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    Wish List:

    2nd gen Holly! I can dream!

    CB Gold
    CB Xenowyrm Gaia - egg or female hatchie
    Male ND hatchling
    Ungendered ND hatchling (for freezing?)
    ShimmerScale - pretty even gen or 2nd or 3rd gen
    Tinsel - 2nd or 3rd gen or other pretty lineage

    CB or even gen Splits (original Two-headed)
    2nd gen Blue or Silver Lunar Herald from male silver Lunar x female blue Lunar
    ANY egg or hatchie whose code spells a 5-letter word exactly, no numbers or look-alikes
    Nice even gen checkers, preferably NOT with metallics
    Any nicely lineaged hatchie whose code starts with z or Z

    CB z/Z-code dragons (code starts with z or Z) - Any EXCEPT Albino, Canopy, Carmine Wyvern, Purple Dorsal, Imperial Fleshcrown, Olive, Purple Ridgewing, Spitfire, Spotted Greenwing, Waterhorse, Waverunner

    2nd gen Pyrope from Yulebuck
    2nd gen Golden Wyvern from gold-winged Snow Angel
    2nd gen White from gold-winged Snow Angel
    2nd gen Vine from Ribbon Dancer
    2nd gen Neotropical from Wrapping Wing
    2nd gen Sunsong from Solstice
    3rd gen Vine from Yulebuck x Vine checker

    IOUs: *indicates eggs being hatched for these IOUs

    working on bloodswap with C4 for 45h gen Magma x Grave - next breeding date 11/27

    - Owed by me at this time.
    ~ 2nd gen PB Gold owed to fuzz for Bingo prize

    - None owed to me at this time.

    Breeding requests:
    *Maylin - Z'Magma x Z'Gemshard (red)

    Holiday breeding list - Halloween
    ~AlumaWolf - 2014 Halloween

    Holiday breeding list - Christmas
    ~AnnieLyla - Aegis -pacified, black or dark mate

    Holiday breeding list - Valentines
    ~AlumaWolf - 2014 Valentine
    ~Tears in Rain - 2nd gen Sweetling from Pink - owed for Gaia
    ~Hoshino - 2nd gen Radiant Angel from Ribbon Dancer
    ~Pluviophillia - Val '09 x Winter Magi and Arsani x enraged Aegis
    ~shopfront - Val '09 x Spirit Ward

    Remembrance lineage - wait list
    ~ Now housed in the Hope lineage thread