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I am OnlineMy life is as random as it is boring.

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    I am known as ethril-dragon on deviantart
    I am known as Ethrial on LoL
    I am known as Ethril on fanfiction.net


    I only have a few things on my wishlist:
    Holly (low gen clean), Neglected, Gold tinsel (low gen clean), bronze tinsel (low gen clean), CB gold, CB silver.

    ~~My holiday breedables:~~
    2 2008 (not CB) Christmas dragons
    2 2009 CB Christmas dragons
    2 2010 CB Christmas dragons
    2 2009 CB Valentine dragons
    2 2010 CB Valentine dragons
    2 2011 CB valentine dragons
    7 2009 (not CB) pumpkin dragons
    4 2010 CB Black Marrows
    12 2010 (not CB) Black Marrows
    18 CB (2011) Shadow Walkers

    ~~What I consider rare on my scroll~~
    2 CB magma dragon
    2nd gen magma
    5th gen gold (Children in Fifth element lineage)
    6 gen gold (clean, lagmonster lineage)
    10 gen gold (clean lineage, lagmonster lineage)
    3 CB Ice Dragons
    2 CB Thunder dragon
    10 gen silver (clean lineage)
    11 gen silver (clean, lagmonster lineage)
    11 gen silver (clean lineage)
    12 gen silver (clean lineage)
    5 gen Silver tinsel (Clean stairstep)
    6 gen Silver tinsel (Clean stairstep)

    ~~What I consider uncommon~~
    7 vampires
    2 gen Red Stripe (stripe x red)
    5 shallow water dragons
    2 two-finned blunas
    17 geode dragons
    11 split (Either CB or even gen)
    2 CB old pink dragons
    5 white stripe dragons
    1 green stripe (lagmonster lineage)

    ~~My "Special" dragons based on lineage or name~~
    I have 2, 7 gen original pygmy's that I use to breed a clean, even gen 8 gen.
    5 frill dragons
    4th gen even gen Nebula thuwed