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fdart8.jpg If you have a cb prize, please let me know? @__@veUzr.pngdc chat hop || ARK honorable mention (5) || wishlist: 2nd gen hellfire from tinsel and bright/old pink, caveborns || sf/fic! ♥

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    Hi n__n

    IF WE ARE discussing serious things, disclaimer:
    That I point out a flaw in your argument, or state one against yours, doesn't mean that I don't agree with your final conclusion.

    Just drop me a mail if you want to ask anything; I don't bite. If I'm online, I'm almost always on IRC as 'Celin' as well.
    If I fail to reply to your mail within 48 hours, or don't do something I agreed to for you, I almost certainly forgot. Please feel free to send another PM!


    Art credits:
    Wookieinmashoo drew the incredible hellfire with flared wings on the blue/purple background :3
    Bright happy adorable hellfire by Roon!
    Drogonlover5 filled my request for a hellfire with the [INSERT DESCRIPTION HERE] <3
    Thanks to cpoggie at the Eggspress thread for the blue-and-gold egg once in signature, too!

    For iou trades, my ER hatchling list is here:
    http://tj.k.vu/qf last update 4/18