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    I dig birds, the moon, etc.
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I'm Feathers (she/her/hers). I collect the following dragon breeds: Silver, Moonstone, Tercorn, White, Floret Wyvern, Pipio Pygmy, Stratos, Elux Lucis, Mistra, Amalthean, Soulpeace, Glaucus Drake, Daydream, Cloudplume, and Celestial. Receptive to breeding requests and IOUs.


Check out my Described Dragons group for some dragon micronarratives and a frankly distasteful amount of angst. Below are links to the described dragons by group. Updated regularly when descriptions are pending approval.


The Weyr of Flame; the Fallen Weyr; the Traitor King's Weyr; the Weyr of Small Spaces; the Cities of Snow and Cloud; the Weyr of the Moon; the Weyr of Soft Flowers; and the Unaffiliated Dragons.


Phew. That's a lot of compulsive organization. Forgive me.


 A strange, speckled little dragon uncurls from a nap with a yawn, leading you to Feathers' Scroll.  oH2BoXg.png

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    The beautiful little dragon linking to my scroll is courtesy of the lovely and talented RheaDark/Sen! Thank you so much!