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    Into birds, the moon, etc.
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Formerly fly_away_soon, so pumped to change my username, ha ha. I collect Moonstones, Glaucus Drakes, Whites, Daydreams, Soulpeaces, Celestials, and Silvers. I give/fulfill IOUs! Receptive to breeding requests. If I ever get 2nd-Gen Prizes/Hollies, I'll breed 'em for gifts.CURRENTLY SEEKING: low-gen prizes and Neglecteds. PM me if you wanna set up a trade!


An elegant dragon rises, leading you to Feathers' Scroll. 4ptk6p.jpg

A pair of strangely colored foxlike creatures lope off to Feathers' GPX Party. QzXBTaB.png

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    The beautiful little dragon linking to my scroll is courtesy of the lovely and talented RheaDark/Sen! Thank you so much!