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I'm Feathers (she/her/hers) and my scrollname is GrayFeathers. I happily breed for requests. Check out my Described Dragons (groups below) for some dragon micronarratives and a frankly distasteful amount of angst.


The Weyr of Flame; the Fallen Weyr; the Traitor King's Weyr; the Weyr of Small Spaces; the Cities of Snow and Cloud; the Weyr of the Moon; the Weyr of Soft Flowers; and the Nomadic Dragons. My eternal love to reviewers and commenters.



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    deep in the woods
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    The beautiful little dragon linking to my scroll is courtesy of the lovely and talented RheaDark/Sen! Thank you so much!

    Profile image from this Picrew: https://picrew.me/image_maker/41329

    I collect the following dragons and will always take and/or trade for them: Silver, Moonstone, Tercorn, Floral-Crowned, Cantomaris, Amethyst Gemshard, White, Floret Wyvern, Pipio Pygmy, Stratos, Oracle Wyrm, Elux Lucis, Mistra, Amalthean, Soulpeace, Glaucus Drake, Daydream, Cloudplume, and Celestial. Last updated July 2021.

    SEEKING: CB Pink Sapphire, F; CB Neglected, M+U. Let me know if you want to set up a trade -- I'm most interested in CB or short-lineaged dragons when possible, but am potentially interested in longer lineages if they're pretty enough.