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I ACCEPT IOUS Looking for even-gen PB Magis! And other Holly mates (PM for details)sigimage3.png.2f196b1c411a03c9b25eabc0c7a1e870.png For full wish list see profile. "I can dream" wish list: 2nd gen Tinsels, 2nd gen Shimmerscales, 2nd-3rd gen from Spriters' Alts Always needed: CB Spitfire hatchlings!!, PB even gen Spitfires, BSA hatchlings, pretty lineaged Hollies

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    I do take breeding requests for my CB Holly, as follows:

    -I no longer keep a waiting list, as it resulted in long waits, and several missed deliveries because PM boxes were full, or scrolls were burned.

    -PM at any time! If I am working on/waiting for breeding cooldown, I will tell you to PM me again after she should be ready to breed again. first PM will be bred, in cases of multiple PMs in a short period

    -commons are free

    -uncommons/difficult breeders require a small trade. (usually paid in 1-3 CB and/or BSA hatchlings)

    -uncommon list is subject to change without warning

    -rares (Gold, Silver, Holiday, Alts) require a larger trade. PM to discuss

    -Christmas 2019 Holly offspring: 2nd gen from Filimeala claimed. 2nd gen from Patraisc open. 3rd gen(s) open. other gens open.

    I will also breed most other things on my scroll on request and will breed most things for free. Some pairings I do ask for something in return for; PM for details.

    NOTE: if I have bred an egg for someone and that person hasn't responded in two days, I will pass it on to the next person in line/put it up for trade. I will hold eggs for up to 3 days with a response, however.

    Scroll-goal needs:
    For dragons found In-cave: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AtCBIrnbDyR3dG5QNExUMkpsX0d4V0M4Z2Y1OGhodGc#gid=0

    Only available through trades:
    2nd gen Gold Tinsel (Male and Female)
    2nd gen Silver Tinsel (Male and Female)
    2nd gen Bronze Tinsel (Female)
    2nd gen Gold Shimmer-scale (female)
    2nd gen Silver Shimmer-scale (male)
    --Shimmer-scale(s) descended from Jewel (2-3 gen)
    2nd gen Bronze Shimmer-scale (male and female)

    Epic Spitfire even 13th gen lineage progress: (6th gen)
    143 of 2048 CB males // 166 of 2048 CB females (309 total)
    35 of 2048 2nd gens // 14 of 1024 3rd gens
    6 of 512 4th gens