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    About this wishlist:
    *For Lineages: Dragons I require either for public or personal lineages. If you're curious as to what I plan on doing with a dragon you give me just ask.
    *Scroll completion: Dragons I need to complete my scroll. I don't include overly common dragons or overly rare dragons that I plan on using in a lineage. Lineage doesn't matter.
    *Always wanted: Dragons I'll always want either because of their BSAs or because I like them quite a bit. Lineage doesn't matter.

    For Lineages: I'll take IOUs on Holidays, and I won't fuss if your dragons decide not to breed. Anything I offer up for trade isn't vitally important to me. If you do offer an IOU please show me the lineage of your Holiday dragon as proof you actually have it, and make sure they like the mate you pick for them before the breeding season begins.
    *a 2nd gen Holly (wish me luck!)
    *a 2nd gen '09 Valentine
    *Certain Pumpkins
    ---a 2nd gen Pumpkin with Misfit X Pumpkin parents or a 3rd gen Misfit with PB Misfit X Pumpkin descended from Misfit X Pumpkin parents
    ---a 2nd gen Pumpkin from Crimson Flare X Pumpkin parents or a 3rd gen Crimson Flare from a PB Crimson Flare and a Pumpkin from Crimson Flare X Pumpkin parents
    ---a 2nd gen Pumpkin from Dark Mist X Pumpkin parents or a 3rd gen Pumpkin from a PB Dark Mist and a Pumpkin with Dark Mist X Pumpkin parents

    For Scroll Completion:
    *Day Glory
    *Blue Dino
    *Yellow Dino
    *Purple Dino
    *Stripes (blue, black, red, and green)

    Always wanted:

    Favorites found in cave:
    *Dorsals (both red and purple)