three are ones I'm using for sure.

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My new guys are named:

Samhain Apparition

Draconic Poltergeist

Ghostly Encounter

Phantasmic Shade

Phantom Reality

Spirited Specter

Bump Inthe Night

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My new ones are:

Phantom of the Cave

Haunting Memory

Ghostly Smile

Cave Specter

Phantom Dragon

Spectral Dragon

Ghostly Apparition

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-Jack's Lantern


-Huge Pumpkin

-Hollowed-Out Pumpkin

-Small Pumpkin


-Lettle Pumpkin



-Sun Marrow

-Black and Withe Marrow

-Flaming Marrow

-Valentine's Marrow

-Small Marrow


-Lettle Marrow






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I usually find an appropriate personality presents itself first, so I usually wait until then to assign a name.

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I got the names "Death Angel" (for a Marrow from Snow Angel), "Bloody Roses" (Marrow x Rosebud), "Lord Gourdian" (PB Pumpkin), and I'd had "Ghost In The Graveyard" on a Marrow for a long time but switched it to one of the new hatchlings.



I feel like I scored the best name evar though, I named one of my new hatchlings

"Sheer Terror". xd.pngbiggrin.gif

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named my last Marrow (male adult) Grim Reaper from Ksew's Farm



Undead Ksew - female adult


Smell of Decay from Ksew's Farm - male hatchling

Boo from Ksew's Farm - ungendered hatchling

Zombie Baby from Ksew's Farm - ungendered hatchling (yes VERY original biggrin.gif )



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Well, let's see.


Marrow (my first):


Darkling Fire, a reference from The Last Dragon Chronicles,


New Halloweens:


The Way of Shadows

Beyond the Shadows

Shadow Strider


All three Shadow names are references from the Night Angel Trilogy. The first two are the names of two of the books, and the third is one of the main character's nicknames.

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I've got...


"Beau-Coup de Citrouille" on a Pumpkin,


"The Winged Dragon of Ra"(to match its code) and "H e a r t s" on Black Marrows,


"October's End" and "Candy Memories" and saving "Bedsheet with Holes," "Cloaked in White," and "ZERO-ONE"(yay Pokemon Snap) for the new Halloween ghosties.




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My ghostie hatchlings are all named now, though... I don't remember which are influenced to be what, so the names will probably end up shifted around to the appropriate dragons once they gender.


They are:

Fleance - son of Banquo in MacBeth


Linen - like sheets, for making ghost costumes

Pace - in this case Italian for "Peace"

Bartleby - this one is named for the character in Dogma, who is named for the character in Bartleby, the Scrivener

Aeternum - Latin, from aeternus, which is the root of "eternal". Not in the correct form for a name, technically.

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Face your Nightmare

Dread Pirate

Hallow's Nightmare

for my Marrows


For my Ghosts, I have no idea. I have to wait and see the adult sprite before I make any decisions.

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I got:


Song of the Phantasm

Revenge of the Phantasm

Hell's Messenger

Ghostly Inclinations

Bonechilling Revelations

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For my Ghosties I decided on so far (I have 3 more to hatch yet):


Oh YEAH Who You Gonna Call

I'm Behind You Aren't I



Are You Scared Yet

I'm Fading Away

I Am The Shadowlurker

Now You See Me Now You Don't

From The Fire Of Hades


They all have CB at the front for Cave Born.

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Was happy to get Krueger for my last maturing Marrow =P


Some of my Ghosts' names include Bleach, DNR, and Eye.

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Here are the names I chose for my 12 ghost hatchlings:














I honestly had no clue what to name them and all the ghost-themed names that I tried had already been taken. So I just named each one after a breed of goose.

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My new Marrow additions to the family are:







Eternal Lament




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Edit: I just finished naming all my marrows biggrin.gif


Cb from last year are Count Viktor Lafitte and Countess Mona Lafitte


2nd gen from this year are

- 2nd gen male from silver mother: Nera scintilla d'argento (= Black spark of silver)

- 2nd gen male from ember mother: Bone Ember Skull

- 2nd gen female from ember father: Nera Ambra (=Black Ember)

- 2nd gen pb: Dark spirit of Samhain


I haven't already choosen the names for for 2011 ghosts. For the ghosts, I need to see their adult form

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I gave up a few names, and couldn't believe some of the ones I got hadn't been taken yet:


Necrodancer (zombie) - Figured it wouldn't be taken, but soooo pretty <3


Deadly Charm (zombie)


Devilish Good Looks (marrow)


Fatal Beauty (marrow)


Belle Of The Ball (marrow)


Death Of The Party (marrow)


ETA: Now that we know what the new Dragons are called, I changed a couple of my Shadow Walkers' names too. I'm keeping "Ghost In the Graveyard" and "Sheer Terror", but I've switched the other two to "Shady Business" and "Bella-Donna".




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I named my frozen s1 Ghostie Ghostly Rat from Ksew's Farm . s1s resemble litle rats to me (which is not meant to offend the spriters, I think rats are beautiful wub.gif )

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Now that we know the ghost eggs are officially Shadow Walkers I got:


Shadows Walk

Shadow Walks


and of course Soul Foray (for the one with the sOL4A code)


I'm still working on a name for my fifth smile.gif

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I named my Zombies Lady Stoneheart and Beric Dondarrion (if you'd read A Song Of Ice And Fire you will know what I'm talking about smile.gif ). For Marrows I got Xendra, Bellegere and Drizzt Do'Urden.

As for the Shadow Walkers so far I got Walking in the Shadows, Dark Autumn Evening, Liv (because of the code) and Tiha (also because of the code and besides it means "quiet" for female gender in my language). I need four more names.

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So bummed to discover that somebody beat me to getting Lamont Cranston and Margo Lane, heh. Those seemed the perfect names for shadow dragons! But I was absolutely amazed that nobody had taken my next choice, so my frozen female is now officially The Shadow on the Moon at Night, in honor of the song that was stuck in my head on the day she was born. laugh.gif And just for symmetry's sake, my frozen male is now The One Hiding Under Your Stairs.


Still pondering what to call the adults... smile.gif

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Shadow walkers currently named- (I keep changing my mind)

Hallows Ghost

Spirit of Halloween


Shady Lady



I was going to call one Banquo if it had been a ghost and have just released Casper CB to the naming pool.



Little Crookneck 2 and Pumpernickle Py ( both 2G x pygmy)

Nefasouz PB2(named after its parents)



Stormcrow PB2 (really pleased I got that)

Silfra Drychiolaeth 2 (named after its parents)


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Madotsuki, Gradiel, Mishugi, and have Uboa saved for the unhatched one~

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